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Defanging the serpent: Final Solution for World Peace by Ian V. Macdonald

Writer’s prefatorial comments: The erasure of Israel is the obvious prerequisite for restoration of a stable world peace but for some reason politicians and journalists stay away from the subject, or at least are never quoted. Perhaps because they know they would face permanent unemployment, or worse, should they attempt even mention of the idea, let alone support it. Publication of this letter might stiffen a few journalistic backbones in cases where the individuals choose early retirement from the profession, but unfortunately it will not be published. I.V.
May 31, 2011
Dear Sir,
Final Solution for World Peace
Even the very thought has been long taboo among Western politicians and editors, but with the growing determination of Israel to expand its sphere of influence in the Middle East and North Africa and her ability to coerce the United States and even peace-keeping Canada into serving her sinister military and political goals, it is not too soon to recognize that the establishment of a sovereign Jewish state was a miscalculation with potentially-apocalyptic consequences that must be corrected, with the use of force, if necessary..
The Israeli Prime Minister has made it clear that ‘negotiations’ for an equitable division of Palestine will never succeed. Perhaps an illusory modus vivendi will be achieved but the problem of an neurotic, nuclear power surrounded by perceived enemies nevertheless would persist and intensify with further Zionist provocations.
The crux of the problem, however, is neither borders nor militant Zionism as such, but rather the toxic subversion that a sovereign Jewish state has been able to achieve of the leadership of the Western democracies which in several nations has reached the point of a veritable coup d’etat . The American President and Congress openly express their unswerving allegiance and subservience to the State of Israel, as does the Canadian Prime Minister, although virtually all their respective patriotic constituents, in tune with the rest of humanity, look upon the criminal apartheid nation with abhorrence, at best.
This stealthy conquest-from-within of America has enabled the Zionists to dictate U.S. foreign, military, financial and immigration policy and thus denationalize and destabilize the country, furthering their goal of a World Government under their control. The takeover has been financed partly by earnings from international banking and other forms of organized crime made possible by the existence of a safe-haven where both the criminals and their spoils can be protected from retribution and retrieval. No other criminal community in the world has this advantage. It is invaluable in laundering the immense profits from international drug dealing, arms sales, major fraud, prostitution, embezzlement, theft, smuggling and other wrongdoing, all on a grand scale. Ironically, much of the laundered money is returned to its country of origin, further corrupting the political process and dispossessing the original victims (recently, $4 billion was invested by Israelis in one year in Montreal real estate alone, a tiny fraction of the total).
Israel is a powerful state. It was built on deceit, bribery, terror and the venality and treachery of British and American politicians, then nurtured on the no less problematical Legend of the Six Million, a gargantuan public relations project contrived to sway the sympathy of the masses. In recent years Israel’s plummeting popularity gained a boost from the heavily-promoted spectre of ‘terrorism’. This support is now evaporating with the growing, well-founded, suspicion that the demolition of the WTC was a Mossad false flag operation to justify the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, among other sordid ventures. If Israel should perish tomorrow, there would be few tears, even among Diaspora Jews, many of whom must view each new Zionist atrocity and exposed subterfuge as a threat to their privileged existence in host countries.
The dismantling of Israel may seem a daunting challenge on its face but deepening worldwide disapprobation and fear of the prospect of waging another World War on Zion’s behalf could easily foster the birth of a massive grass-roots movement that no nominally-democratic government could withstand, no matter how desperate the efforts of the Zionist media and Jewish lobbyists. To ensure Israeli compliance, Iraq-style total sanctions could be deployed, rendering the vulnerable rogue-state quickly dysfunctional. Civil disturbances would arise, justifying UN -style intervention to neutralize the country’s military establishment and nuclear capabilities. Armed resistance would not be an option.
In the aftermath, long-overdue War Crimes trials could be held, political prisoners freed, generous compensation dispensed to victims from Israel’s bursting coffers, and a new regime installed pending free elections in a Jewish-Palestinian federation with Jerusalem declared an International Holy City, as originally planned. With Israel gone, the world, purged of its most diabolically-avaricious, paranoid, duplicitous, corrupting, war-mongering, racist enemy, could rest happily in peace and security with the prospect of representative government, freed from the grip of a foreign lobby. There would be time then to devise an appropriate fate for the domestic politicians and their Zionist paymasters, without whose contemptible treason Israel never would have been born..
Yours faithfully,
Ian V. Macdonald
455 Wilbrod Street
Ottawa ON Canada K1N 6M7
613 241 5389
(former RCAF, RNFAA, Canadian Foreign Service ret.)
Email: [email protected]

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Internet Censorship case finally gets Court Date Lemire case to be heard December 2011

Internet Censorship case finally gets Court Date
Lemire case to be heard December 2011
December 13 and 14, 2011
Federal Court of Canada
180 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario
After a year and a half, the Federal Court of Canada has finally set a date to hear the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s frantic appeal to save their censorship enforcer status via Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.  Section 13 is the notorious internet censorship provision, which allowed the state to issue a lifetime speech ban and heavy fines against writers, bloggers and commentators on the internet who express opinions which fanatics define as â€őhatred and/or contempt”.
Back in September 2009, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) issued a landmark decision in the Lemire case that Section 13 censorship is an affront to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The CHRT found that Section 13 was unconstitutional and refused to apply the provisions against freedom activist Marc Lemire.
This sent the censors into frantic damage control mode. Because of all the negative publicity the CHRC was receiving, the CHRC hired spin doctor firm Hill and Knowlton to advise them [See Hill and Knowlton CHRC Docs]. The response was two fold, firstly the CHRC hired a hand-picked expert to look at Section 13 and draft a report. That was Dr. Richard Moon, who issued his report in Nov. 2008 and called for the repeal of Section 13. That was totally unacceptable to the censorship enforcers, who promptly tossed his report out and proceeded to write their own. While that was going on, the Human Rights Tribunal also threw out Section 13 in the Lemire case. To save face and their censorship empire, the CHRC frantically appealed for judicial review in the Federal Court on the last possible day. [See CHRC appeal documents]
Once the Lemire case reached the Federal Court of Canada, a series of parties intervened on both sides of the issue. To support Section 13 and its censorship powers were three self-appointed Jewish groups, including the Canadian Jewish Congress, the B’nai Brith, Simon Wiesenthal Centre and the â€őAfrican-Canadian Legal Clinic” represented by the former head of the CJC. Supporting freedom of speech, four organizations were granted intervener status, including the BC Civil Liberties Association, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the Canadian Free Speech League and the Canadian Association of Free Expression.
The Lemire case is the definitive challenge to Section 13. Literally all other Section 13 cases in Canada have been stopped pending a final decision, this includes all current cases before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, cases recently decided by the Tribunal (orders deferred until Lemire decision) and other cases at the Federal Court of Canada. [Kulbashian v CHRC/AG – 2007 FC 354]
WikiLeaks releases Diplomatic Cables on Section 13 !
This challenge of Internet censorship is making world-wide news.  The website WikiLeaks recently released secret diplomatic cables sent from the Canadian Embassy in Ottawa to all Canadian Embassies and to the American Secretary of State. The cable was sent on October 13, 2009 and is entitled â€őCANADA: FREE SPEECH V. HATE SPEECH HEADED TO FEDERAL COURTS” and is shocking at how biased and bad the research is. A majority of the information in the diplomatic cable is incorrect, misleading or outright false. A copy of the Wikileaks diplomatic cable can be seen at:
It is really shocking to see how bad the research in this diplomatic cable was. For instance in the first paragraph, the cable claims that â€őIn 2003, Ontario attorney Richard Warman had filed separate human rights complaints against white supremacist Marc Lemire, journalist Mark Steyn, and Maclean’s magazine with CHRC…”. Of course the smear of â€őwhite supremacist” against Lemire is crazy, but the claim that Richard Warman filed a complaint against Mark Steyn and Maclean’s magazine is totally wrong. What idiots are doing research over at the Canadian Embassy?
The diplomatic cable later claims that â€őThere is little public debate over or political interest now in overhauling Canada’s federal and provincial human rights legislation — including Parliamentary abrogation of Section 13 language on penalties — despite the earlier spike of interest in the Maclean’s case.” Contrary to the absurd claims in the diplomatic cable, there is a TON of public debate and interest to overhaul Canada’s Kangaroo courts.  Just a few days after this cable was sent, Parliaments Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights called a major review of Section 13, and hauled the CHRC’s Chief Commissioner in to testify.
Since this diplomatic cable was sent out … hundreds of articles have appeared in the mainstream media and blogs, denouncing the Canadian â€őhuman rights” commission and their censorship regime.
Here are just a few articles:
LYNCH MOB: If only the rest in the Liberal Party were so articulate
The death of free expression Human rights commissions deter ordinary Canadians from expressing unpopular opinions
New Campaign Challenges the Assault on Freedom by Canada’s Human Rights Commissions and Tribunals
SECTION 13 SERIES: The Process is the Punishment
ROY GREEN: Freedom of Expression? Certainly! Unless…… [The CHRC has their way]
Conservative MP Rick Dykstra Calls Canadians to Action against the CHRC
Liberty strengthened in Canada as CHRC grinds to a halt
Section 13 a ‘vague prohibition is all the more chilling as it is enforced by professional human rights experts’
LEVANT: Canada’s kangaroo courts strike a rocky mountain low
‘Human Rights’ Commissions slammed on CTVs Powerplay by Joseph Ben-Ami and David Krayden
Get rid of destructive human rights commissions
[Media articles on getting rid of Section 13]
Further reading on Section 13:
• Introduction: History of Section 13 Genesis of Section 13: From Taylor to â€őTerrorism”
• Part #1: SECTION 13: A Sword not a Shield! The Aggressive Nature of Internet Censorship
• Part #2: Discrimination in the name of ‘Human Rights’ Section 13 targets one race exclusively
• Part #3: Intimidation and Chilling Effects The attacks on writers like Mark Steyn and rigged CHRC decisions
slippery slope
• Marc Lemire’s constitutional challenge of Section 13
• The Marc Lemire case: A battle for freedom of speech
• Political Strategy to Repeal Section 13: Spearheaded by Liberal MP Dr. Keith Martin with Bill M-446 (An act to repeal Section 13) Support has been overwhelming from the media, opinion journalists and Canadians. At present, two separate House of Commons Sub-Committee’s are currently investigating the out-of-control ‘Human Rights’ Commissions.
• Victims of Section 13: Writers, webmasters, magazines, Christians, the entire list of victims. From the very first John Ross Taylor, to the latest victims including Maclean’s Magazine, Catholic Insight Magazine, FreeDominion, Marc Lemire, Melissa Guille, and many others.
• Books and Videos on Section 13: Booklets on CHRC censorship, the constitutional challenge, Debunking Hate Laws, internet censorship and much much more.
• Support the legal challenge of Section 13: The hardest fight is the legal one. The legal team challenging Section 13 needs your help to continue. Please click on this link and donate. Your Donations = OUR Survival!
• The FreedomSite Blog: Documenting the chilling effects of Censorship and repression of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The blog is run by Marc Lemire, webmaster of the Freedomsite.
• Canadian Human Rights Commission EXPOSED! Exposing the Misnamed â€őHuman Rights” Commissions in Canada. They are the single largest threat to freedom of speech in Canada. The Ottawa Citizen has called them a â€őKangaroo Court” and â€őStar Chamber”. It’s time to abolish both the Canadian â€őHuman Rights” Commission and the Canadian â€őHuman Rights” Tribunal.
I need your help at the Federal Court
marc lemire
Fighting the fanatics at the Canadian ‘Human Rights’ Commission and defending freedom of speech for ALL Canadians is not an easy task. In particular, the Federal Court of Canada challenge to defeat Canada’s internet censorship legislation, has consumed an immense amount of time and resources. This has meant sacrificing a lot of cherished things in my life that I used to take for granted such as spending precious time with my wonderful children. It’s also very costly and has incurred heavy debts given that I’m facing a ‘Human Rights’ juggernaut that has a limitless budget. It has already spent millions and is prepared to spend a lot more of your tax dollars to keep their thought control machine running.
My courageous lawyer Barbara Kulaszka and myself have demonstrated what two dedicated researchers can accomplish against overwhelming odds. We have single-handedly and doggedly fought the system and exposed the corrupt underbelly of the ‘Human Rights’ Commission’s fanatics. Nothing ever comes easy when you are fighting such a racket. This case is a seminal one, where the outcome will have serious implications on our right to think and speak freely in this country for generations to come. All Canadians will benefit if we manage to get this shameful law expunged from our legal books.
Every victory we’ve attained against the ‘Human Rights’ juggernaut has come at great expense. Nothing has come easy. In fact, the â€őHuman Rights” Commission has done everything in their power to stop exposure of their twisted censorship agenda.
I cannot carry on this important fight alone. Your donations literally equal the survival of this case. I wish to thank all those that have donated to this worthy cause. Please donate directly to us so that I can send out a personal thank you. If you have donated to another organization or individual please contact me so I can thank you directly and send you a copy of our special booklet that is for our supporters only.
How you can help:
DONATE NOW to Marc Lemire’s Challenge: Via PayPal
Support Marc Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge
Be part of the Freedom team and contribute what you can to defeat this horrible law and protect Freedom of Speech in Canada !
Via Mail: Send Cheque or Money Order to:
Marc Lemire
152 Carlton Street
PO Box 92545
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 2K1

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Counter Force: Deconstructing Jonathan Kay’s Lies Regarding the Design of the Protocols

The attack on the Protocols in the 1920′s proved above all else the truth of their contention…
Probably so much money and energy were never before in history expended on the effort to suppress a single document.’
– Douglas Reed, The Controversy of Zion, (1956), P. 212
Methinks, as Shakespeare’s Hamlet once mused to himself, that Jonathan Kay, propagandist for the Zionist-controlled National Post and author of a new book on the origins of conspiracy theories, Warrant for Genocide, blueprint for Paranoia, protesteth too much when it comes to facing the inherent truths contained in the Jew’s revolutionary handbook better known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
Jonathan Kay
In yet another disingenuous attempt, via deceptive sophistry and outright lies designed to downplay the contents of the document first published in 1905 by Professor Sergyei Nilus, an official of the Department of Foreign Religions at Moscow, of which the British Museum in London has a copy bearing its date-stamp, August 10, 1906, Kay expends much too much rhetoric and feigned, forced irony doing his utmost to deceive and misguide a quickening population of globally aware citizens who, thanks to the internet, finally have access not only to the document itself but even more so, sufficient quantities of background data that reinforce beyond a shadow of a doubt the cold, harsh reality that this ongoing Jewish conspiracy to gain total control of the global infrastructure has been in the works since at least the time of its founding progenitor, Adam Weishaupt, the Jew who, on May 1st, 1775, officially created the secret society known to the world as the Illuminati.
Serge Nilus
Given the propensity of the Zionist Jews for deception (the guiding principle of their illegally obtained ‘state of Israel’ and their secret police intelligence service known as ‘Mossad’) it’s little wonder that Kay would immediately attempt to deflect the reader away from the true sources of this global conspiracy on to Theodor Herzl, the founder of the World Zionist Organization. To the unaware or as some might say, the uninitiated, who were never given the complete truth surrounding the founding of the Illuminati, this double deception of Kay’s might have a truthful or familiar ring to it but to those who have taken the time to research in depth the scope of this conspiracy against all humanity and the Earth, Kay’s cunning is as blatant, transparent and distastefully disgusting as the images of the charred remains of the Palestinian corpses burnt beyond recognition by the Israeli ‘Defense’ Force’s phosphorus bombing of Gaza during operation Cast Lead over the Christmas season of 2008-2009.
After having attempted, purposely and falsely, to associate the document with Herzl and then afterwards, with seemingly self-assumed wit and credibility, proclaiming the contents of the document to be but a ‘fairy tale;’ one that conveniently could also be used to indict Adolf Hitler and the German people, via the Jewish ploy of ‘guilt by association’, Kay shifts his thesis to what he hopes will be clinching, rock hard proof that such a ‘conspiracy theory’ actually had its origins elsewhere beyond any association with the Jews.
In true Zionist Jew fashion Kay states, ‘All this came to pass despite the fact that the Protocols was debunked within months of its dissemination.’ What Kay fails to include in his remark though is the fact that it was only the Jews and their Jewish media and Jewish ‘investigators’ and their sycophantic slaves who proclaimed that the document had been ‘debunked.’
What was easily debunked of course was the actual source of the document itself NOT the contents and the design contained within it, but that small detail was not something that Kay nor the Jewish media of the day has ever wished to focus upon.
Douglas Reed, the British journalist and foreign war correspondent for the London Times during the 1930′s and 40′s, in his monumental classic study of Zionism written in 1956 and titled The Controversy of Zion, has provided the world with an abundance of evidence showing how this conspiracy on the part of the Zionist Jews, clearly delineated in the Protocols, is beyond dispute in terms of its actual existence and that the Protocols (which he agrees cannot be verified as to source) are living proof that the program contained within the document had unfolded precisely as planned up to the time of the completion of his book in 1956 and that if the world didn’t quickly realize what the Zionists were doing that the next half century would most likely conclude the deadly designs contained within the document.
As Reed put it:
‘When the Protocols appeared in English the minor point, who was the author of this particular document, was given a false semblance of major importance by the enraged Jewish attack on the document itself. The asseveration of Jewish leadership of the revolutionary conspiracy was not new at all… The response of official Jewry in 1920 and afterwards was different. It was aimed, with fury, at the entire substance of the Protocols; it did not stop at denying a Jewish plot, but denied that there was any plot, which was demonstrably untrue. The existence of the conspiracy had been recognized and affirmed by a long chain of high authorities, from Edmund Burke, George Washington and Alexander Hamilton to Disraeli, Bakunin and the many others… Moreover, when the Protocols appeared in English conclusive proof had been given by the event in Russia. Thus the nature of the Jewish attack could only strengthen public doubts… The attack on the Protocols in the 1920′s proved above all else the truth of their contention; it showed that the standing organization for suppressing public discussion of the conspiracy had been perfected in the intervening 120 years [since the French Revolution. A.T.]. Probably so much money and energy were never before in history expended on the effort to suppress a single document.
‘In every other respect [the Protocols] is of inestimable importance, for it is shown by the conclusive test (that of subsequent events) to be an authentic document of the world-conspiracy first disclosed by Weishaupt’s papers. Many other documents in the same series had followed that first revelation, as I have shown, but this one transcends all of them. The others were fragmentary and gave glimpses; this one gives the entire picture of the conspiracy, motive, method and objective. It adds nothing new to what had been revealed in parts (save for the unproven, attribution to Jewish elders themselves), but it puts all the parts in place and exposes the whole. It accurately depicts all that has come about in the fifty years since it was published, and what clearly will follow in the next fifty years unless in that time the force which the conspiracy has generated produces the counter-force.‘ [emphasis mine. A.T.]
Well Jonathan Kay I’m afraid you’re a bit of a Jonathan-come-lately when it comes to your vain effort at once again picking up the shattered pieces of this grand deception and attempting to foist it upon the unsuspecting gentile goyim at this stage of the Zionist conspiracy. The counter-force that Reed prophesied is here in the form of the Internet and spirit of those who now oppose Zionism and we will not permit your deception, lies and martial mindset to go on unaddressed or unchallenged. Your Nemesis, as surely as the sun will set this evening, is foreordained by your continuous acts of war, deception and terror over the past two centuries in the name of your false messiah Zionism.
And no Mr. Kay the Protocols aren’t a lie as you state. The ‘upheavals’ that began with the French Revolution, the 1848 Revolution and WWI, culminating in the Jewish overthrow of the Russian monarchy by the Bolsheviks in 1917 were all part of a well-conceived plot by the Illuminati-directed Jews, all your printed lies and misinformation notwithstanding.
Attempts to ascribe the Protocols to the two sources you reference are shoddy and short-sighted and at best, partial-truths. The whole truth, as you well know Jonathan, is that all of the subsequent writings from the time of Adam Weishaupt in 1775 connect up to the Jews in one form or another via an assortment of secret societies like the Grand Orient Freemasons and B’nai Brith International, all of which provided the vehicle necessary to transmit this cold-blooded doctrinaire ideology of global slavery and savagery right up to the present day. That ‘artificial, untested, schismatic ideology created by an impoverished eccentric living in England’ which you deviously fail to identify as the Talmudic tract known as the Communist Manifesto and its author, the Jew Karl Marx, have been directly responsible for more death and destruction in the 20th Century than any other single document or group in recorded history.
Again, your unvarnished Zionist lie that ‘The First World War was an accidental product of Great Power paranoia, miscalculation, and jingoism’ refuses to stand the test of authenticity provided not only by your own kind but also by non-Jewish events that betray to the world the fact the Jewish instigators of that monumental blood bath were cognizant of its forthcoming reality well before its actual occurrence.
WWI was no accident. It was consciously set to occur by the Zionists in order to accomplish three main objectives, all designed to further the overall conspiracy for the creation of the state of Israel and the Zionist Jews’ subsequent New World Order.
The first objective was to facilitate the weakening and break down of the Russian monarchy in order that Marx’s Communist state might be established thus providing a geographic location from which to further the goals of the Zionist world revolution.
The second objective was actually two-pronged and involved first fomenting a war with Germany, one that would soon place Great Britain in dire and imminent danger thanks to Germany’s superior submarine forces. The perilous situation which then arose, and was in fact the second prong, necessitated having the United States of America enter the Great War on the side of the British and their allies.
It was the Jews who orchestrated this event even though President Wilson had been elected on the promise to not involving America in foreign wars. Thanks to their already established control of Wilson who had been selected and hog-tied by the Jews well in advance of the actual hostilities via blackmail and a close circle of controlling Jewish ‘advisers,’ the U.S.’s entry into the hostilities was contingent upon Great Britain signing the infamous Balfour Doctrine of November 2, 1917; a cunningly conceived document that was in effect a pledge to the Zionist Jew Lord Rothschild that Britain would allow the Zionists to acquire enough Arab land to create their false state erroneously called ‘Israel’ if the Jews were able to bring America into the war on Britain’s side. The primary purpose of this state was to establish a beach head in Arab territories and then spend the remainder of the century fomenting endless war within the region. The secondary purpose was to create a safe haven for all the rest of the criminals within the Zionist cartel who might one day, due to their criminal behaviour, need to escape from gentile domains with their stolen loot or secreted documents.
The third objective became glaringly apparent in 1919 during the Peace talks in Paris where massive contingents of Jews assembled at Versailles to create a document that would practically ensure a second world war within a short period of time.
The ‘evil brilliance of the Protocols’ as Kay rightfully states near the conclusion of his excerpt (although he immediately attempts to misdirect readers) became clear in 1933 when world Jewry openly declared war on National Socialist Germany and then began their sinister back room dealings to bring this about. Having by then firmly established their Jewish control of the Soviet Union and also having succeeded in placing a Jew in the White House as President and soon another Jew by the name of Winston Churchill in the British government, their evil design to destroy Germany, the one shining example of a nation that was prospering under national socialism and a currency system separate from the Rothschild’s while all the other Jew-controlled nations were in the depths of a global depression brought on by the Jewish banking cartel, was set to unfold.
In his final remarks Kay attempts one last cheap shot at the counter force that is now building daily and forming a veritable army of truth seekers and cyber warriors who are not only opposing this Jewish conspiracy but exposing its dirty butt for all the world to see via countless blogs around the net. This of course is the main reason why the Zionists are freaking out and actually attempting to counter the growing volume of evidence that will soon nail their conspiratorial asses to the wall. It’s also one of the primary reasons why the Jews in Canada and the USA and elsewhere in the western world are frantically trying to bring in their ‘hate crimes’ legislation in order to stem the growing tide of investigators and truth seekers who have witnessed enough of Zionism’s machinations to know that they are the world’s primary, enemy number one.
Here in Canada Jewish lobbyists like B’nai Brith Canada and the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Jewish Defense League have been working tirelessly for decades to enshrine their ‘hate crimes’ legislation in Canadian jurisprudence in order to stifle Canadian’s right to freedom of speech, especially on the internet. The infamous Section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act was purposely created and inserted by these same Jew lobbyists into Canadian law with this express purpose in mind to stop any and all criticism of either Jews, Zionism and/or the illegal, immoral, racist and supremacist state of Israel now doing its damnedest to genocide the last remaining Arab population in the region of Palestine. Kay is fully aware of this legislation and is also fully aware of the fact that I, as the owner of, have been charged under this very same section of the CHR Act by the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada and its boisterous, loud-mouthed British Columbia representative Agent Z and accused and slandered and libeled by the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal and forced to undergo their Stalinist ‘show trial’ investigations and quasi-legal kangaroo court spectacles all because Agent Z feels that my website contains articles that ‘contrive to promote ongoing hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel.’
It’s also rather ironic, given Jonathan Kay’s ludicrous, disingenuous comments on the Protocols, that one of the main reasons why the Jews are hell-bent on destroying my reputation, my ability to work and my right to both express my opinions online and publish other writers’ works, is due to the fact that I have the Protocols posted on the home page of my website and have refused to remove them when demanded to do so by the international terrorist network known as B’nai Brith International which is, in reality, yet another secret Jews-only masonic order created by the Jewish Illuminati back in the mid-1800′s to further the heinous agenda of these self-chosen psychopaths who see themselves as God’s chosen rulers of the rest of the human race and will stop at nothing to accomplish their evil, satanic objective of enslaving and destroying the globe. I have been battling with these demented power-brokers since 2007 and doing everything I possibly can to expose their treachery and lies so that other Canadians might wake up and realize how they’re being entrapped by these so-called ‘human rights’ laws so that soon no one will be able to speak about the Jews except the Jews themselves and you can be certain that when they do speak of Jews it will all be highly favorable and spotlessly politically correct.
The sadness and the tragedy of it all though is that they have now become so corrupt and powerful that their leaders simply do not give a damn how the rest of the world perceives their actions. Zionists view anyone who opposes them as animals (goy) fit to be slaughtered just as they slaughter the Palestinian people on a daily basis and their controlled US government forces slaughter the Iraqi and Afghan people on a regular basis. This same power-corrupted group of psychopaths are also sitting on an arsenal of nuclear weapons and have already threatened to unleash them upon the world should anyone attempt to stop their criminal activities in the middle east. That in itself should be evidence enough to dismiss all the propaganda that Kay and co are attempting to pass off as fact in this book of lies he titles Warrant for Genocide, blueprint for Paranoia; one that speaks volumes about the actual agenda of the Jewish conspiracy (that isn’t, according to Jonathan Kay).

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Hating Harper by Arthur Topham

‘What constitutes ‘hatred’ is not defined in the Canadian Human Rights Act. It is a question of fact.
It is generally accepted to refer to extreme ill-will and is an emotion which allows for ‘no redeeming qualities’ in the person at whom it is directed.
‘Contempt’ is similarly extreme and includes circumstances in which the object of one’s feelings is looked down upon, belittled, despised, dishonored or disgraced.’
~ email excerpt from Sandy Kozak, Investigator, CHRC to Arthur Topham, Pub/Ed of, Dec. 10, 2007
‘What kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself.’
~ Abraham Lincoln
‘But when you want money for people with minds that hate,
All I can tell you brother is that you have to wait.’
~The Beatles, Revolution, 1968

Plainly stated Canada is a Zionist Jew-controlled colony of the state of Israel. In terms of the alternative media such a designation is referred to as a ‘ZOG’ nation, i.e. ‘Zionist Occupied Government.’ While hidden for over six decades from the majority of Canadians by the Zionist-controlled media’s ‘Iron Curtain’ of deception it is nonetheless an established fact and a reality that must be faced if the nation is to ever recover its former independence and sovereignty.
Anyone who desires to dispute this assertion has to explain and justify to the people of Canada why there is not a single federal political party in the country willing to stand up to the Zionist Jew lobby that now wields such a sinister political influence upon the nation. To attempt a negation of the argument without speaking to this issue can only be construed as evasion and denial.
In the thick of yet another federal election, with Harper and his Conservative party striving with utmost intent to gain a majority government, this pseudo-Semitic elephant in the midst of Canada’s political/judicial/cultural/social living room blithely goes about its business of knocking over, crushing and destroying the country’s constitutional rights along with trammeling upon its domestic and foreign policies, all the while aided and abetted in its traitorous actions by a colluding, fifth column ‘mainstream’ media; itself but another monopoly controlled weapon within the Zionist’s plethoric armory of subterfuge and deception.
History, once freed from the controlling machinations of the Zionist Jews and re-established upon the firm foundations of actual, factual truth, will one day support this seemingly radical view of Canada.
The overall subject of the Zionist Jew’s seditious back-room dealings within Canada’s political, social, cultural and economic infrastructure in favour of Israel and Zionism’s stated goal of creating a one world government is much too complex an issue to deal with in one short essay and, needs be, must be highlighted here by a focus on just one aspect of their sell-out of Canada’s sovereignty to the foreign interests of the state of Israel; that being the lobby’s relentless attack upon Canadians’ constitutional, God-given right to freedom of speech, especially as it pertains to the internet.
Over the past three decades and longer there has been a slow, steady, incremental, subversive process taking place within Canada’s federal judiciary designed to weave into the warp and woof of Canada’s Constitution Act, Charter of Rights and Freedoms and miscellaneous human rights acts, legislation that would at first appear benign and beneficial to the nation as a whole but ultimately, in the end, when push came to shove and the population began waking up to the fact that their country was being unduly influenced and coerced and manipulated by the Zionist Jews within its borders, this seemingly laudable legislation would suddenly shape shift into what it was originally designed to be: a set of draconian, totalitarian laws having one, and only one, purpose in mind: to protect and justify all of the insidious actions on the part of the federal government and its representatives that continually bring not only increased power and influence to the Zionist Jew lobbies themselves but foremost, to their official handler, the racist, supremacist, apartheid state of Israel. This, I submit, is and was the sole intention of the ‘human rights’ legislation here in Canada. Everything else related to the subject is subsidiary and mere window dressing to satisfy the gullible, the marginalized and the intelligentsia. It is a classic case of Zionism in action and also a reflection of the very same process used throughout the first half of the 20th century to gain, via similar subterfuge, the Arab lands now known as the ‘state of Israel’.
The rather graphic, controversial image above that accompanies this essay is meant to represent many of those players who are, in one way or another, secretly and subversively playing a role in undermining Canada’s sovereignty and allowing the Zionist Jews now residing within its borders to wield a level of undue influence that is quickly destroying Canada’s ability to stand in the world as an independent and sovereign nation. The results of this unhealthy and egregious relationship between the atheistic, criminal state of Israel are clearly portrayed in the bloody imagery symbolized by Harper’s appearance in the aforesaid humourless cartoon. Necessity, at this point in our history, and in the face of all that the Zionist-controlled media is doing to manipulate this realistic image of the Harper government and its Zionist controllers, justifies such an apparently raw, grotesque portrait of Canada’s Prime Minister.
The start…
Over the past five years I and my website have been involved in a deadly struggle with the Jewish lobby here in Canada. This explains why I’ve chosen the topic of freedom of speech to illustrate my thesis that the Harper Conservative government, the most unabashed and blatantly manipulated of all the federal parties to date, must be resisted by the electorate in the most adamant manner possible and prevented from establishing a majority in the House of Commons come May 2, 2011.
My case, I feel, illustrates most succinctly and clearly the intent of the current ‘anti-hate,’ anti-free speech legislation now contained within the Canadian Human Rights Act and known as ‘Section 13.’ I propose to show the discerning reader how it all ties in with the present and the proposed legislation of the Harper Conservative government with respect to laws enacted concerning ‘anti-Semitism’, ‘racism’ and ‘hate crimes.’
On November 20th, 2007, while operating a small renovation business in British Columbia, Canada, I was on an out-of-town job when I got a phone call from my wife informing me that I had received a large, white, unaddressed envelope containing what appeared to be legal documents from the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC).
Being unable to return home immediately I asked her to look the papers over and see what they were all about. She did and informed me that a Jewish group in Canada by the name ‘League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada’ and the group’s B.C. representative, had filed a complaint with the CHRC regarding myself and my website The precise wording of the allegations, as stated in the document, read:
‘We wish to file a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission seeking relief for discriminatory publication under prohibited grounds caught by Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.
The premise of this complaint is a contention that Arthur Topham of Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada and his internet publication known as ‘’ contrive to promote ongoing hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel.’
It should be noted and must be noted immediately the precise wording of the premise for the complaint. This Jewish lobby group, actually a secret, Jewish masonic order under the auspices of B’nai Brith International (created by the Rothschild Jewish banking cartel back in the mid-19th century) was using the Canadian Human Rights Act’s notoriously worded Sec. 13 to claim that I was promoting ‘hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel.’
The bold, italicized, phrase, ‘citizens of Israel’ is the operative term to keep in mind throughout this article regarding the Jewish lobbies’ efforts to undermine our democratic structure in Canada. What we’re witnessing here, for the first time in Canadian jurisprudence, is a precedent-setting case wherein the Jewish lobbyists, conspiring with a foreign country, Israel, are claiming that it is illegal and criminal on the part of a Canadian citizen to openly criticize the FOREIGN state of Israel and that to do so should be construed by Canadians as ‘promoting hatred’!
From that point in November of 2007 until today I have been embroiled in an extended legal battle to defend my constitutional right to freedom of speech and to retain my freedom, as a Canadian citizen, to criticize and expose any individual, group or nation that poses a direct or indirect threat to the sovereignty of the nation that I, as a loyal member, am morally, ethically and legally bound to defend and preserve. It should also be noted by readers that since this case began it has been completely blacked out in the Zionist media, aka the ‘mainstream media’.
It has not been an easy task going up against the most powerful lobby group in the world. One need only think of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in the USA, which is one arm of B’nai Brith International, to realize the extend and influence of this Jewish secret society. At the onset of the complaint by the ‘League’ I was already surviving financially in a marginal manner. Winter was setting in and funds were low when suddenly I was confronted with a legal attack by international Zionism and world Jewry. It was a scenario not all together that unlike the proverbial David and Goliath story.
Contained in the documents of the unmarked white envelope were instructions to respond to the complaint within a period of weeks or else face being unilaterally excluded from the quasi-judicial process that was about to unfold whether I liked it or not. I had no choice but to stop working and do my utmost to defend myself by whatever means at my disposal.
The most crucial factor of course was the fact that I was unable to hire a lawyer to defend myself against the charges. That meant I had to assume that role myself and thus began a protracted period of learning all of the legal aspects of dealing with such a complaint. It also meant that I would have to give up any future employment until the case was resolved, a double-bind situation that, to say the least, was demanding and enervating and put me behind an 8-ball of financial insecurity that continues to exist up to the point of these words being typed.
Of course I soon learned that my case, although unique in the sense that I’ve explained above, was not the only case of its kind occurring in Canada. There were others, actually clandestine cases wherein even Jews were apparently involved in similar Sec. 13 pseudo-law suits. I’m referring here to those of Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant, two Zionist Jews of Canadian origins who for similar reasons had offended another group, this time the Moslems. Both of their cases played out in the Zionist media over the period of my own trials and tribulations but due to the fact that they were part of the conspiracy itself these two Zionist conspirators were absolved from their supposed crimes. Unfortunately for all the rest of the Canadians who weren’t members of the self-chosen fraternity of Zionist Jews but were also accused of similar indiscretions they weren’t so lucky.
Most uninformed, yet decent, Canadians have no idea of just how corrupt the human rights commissions have become as a result of Zionist intrigues within the legal system. Since these organizations began trying to control the thoughts of Canadians a total of 100 complaints were received by the CHRC and out of that 37 cases were ruled on by the CHR Tribunal. What may interest free speech advocates are the following facts regarding the victims:
• NOT A SINGLE respondent has ever won a section 13 case before the tribunal.
• 100% of cases have Whites as respondents
• 98% of cases have poor or working class respondents
• 90.7% of respondents are not represented by lawyers
• So far, $93,000 has been awarded in fines and special compensation since 2003.
• 35 respondents have lifetime speech bans (Cease and Desist) orders and if not followed the victims could face up to 5 years in prison.
• 72.4% of complaints specifically identify ‘jews’ as victims.
• Truth is NO DEFENSE when attempting to justify one’s opinions and writings
• 48.8% of all cases are by one complainant (all but 1 case since 2002)
Throughout all the legal battles and media hype one thing became excruciatingly clear for all the non-Israeli, dual citizen respondents (defendants). The deck was stacked in favour of the Zionist Jew regardless of who had been accused of what particular ‘hate crime’. The most notorious of those laying an assortment of sundry hate crimes charges, using Section 13 of the CHR Act, was a former lawyer for the Canadian Human Rights Commission. His forte was to use stealth combined with the Zionist Jew constructed boogieman known as the ‘neo-Nazi’ to slither forth on to websites under aliases and then, via subterfuge and lies, entrap others to write something that he could then use as ‘evidence’ to subsequently lay a ‘hate crimes’ charge against the person or the website owner. This same method, by the way, was also being used by CHRC officials to accomplish similar ends; a sort of make-work project for the organizations.
It was a very lucrative scam for he had not only the legal wherewithal to snare his unsuspecting victims but also the full backing of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, both of which had been carefully crafted over decades to fulfill the exact agenda that now was unfolding across the nation where any individual or group who tried to explain to their fellow Canadians the truth about the Jewish lobby and the racist, apartheid, warlike actions of the Jewish state was liable to be charged under this section of the CHR Act for promoting ‘hatred’ toward ‘Jews’. How convenient, now that the realities of Zionism were finally gaining momentum globally on the one medium of communication that the Zionists still were unable to fully control, i.e. the internet, that such a law was on the books to protect the guilty.
Apart from the injustice of such a specious piece of ‘human rights’ legislation, which actually acted as a safeguard and protective shield for the guilty party, recent precedents set over the past couple of decades of legal cases also insured that victims of a Section 13 ‘hate crime’ could, and usually would, be saddled with not only restrictions on their right to self-expression but also hefty fines. It was here that he was found to be exploiting this questionable practice to the utmost and as a result reaping the ignominy of those battling to have this unjust Section 13 repealed.
Continuing on through 2008 and 2009 my case slowly wended its way through the quasi-legal channels wherein flow these two infamous rivers of Zionist deception, the CHRC and the CHRT. By the grace of God I was able to obtain free legal assistance from Canada’s internationally renowned human rights and freedom of speech lawyer Mr. Douglas Christie, of Victoria, B.C. Thanks to Mr. Christie’s organization, known as the Canadian Free Speech League (CFSL), his assistance from early on in my ordeal with the Jewish mafia who control the Harper government proved vital and beneficial to my case.
On top of that I was also fortunate to have another organization in Canada known as the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) under the direction of Paul Fromm also intervene on my behalf. Both these courageous and much-maligned organizations (by the Zionist media) worked with me in my deliberations with the CHR Commission and then with the CHR Tribunal and are still, like myself, awaiting word on another Section 13 case involving the same lawyer and Marc Lemire, one which, thanks to a decision by Tribunal member, Athanasios Hadjis on September 1, 2009, had the salubrious effect of eventually staying my own case in the spring of 2010 pending the final outcome in the federal court system of the CHRC’s appeal in the Blank v Lemire case.
And… today
Throughout the past few years of battling with the CHRC and the CHRT various freedom of speech groups and individuals have worked hard to keep the subject of the internet censorship alive and to inform the public of the imminent threat that exists within the coiled Zionist serpent now operating behind the public view in Ottawa and working in tandem with the Harper Conservative government.
Apart from all the vile, treasonous and demeaning statements made by PM Stephen Harper in the media with respect to the state of Israel and to Canada’s foreign policy which ultimately led to our nation being booted out of the UN security council; and apart from all the scandals involving Immigration minister Jason Kenney and Co. and the government’s financial punishment of any Canadian groups desirous of helping the Palestinian people, the Zionist Jews have been working relentlessly and surreptitiously to further their mendacious censorship objectives within parliament itself under the guise of yet another coalition of willing bigots, hypocrites and traitors who have chosen a sycophantic relationship with the Jewish lobbyists over truth, honesty and justice for Canada.
Calling themselves the ‘Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Combating Antisemitism (ICCA)’ and working in concert with such notable Israel First zealots as former (Zionist Jew) Canadian Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Irwin Cotler, [below, center stage at table] this small group of Canadian parliamentarians have been conspiring with other parliaments in Great Britain, and the EU as well as the US government to implement even greater amounts of repressive legislation to silence those who see through the Big Lie of the Zionist Jews and are intent on exposing it to fellow Canadians and the world at large. Their endless, worn-out cry of ‘anti-Semitism! anti-Semitism! anti-Semitism!’ which they chant over and over like a group of Hari Krishnas on methedrine throughout the halls of Canada’s parliament and in their controlled media in the vain hope that all the rest of Canada will join them is but one more exercise in futility on their part and an even greater expression of their ultimate duplicity toward Canadian democracy.
Back row (left to right): Congressman Chris Smith (USA), Minister Yuli Edelstein (Israel), Guillaume Ngefa (Democratic Republic of Congo),
Gert Weisskirchen (Germany), MP Vivienne Teitelbaum (Belgium), Father Nortbert Hofmann (The Vatican)
Front row (left to right): Hon. Dr. Fiamma Nirenstein, MP (Italy), Hon. Irwin Cotler, MP (Canada), MP John Mann (UK)
And so here the problem stands. While our democratic institutions are being ripped apart and shredded from within by the Zionist Jews who control Canada’s government there’s not a single federal political party with the conviction or the intestinal wherewithal to stand up for Canada and speak out on this critical issue.
It truly poses some interesting moral and ethical dilemma’s for those who want to see Canada return to a state of independence, sovereignty and integrity.
In the beginning was the word and the word was ‘hate’
‘What constitutes ‘hatred’ is not defined in the Canadian Human Rights Act. It is a question of fact.
It is generally accepted to refer to extreme ill-will and is an emotion which allows for ‘no redeeming qualities’ in the person at whom it is directed.
‘Contempt’ is similarly extreme and includes circumstances in which the object of one’s feelings is looked down upon, belittled, despised, dishonored or disgraced.’
~ excerpt from an email from Sandy Kozak, Investigator, CHRC to Arthur Topham, Pub/Ed of, Dec. 10, 2007
The Zionist Jews, of all the vested interest lobby groups in Canada (and the USA, Great Britain, EU and Australia, New Zealand, etc.), are the ones who promote, exploit and benefit from the four-letter word ‘hate’. Like the original term ‘anti-Semitism,’ (also coined back in the late 19th Century for similar political purposes), the use and abuse of this latest linguistic lure to further their one world government agenda is too transparently recognizable to overlook. It’s one of their main sources of propaganda, giving them the much needed chutzpah to plod on in their disingenuous and endless quest for more and more power and control over the democratic nations of the world. Unfortunately it’s a ruse that is as false as all the other ruses that they use over and over to befuddle and confuse the minds of the unaware and brainwashed.
As is apparent in the definition of the term which Sandy Kozak, ‘hate crimes’ Investigator for the Canadian Human Rights Commission, conveyed to me upon request, what constitutes ‘hatred’ isn’t defined in the CHR Act. As she says, ‘It is a question of fact.’ Really? A question of fact? Like a rock on the ground? Like a tree in the bush? Like a mole on a cheek? Like a car on a road? Like a dead Palestinian child in the ditch? Or, as is more likely the case, like an aberrant thought, hidden in the undefinable depths of a psychopath’s mind? I suggest that the type of ‘fact’ which Sandy Kozak was referring to in her email of 2007 was akin to the latter in the list.
Hate, in the eyes of the CHRC and, theoretically, in the minds of those who inserted and imposed it upon the Canadian public via the CHR Act, is an ‘emotion’, ‘extreme ill-will’ that supposedly includes no possibility of any ‘redeeming qualities’ in the person who may be the recipient of this emotion. Don’t you just hate it when suspect sophists take a word, manipulate and crunch it up and distort and twist it into a particular shape and then expect the rest of the world to unconditionally accept it in its ‘brand new’ form as the one and only definition worthy of consideration? I certainly do.
Well that is precisely how the human rights commissars conceive the word ‘hate’ will be understood by Canadians and that is why the Zionist agents, working in earnest within their committees and their ‘think’ tanks, demand and expect that the quasi-judicial bodies like the CHRC and the CHRT will ensure that this word, above all words, remains poised at the zenith of their ‘Hallmarks of Hate’ like the sword of Damocles which they use to determine whether or not someone’s words or deeds fits into the linguistic straight jacket that they’ve so carefully contrived over years and years of deceptive deliberations behind the scenes.
But, like all fanatics, the Zionist Jews are not content to have just one term with which to silence their critics and so they solicited yet another word, ‘contempt’, to add to their arsenal of prohibited language. Now this second linguistic bombshell is also considered much too ‘extreme’ an emotion for all the good little goys and gals to be feeling should their world and/or their country be crumbling before their eyes and such feelings of outrage, anger, disgust suddenly begin to arise from within their beings. As a theoretically free and sovereign nation of people we must not; we can not; even though the very actions and behaviour of the Zionist Jews within our nation are putting us in a position where we are being belittled, despised, dishonoured, disgraced, deceived, disenfranchised, deluded, robbed, poisoned, lied to, cheated, and disempowered; be allowed to legitimately feel emotions such as hatred or contempt toward those responsible for our plight. Just how sick, twisted and contemptible this truly is I will leave up to the reader to decide.
It would be fair, I believe, to assume that there are literally thousands or possibly millions of Canadians who find not only the sight but the actions of Stephen Harper and the Conservative government to be so repulsive as to bring forth at least one of these prohibited emotions. Contempt rather than fear springs to mind immediately. To do so; to feel so; I suggest, is not an unhealthy thing but merely a strong indication that within the human breast of Canadians there still resides the eternal spirit of resistance to tyranny; a spirit that holds fast to the belief that no government has the right to lay claims upon the inner light or spirit that guides each and every one of us through this darkened world of treachery, war, destruction, deceit and misery. We were given these immutable qualities at the beginning of our sojourn upon this planet in order that we would never be forced into living as slaves under any particular power group, be they Zionists, Communists, Conservatives, Liberals or otherwise and we must never forget them.
To conclude
All this said I still feel, from a personal perspective, that to hate is not the best motive for rationalizing or acting. To love (and be loved) and to be moved by feelings of love to stand up and resist all that the hatred created by the Zionist Juggernaut brings forth in this world is a much stronger, truer basis upon which to not only think and reason but also to live and be and to motivate one’s actions.
Israel’s star is on the wane. It has, as once was prognosticated by the Jewish writer Nathan Weinstock, turned out to be, like political Zionism itself, a ‘false messiah’; a deceiver of nations and the offspring of the Synagogue of Satan. Thus it would be a grave error on the part of Canada to hitch its nationhood government and reputation within the community of free nations to Israel’s failing influence. As Lord Curzon once stated: ‘It must never be forgotten that a nation, to be great, must pay due regard to the fact that it must build up its greatness on the foundation of the eternal verities of truth and justice.’ In the case of the illegally created state of Israel, and as time will eventually prove, these words are more apt than any to describe the Zionist’s futile attempt to take over and institute a New World Order.
PM Stephen Harper with skullcap surrounded by the extremist Jewish Talmud cult known as the
Chabad Lubavich the hidden advisors controlling the Harper government.
The Conservative government of Stephen Harper is a contemptible Trojan Horse. Like previous governments it was dragged into Ottawa under the pretense of being the best option for Canadians to preserve not only their integrity as a free and democratic nation but to set a good example for the rest of the world; one that other nations might look up to and aspire after in the hope that someday they would also reap the benefits that a free society and sovereign democracy can offer to its people. This has not been the case. As we can see from the graphic immediately above there is a specific, self-chosen group of zealots who, through subterfuge and the power of their usurious ‘purse’ plus their Babylonian Talmud-inspired ideology known as Zionism, have a totally different agenda in store for the nation.
Voters, who for the most part have been deceived by the pundits and the Zionist-controlled talking heads within their media, remain unaware of this insidious threat to our sovereignty. Were Canadians fully apprised of the seditious nature of the Zionist Jews within their nation’s walls they would likely vote en masse to rid the country of this omnipresent danger. But they aren’t and so the country once again teeters on the brink of the unknowing. Should the false saviour of Canada, Stephen Harper, achieve his mandate to rule over us with his Zionist rod then maybe that will be the time for a new movement to arise and a new federal party to germinate; one that will address the issues I’ve delineated in this essay plus all the others not covered. The key to our future as a sovereign nation is to understand how the Zionist agenda operates, not only in Canada but throughout the world. Without that key we will continue to remain prisoners of Zion.
Until May 2nd, 2011….
PLEASE NOTE: Arthur Topham is a writer and the Publisher and Editor of living in British Columbia, Canada. Like all alternative Internet news outlets not on the Zionist payroll he relies upon the good will and generosity of those in cyberspace for financial assistance to help him with his work. Any donations therefore would be most welcome. Please see the PayPal donation button at the top right of the home page. Feel free to use it if you can help out. 🙂 Thanks.
Arthur welcomes all feedback to his articles and can be reached at [email protected] or via telephone at (250) 992-3479.
For the Full Monty on the sec. 13 complaint case involving and B’nai Brith Canada please see:

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About Robin Mathews. Adolf Hitler. Stephen Harper. The Big Lie. By Hans Krampe

Editor’s Preface: Ten years ago I could not have imagined that a day would come when I would find myself in the unenviable position of having to openly criticize someone who, throughout the vicissitudes of the last decade, has been a friend, a colleague, a supporter and a contributor to albeit, at times, tested and tried due to changing times and the availability of new information that, back at the turn of the century, was virtually unknown.
Both Hans Krampe and Robin Mathews were two of my most prized contributing writers during the period when The Radical was being published in hard copy on a monthly basis. These were the years 1998 to 2002.
The truth be known both myself and Hans Krampe were quite ignorant of the ideology known as Political Zionism when we undertook the publishing of an alternative newspaper in June of 1998. Like the vast majority of people who had grown up in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, we were basically products of a cultural milieu that for all intents of purposes was Zionist Jewish in essence. We were, like most folks, truth seekers who for different reasons found the status quo wanting in terms of answers to the big questions of the day. Why the endless wars, corruption, poverty, pollution, environmental degradation and so on? Who was responsible for these perennial crops of evil and injustice? How were we to address the questions and more importantly still, how were we to deal with problems when answers were forthcoming? These were the driving forces that kept us motivated and willing to undergo the assorted challenges that researchers and writers experience when they undertake to explore the hidden dimensions behind what the world perceives as historic truth.
During those early years of publishing we had yet to learn about who the real movers and shakers were that controlled the levers of power and along with our innocence we also were ignorant of the facts behind the causes of the two major wars of the 20th Century. Steeped, as we were, in the Zionist literature of the day that portrayed itself as mainstream, western history, we grew up believing that Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists who ruled Germany from 1933 until 1945, represented the supreme zenith of earthly evil and terror. That, combined with the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ myth that eventually took form in the mid-1950s and continued to grow with the furor of a unchecked cancer thanks to the Jewish controlled media we were still under the spell cast upon us when we decided to ‘dig to the root of the issues’ in search of answers to lingering questions.
With respect to Robin Mathews’ views therefore I was more or less in synch on all the major issues even though early in our relationship I detected a bias in his work that leaned toward a Marxist perspective on global issues and was reflected in Robin’s essays that inevitably aligned themselves with the political left.
It wasn’t until around 2005 that I seriously began to question the historical perspective of the west and its basis and only in earnest after a friend was kind enough to lend me a copy of Douglas Reed’s classic work on Political Zionism known as The Controversy of Zion. Upon completion of Reed’s opus an epiphany of sorts occurred in my soul/mind and I could no longer view the world through the rose-coloured, Zionist-tinted lenses that had hitherto been my standard mode of perception and upon laying them down and fashioning a new perspective I eventually came to the realization that what I and millions of other westerners had taken as political and historic truth throughout our lives was, tragically, one big lie, so monumental in scope and depth that it was for many people beyond comprehension.
It was at that point or juncture when Robin Mathews’ perspective and my perspective on world history began to diverge. It was also then that I sensed his gentle, yet grave disapproval of my new-found perspective on political issues and his cautionary words to not attempt to introduce the term ‘Jew’ into anything political for fear of being tarnished with accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’ and so on and thus losing any credibility that I may have gained over previous years.
I tried my best to persuade Robin that to overlook the Zionist Jew issue in politics could only lead to ill-conceived conclusions that would ultimately be of benefit only to the Zionists and their agenda for global governance but all attempts were met with adamantine resistance that usually resulted in long periods of silence where communications ceased.
When I was eventually accused by Agent Z and the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada of violating the infamous Section 13 ‘hate crimes’ section of the Canadian Human Rights Act back in November of 2007, Robin, beyond expressing a faint semblance of sympathy, was more inclined to take the viewpoint that I had it coming because I had not heeded his cautionary words about stepping on the toes of the Jews. I didn’t hold this against him as by then I was well aware that a great divide existed between those who could see through the Jew’s Big Lie and those who could not.
Since 2007, thanks to the increasingly malevolent machinations of the state of Israel, the world has taken some rather dramatic leaps forward in terms of coming to terms with the Zionist Elephant that tramples and destroys economies and nations and environments and lives in the great living room we call planet Earth. Things that appeared but in vague form and outline back in 2007 today stand in stark relief as the world suddenly is forced to come to grips with the ultimate lie of the 20th Century that of the Jewish controlled media’s ongoing propaganda against Germany and Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist party that guided the German nation from 1933 to 1945.
Both myself and Hans Krampe continued to question the historic roots of Zionism and along with that the lies brought forth against the German people. In doing so we have uncovered growing volumes of evidence that clearly vindicate the German nation of any guilt associated with a war that was purposely created in order to destroy the one nation that had the courage and will to stand up to the Jewish banking consortium of the 1930s. We now know that it was World Jewry who first declared war on Germany and then used their power of the ‘purse’ and their media monopoly to bewitch the west into believing that it was Adolf Hitler and the German people who wanted to take over the world and turn it into a global concentration camp ruled by fear and terror.
Today, the world is finally coming to the realization that those who truly wanted to gain control of the world were the very ones who vilified the German people and made them out to be cruel, heartless monsters. By their fruits are they now known to the world and a bitter fruit indeed it is that now attempts to rule our planet by fear and terror and it’s name is Zionism and its ownership is restricted to those Jews who subscribe to the political ideology that supports its existence.
Unfortunately Robin Mathews is still labouring under the illusions that Marx’s dialectic provided to the world and his inability to come to terms with the reality of Zionism has somehow caused him to revert to the old Zionist ploy of dredging up the name of Hitler and the German people to justify his otherwise credible critique of Stephen Harper and the Conservative party of Canada.
Bearing this all in mind I would therefore highly recommend that readers take a close look at what Hans Krampe has to say about Robin’s recent article. The vital question, as always, is to discern what the ‘Big Lie’ is actually about. I believe that Hans Krampe furnishes us with solid evidence that cannot be dismissed without serious consideration and subsequent proof.
*** Please bear in mind that Robin’s article is posted below Hans’ reply and should be read prior to reading Hans’ response.
Arthur Topham
‘Digging to the root of the issues since 1998’
About Robin Mathews. Adolf Hitler. Stephen Harper. The Big Lie.
By Hans Krampe
March 17, 2011
AH monument
Our Fuehrer
I have been following almost every article of yours on the Vive le Canada website about the Basi-Virk-Basi case, the corruption of the B.C. judiciary and â€őPremier” Gordon Campbell’s — and his cronies — involvement in it and was struck by your meticulous — almost pedantic — attention to detail in your tenacious in-depth investigation. You have produced a complete record for present and future generations to be able to review the facts which are currently being suppressed in the mainstream.
But not so with your April 14, 2011 article ‘Adolf Hitler. Stephen Harper. The Big Lie.’ [see below. Ed.] There your meticulousness, let alone your professed love for the truth and abhorrence of the Big Lie went poof, out the window.
Your comparison of Harper with Hitler is a cowardly, though politically correct, insult of the latter who can’t answer your ignorant attack on his good name. In this you’ve just joined the same mob that goes under what you ignorantly call neonazis.
In case you don’t know, neonazis have nothing in common with either Adolf Hitler or the National Socialists, but they have a lot in common with today’s Jews, as the entire world has ample opportunity to observe daily. By applying, in your hair raising ignorance, the fraudulent images and allegations which you are so fond of, to the German National Socialists, you have become indistinguishable from a Zionist fascist mouthpiece, i.e. a true fascist, that is; though you coyly call yourself a democrat.
I don’t think you know the difference between National Socialism and Fascism. In fact, hordes of Ph.D.s have bent over backwards to stick the label of fascism on Adolf Hitler, and failed miserably, because Hitler and the National Socialist movement were just what the name says. They were not run by, nor controlled by, nor in cahoots with corporate interests.
It was the other way around. Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist government put not only strict controls on corporate activities, allowing them just enough lee-way to operate profitably to the benefit of the German nation, but also controlled Germany’s money supply, an insignificant detail which apparently you’ve got not the slightest inkling about.
The result was, that Germany, under Adolf Hitler’s leadership emerged within four years from abject destitution and national bankruptcy in 1932 — thanks to the Weimar Republic’s spineless, corrupt, incompetent, yet democratic malfeasance — as the most prosperous nation on earth with the highest standard of living, which hasn’t been surpassed by any other nation to date, while the rest of the world, including ‘democratic’ Canada, remained in a deep depression; even though Germany had no natural resources to speak of. Adolf Hitler was more popular, and not just in Germany, than any person dead or alive, on this globe since then, your ignorant and biased frothing at the mouth notwithstanding.
It may be news to you, but Hitler governed by referenda (six within four years). How many referenda have there been within Canada’s entire history, pray tell? And were they internationally supervised, as was the case in all six ‘nazi’ referenda??
Compared with AH’s leadership method of government, Canada’s democracy has been a quisling and bungling basket case forever, despite rubber stamping votes every four years, whose parliaments serve no other function than as troughs for a never ending line-up of criminal swine, like Harper, to feed at. Compared to Hitler’s and National Socialism’s accomplishments, Canada’s so-called democracy is a disgrace and an utter failure, considering that it’s been sitting on a treasure trove of unlimited resources, unsurpassed in the world, for two centuries.
Here is a classical example of evil for you, a real genocidal and sadistic champion of sociopathy. Just take a closer look at your Commonwealth hero: the Jew Winston Churchill. A homosexual pederast with a genocidal record, having successfully starved millions of Bengalis to death with nary a twinge of conscience. He never had to tie his own shoelaces, having always had â€őhis man” doing this job. He also was fond of welcoming diplomats in his bathroom, in the nude, a practice nick-named â€őthe order of the bath”. Being soused out of his gourd was his normal everyday condition and the Canadian military, inspired by his booze soaked schemes on how to more effectively roast German women and children alive under a hail of phosphorous bombs — the more the merrier — were never in the least ashamed to participate in and enhance Churchill’s menace with a menace of their own. Canadians like you are blessed with a convenient tunnel vision and honor Churchill’s memory since the war with a bizarre sense of ignorant and self-satisfied approval that can only be described as criminally insane. In your historical version of the war, all responsibility for allied atrocities has been assigned to Adolf Hitler, allegedly because he didn’t want to unconditionally surrender. It’s like me saying, after I murdered you, it’s all your fault because you refused to surrender to me all your money, unconditionally.
As the photographic and documentary record shows, his refusal to unconditionally surrender was more than justified, judging by the demented and sadistic horrors allied ghouls then commenced to perpetrate on a defenseless and vulnerable German population after war’s end for years. Your unreasonable and vindictive malice shows me that you haven’t a clue of what really happened there.
This, in a nutshell was, and still is, real and manifestly obvious evil, no fabrications, fictions and unsubstantiated allegations necessary. The evidence is undeniable that this was what the allies indulged in with orgiastic glee, not Hitler.
Now let’s look at another hero of yours, Joseph Djugashvili Stalin, a paranoid and malicious psychopath, a megalomaniac and deadly enemy of not just Germany but all of Europe, undeniably the biggest mass murderer in the history of the world, having presided over the brutal, gratuitous and sadistic torturing to death of over 60 million of his own people, executed under the leadership and personal participation of Jewish Marxist fanatics, according to Alexander Solzhenitzyn, one of his more prominent victims, who survived and the testimonies of many others. To compare this guy with Harper would’ve been a much more fitting choice for you.
Compare this with Adolf Hitler, a highly decorated WW I veteran, EK1, a decoration normally only awarded to officers; who spent the entire first world war as a runner in the trenches, the most dangerous job there was; a non-smoking vegetarian and a teetotaler, who became a millionaire from the royalties of â€őMein Kampf”. Contrary to your vitriolic allegations, he never broke a promise he made to the German people, in fact he exceeded their wildest expectations, which earned him the undying love and loyalty of especially the workers and farmers.
The image of Hitler you entertain, is your own biased embellishment of the fabrications of historical nitwits, a pathological case of Germanophobia. Hitler never shied away from his responsibilities. Taking responsibility and being accountable was a cornerstone of the National Socialist idea and he promoted it by example. He didn’t lie, nor did he avoid problems, he solved them. The evidence to this is overwhelming, but only visible to those who aren’t deafened, dumbed down and blinded by prejudice. It speaks for itself. But you keep shying away from the obvious because it exposes your ignorant malice.
This is a manifest obviousness you, brave Robin, wouldn’t be found dead acknowledging. You were just old enough to absorb your full measure of anti-German hate propaganda at the time, which seems to have unalteringly calcified within your brain since then.
Did you ever ask yourself what business Canadians had killing Germans, half way around the earth, who had never done them any harm, let alone being a threat?
To anyone knowledgeable about what you keep ignorantly mangling beyond recognition, it becomes immediately obvious that you haven’t done any — Zilch — research worth the name on National Socialism and Adolf Hitler; but you have swallowed, wholesale, the Big Lie you profess to deplore, as if it was candy, i.e. wartime anti-German hate propaganda, conveniently formatted by lynch mobs after the war and made available in literally billions of tons of vitriolic incitement to hate, disguised as historical literature, which you now chuck up and trumpet about as if it was divine gospel.
When Goebbels — and Hitler, et al — were talking about the Big Lie, they meant the common practice of Jews and not, as you suggest, a nifty proprietary method of theirs to deceive the German masses. It becomes immediately apparent when read in the context of transcripts and documents, which you apparently don’t even know exist. I have, but then again, I’m not a Ph.D., suffering from delusions of grandeur. Uncritically parroting other people’s regurgitated Big Lies as if they were established fact, does not make one a credible authority on history, only an ignorant parrot.
In your little anecdote of Winifred Wagner, spelled with one â€őn” — offered to illustrate your historical astuteness, no doubt — you allege that she complained about Nazi brutality; one among many fictitious allegations and distortions put into the mouths of countless prominent NS personalities, ex post facto, for the sake of emphasis and entrenchment of the Nazis’ â€őevil reputation”. It’s only a fact in your biased mind, Robin. For anyone who, like myself and unlike you, has diligently researched the period in question, it’s hackneyed and irrelevant nonsense.
That the National Socialist’s movement had to organize a volunteer guard (yes, the SA) to defend themselves against the constant and very real brutal attacks of well organized communist shock troops, led by Bolshevik Jews, fomenting strife and division among Germans at a time when Germany was in terrible distress, is in your mind Nazi brutality. Since Winifred is alleged to have said so, it must be true, eh?
Besides, Hitler would have to have been a Saint not to have had any enemies busily subverting, undermining and spreading rumors and venom about him, welcome fare now to feed your bias with.
As to Hitler’s alleged avoidance of truth, his alleged lying, or his alleged blaming of others, or any other offal you’re fond of splashing on his character, name your sources and provide the proof. When and on what occasions did he behave in that way? The traits you’re talking about are primarily Harper’s, not Hitler’s, and those of Soviet, Canadian, British and lately also of quisling politicians of the FRG who, after 75 years of relentless ‘denazification’ (your kind) are now celebrating the total destruction of Germany by the allies and the mass murder of over 13 million POWs, old men, women and children AFTER THE WAR, as LIBERATION. The unmitigated insanity of it all!! There is no comparison whatsoever possible between Hitler and any despots, contemporary or otherwise, least of all Harper.
In fact, yours is the cowardly denigration of the memory of an honorable man who was not only an outstanding genius but probably the greatest statesman and leader of any nation that ever lived. Little backwoods Ph.D.s, such as yourself, couldn’t hold a candle to his unsurpassed accomplishments, his integrity and his unfailing commitment to Germany’s well being.
To think, that you once stood in front of students, teaching them your uncritically accepted baloney, laced with your own invented associations, is downright scary. It’s people like you who perpetuate the Big Lie, complete with all the malice you’re capable of loading it with.
Finally, for me, as an ethnic German, you’re an offensive and malicious hate monger who welcomes and celebrates his irrational hate of Germany with equally irrational satisfaction; broadcasting undigested rumors, unproven hearsay and personal invention, while ignoring any and all historical fact.
You’re also a coward, who only gets ‘brave’ within the approved perimeters of political correctness, but lacks any and all civic courage outside of it, where it counts.
Maybe it’s an old age thing, like dementia setting in.
Hans Krampe is a former feature writer for The Radical. He lives in the Cariboo region of central B.C.
Contact Hans at [email protected]
Adolf Hitler. Stephen Harper. The Big Lie.
By Robin Mathews
April 14, 2011
Robin Mathews
A column like this one opens a question that can’t be answered immediately – perhaps not for a long time.
Fifteen years from now an observer may say this column shows how far from reality a commentator could go in the contentious days of 2011 in Canada.
Or, the commentator may ask why only the writer of this column saw the inevitable coming … what became obvious to everyone else … but only when it was too late?
A clue that the second case might be true is the repeated summing-up of the leaders debate on Tuesday, April 12 by Chris Hall (CBC parliamentary reporter).
Over and over he reported that the leaders of the NDP, the bloc quebecois, and the Liberals attacked Stephen Harper – and that he answered them. Not once did Chris Hall – or any of the other (‘mainstream’) commentators I have observed say that very many of Stephen Harper’s replies were manipulations of fact to convey falsehoods … when they were not outright lies.
Stephen Harper repeatedly said there was no tax cut for corporations in the latest budget (before Parliament closed for the election). That was not the point. A six billion dollar tax cut for the large corporations will come into effect if the Harperites win government.
Those cuts need not come into effect. And so, in fact, the Harperites are giving large corporations a six billion dollar tax cut.
Lying flagrantly, Stephen Harper insisted his Party is not in contempt of Parliament when it is so without question.
On the matter of the Harperites refusing to provide spending information (one of the bases of the contempt ruling) Harper said his agents gave all information – a statement which is simply not true.
Perhaps most important of all, he denied the fundamental facts of parliamentary government, insisting that â€őCanadians” believe the Party with the most votes must govern. What he argued, in fact, is a denial of the democratic parliamentary system. In short, he lied.
This morning on an open line show a caller claimed his statement that the Canadian Labour Congress endorses his budget is an outright lie.
Those are five random examples. Random, I say, because one would need a script of the debate to count up the number of times Stephen Harper lied outright or manipulated facts to convey falsehoods.
He didn’t disable his opponents by superior argument. He disabled the whole debate by using persistent falsehood and near falsehood.
The latest, mid-election flurry of revelations of misdoing concerns expenditures on the G20 Summit. Allegations are of misleading Parliament by the Harperites (words for ‘lying to Parliament’?), misallocation of huge amounts of money, insider indulgences of Roman proportions. All that through â€őleaks” of a forthcoming Report by the Auditor General Sheila Fraser.
In Ottawa, Harperite insider John Baird has spoken with apparent confident authority about what is contained in the confidential Report. How can he do so? Who gave him copies of the Report? Did Sheila Fraser? Stephen Harper (characteristically) is avoiding responsibility … for as long as he can. Canadians must ask how many such seamy revelations are waiting for an opening of the secrecy-bound activities of the Harperites? They must ask the question.
Meanwhile, almost unnoticed, it has been revealed the Harperites took words of praise Sheila Fraser wrote about Liberal financial activities and quoted them about Harperite â€őwork”. Sheila Fraser is apparently upset! Stockwell Day apologized profusely. But the question remains – who did that piece of chicanery? Did Stephen Harper order it? Can the Harperites be trusted on any matter whatever?
The conclusions which I have come to are quite clear. I believe Stephen Harper is more comfortable lying than telling the truth. I believe he is a psychopathic liar – which means I believe he will lie (and follow up his lies) in any way he can to gain his ends and aggrandize his position.
To take the logic of that position to its conclusion, I believe that if Stephen Harper were to gain enough power – he would murder his political opponents, would have innocent Canadians shot down in the streets. [Remember the Toronto G20 violations of free assembly.]
If what I write is fair comment on observed public affairs, then Stephen Harper may properly be described as a neo-Fascist.
Historians of Nazism sometimes suggest the architect of â€őthe Big Lie” in Nazi politics was Josef Goebbels, the only Ph. D in the inner circle and an early Party member. But the ultimate author of all Nazi strategies of falsehood in that brutal despotism was Adolf Hitler himself.
He was a friend of Winnifred Wagner, manager – preceding and during the Second World War – of the famous Bayreuth (Wagner) Festivals. Early in Hitler’s time of growing power Winnifred Wagner would express dismay to him about Nazi street brutality against political opponents and others. Like Stephen Harper when faced with evidence of undeniable wrong-doing by the Party, Hitler would say he knew nothing about it, or someone else did it without his orders. Or he would belittle the evidence or … change the subject or … lie outright.
When faced with inescapable need to act with courage and honesty, Hitler, like Stephen Harper, would take the coward’s way out.
In a moment of brazen bravado, for instance, Harper suggested a one-on-one election debate with Michael Ignatieff – who agreed immediately. On April Fool’s day, the press announced Stephen Harper’s retreat, babbling nonsense and, again, repeating a simple lie – that a coalition exists and is led by Michael Ignatieff.
Harper’s campaign is built and based upon that and worse kinds of lying. As the Encyclopedia Brittanica writes in relation to Fascism, Stephen Harper makes a â€őproud sacrifice of all ethical scruples to success”. What Canadians must realize is that Stephen Harper employs a complex strategy of lies that are well thought out and employed in no accidental way.
To say Harper is fairly called a neo-Fascist may seem harsh. But people in democracies must be clear-eyed if they wish to protect democratic freedoms. Even Plato – 2500 years ago – observed that Tyranny develops most naturally out of Democracy.
The characteristics of Fascism across Europe in the first half of the twentieth century were plain: the sharing of State power with private corporations to pursue common goals. Using the police to destroy civil freedoms. Operating all activities under ‘the Big Lie”. Enrolling the Mainstream Press and Media as accomplices in political gangsterism. Persecuting, starving, torturing, murdering any number of people opposed to the Fascists.
Hitler was determined to take power by constitutional means after having failed in a violent attempt at a coup in Munich in 1923. Twisting, perverting, exploiting, debasing constitutional practice (like Stephen Harper), Hitler managed to bully and coerce his way to supreme power in Germany – with results we know too well.
Stephen Harper’s wholly perverse manipulation of prorogation to avoid votes in Parliament might have been learned directly from Adolf Hitler.
Harper’s actions to deny Parliament rightful information and to support the alleged lies of a cabinet minister might, also, have been learned from the earlier â€ődrive to power” of a dictator-in-waiting.
Like Adolf Hitler, Stephen Harper is, I have no doubt, the author of all his Party’s ‘strategies of falsehood”, all its attempts to destroy the democracy in which it presently works. Harper’s use of the RCMP to eject the unwanted from â€ődemocratic” election campaign meetings matches Hitler’s â€őstrong-arm squads” created to protect Nazi meetings from attendance by â€őthe unwanted”.
Indeed, before the present election was announced, I wrote a column on the RCMP and its growing corruption. In that column I guessed that the dismissal of the top man at the RCMP, William Elliott, was post-dated by Harper because the Mounties would be needed for dirty work in the election.
As happened, RCMP officers have been used as thug â€ősecurity” in the Harper meetings. Did those RCMP officers wear the brown shirts of the Nazis? We know nothing about them. Who are they? What are their names? Why have they not been identified? Who ordered them to act at those meetings? Was it Stephen Harper? We must know – before the election.
Nor is it accidental, I believe, that William Elliott the recently fired top RCMP officer was, earlier, a key actor in the Prime Minister’s Office undertaking the approval of much-charged Bruce Carson to become a top advisor to Stephen Harper.
Carson is presently under investigation by the RCMP for alleged improper behaviour in attempts to get contracts awarded. He has a record of misdeeds and dubious connections. Stephen Harper alleges he knew almost nothing of Bruce Carson’s past.
One may guess that for his good and faithful service first in the PMO, and then in Stockwell Day’s Public Safety Department, and then as head of the RCMP, William Elliot will fall from grace onto a very carefully prepared, soft, luxurious bed.
Under Guiliano Zaccardelli, the RCMP used its â€őinvestigation” of Ralph Goodale and the Department of Finance in 2006 to help defeat the Liberals. Now the RCMP makes clear it can say nothing about the tale of Stephen Harper’s senior henchman Bruce Carson, involved, it is alleged, in a dirtier piece of business than any Ralph Goodale has ever been remotely connected to.
Having very recently discovered ethics, â€őethics” is apparently the basis upon which the William Elliott RCMP refuses to report about Bruce Carson.
Carson’s close relation to Stephen Harper and the PMO has, we may be sure, nothing to do with the RCMP’s newfound â€őethics” and â€ődiscretion”.
The same slippery dishonesty, I believe, is involved in the case of Elizabeth May’s exclusion from the leaders debate. The key force rejecting her has been, I believe, Stephen Harper. When the decision of the â€őmedia consortium” was announced, both Jack Layton and Michael Ignatieff said she should be included in the debate.
Characteristically shifting responsibility, Stephen Harper said he would accept the decision of the â€őmedia consortium” – which, of course – consulted the Parties. Only when it became plain that public sentiment wanted Elizabeth May in the debate – only then did Harper change his tune and say he supported her presence.
If truth is ever told by members of the media consortium, I am almost certain they will report that Harper publicly supported May’s presence while privately telling the consortium he would withdraw if she was allowed in. Harper knows she threatens his nondescript candidate Gary Lunn. And so I believe Harper – in typical covert fashion – acted to keep her out.
Consider the next minority government. I believe the Mainstream Press and Media are doing what they can to secure a Harper victory. If they were being genuinely impartial, they would have to be reporting simple, factual things they are not reporting. 1. Minority governments occur commonly in parliamentary systems. 2. Such governments often do excellent work. 3. Coalitions may form – and, if they do, they can govern effectively. 4. If they don’t form, ‘agreements to govern’ (as has, in fact, been the case in Canada since 2006) can be effective. 5. And so Stephen Harper’s attack on those possibilities is a sham. It is a hoax which he is attempting to perpetrate on the Canadian public.
But … more! The Mainstream Press and Media should expose Stephen Harper’s real goal … the one he is trying to use a pattern of lies to achieve.
Having gone Right to the point of having ‘nut case Yankee policies”, Harper knows they won’t be supported by a minority government. $30 billions (plus) for fighter planes. A $6 billion gift to large corporations. Multi billions to build [who will get the contracts?] new nineteenth century jails to pack with people who shouldn’t be in jail. And more….
Harper has set up a situation that is so obscene no minority parliament could accept it.
That means the minority parliament will vote him down and will seek from the Governor General the right to rule. Stephen Harper has, I believe, anticipated that (as I believe he anticipated he would need William Elliott as head of the RCMP during the election). And so he appointed a Harperite Hack as Governor General. That opens huge and dangerous possibilities. If the Governor General attempts to work politically for Stephen Harper, instead of constitutionally for Canada, he will create a crisis in Canadian democracy.
In that situation a Harper attempted coup d’etat will be used to prevent a Liberal-led minority government.
If that happens, the Opposition parties will be forced into some kind of coalition. To save Canadian democracy, the matter may demand an all-party Opposition coalition. Stephen Harper knows that, I am sure. He is trying to lie enough to make Canadians believe (in advance) that a coalition is undemocratic and illegitimate. That is why he lies about it consistently…on and on and on.
Stephen Harper has never let the truth stand in the way of his ambition to rule as what Plato called a Tyrant.
The Mainsteam Press and Media – which opens up none of the facts on this matter, supports, I believe, what is in fact Stephen Harper’s baldfaced lying. Even the CBC does. In the face, for instance, of what the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting insist is an outright lie by the Prime Minister’s Office, by Stephen Harper, and by the arts and culture minister James Moore about cuts to CBC funding … the CBC remains mute.
Complicity with lies and wrongdoing can’t go much farther than that.
It is plain that Canadians are going to have to figure out the pattern of lying laid out by Stephen Harper and what it is intended to produce. They are going to have to figure it out in the face of the failure of the Mainstream Press and Media to do their job. Canadians would be wise to be ready for a major attempt to hi-jack democracy in Canada and to have set up in its place a Harper Tyranny.
Canadians are going to have to realize they’re facing what I believe is a neo-Fascist leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. And Canadians are going to have to reject him with all the energy they have.

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Doenitz and the American Brass by Hans Krampe

The Nuremberg Trials Show, a grand standing, self righteous performance launched under the name of ‘International Military Tribunal’ (IMT) — none of its members, except for the Russians, having actually fought in the war — was a politically motivated orgy of revenge, malice, hypocrisy, humiliation and lies; the icing on the cake of the simultaneously ongoing allied mass murder of the German populace, then very much in progress.
It was a copy-cat Stalinist show trial, stage managed by Jewish controlled media hacks, whose principle contribution to the war had been the fabrication of anti-German hate propaganda throughout, performed by mean spirited lawyers, oozing with malice, principal among them high ranking Soviet war criminals; zealously assisted by largely Jewish torturers (interrogators) and sadistic murderers (executioners), often in brand new uniforms.
Ten years later, in response to invitations from U.S. Rear Admiral Dan V. Gallery, over 400 written and signed statements, made by hundreds of U.S. and international Flag Officers, congressmen, Supreme Court judges and diplomats, including the future U.S. President, John F. Kennedy, and prominent personalities of the time condemned the Nuremberg Trials as a disgraceful act of revenge by the victors over the vanquished; as a step back into the dark ages as well as a stain on civilization and a shameful slander of professional soldiers; because the German Flag Officers had done what all Flag Officers in the world do, namely, nothing but their jobs they had sworn an oath to do in case of war for their country.
This expression of belated public outrage happened on the occasion of the release of Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz in 1956 from ten years of incarceration.
To be able to incarcerate or sentence to death the German leadership, military as well as civilian, the Nuremberg ‘judges’ had to break international law by inventing ex post facto crimes, had to suppress the evidence of the defense, produce forged copies of ‘confessions’, permit bizarre and fraudulent testimonies and ignore their own constitutional principle of habeas corpus by the American lawyers. That the Germans were guilty was a foregone conclusion, as casually accepted as the American’s indoctrinated Germanophobia and hate. No forensic investigation was necessary, neither then nor to this day.
Most bizarre was the presence of Soviet officers, the worst war criminals of WW II, presiding as judges over their German victims, on which they were guilty of having perpetrated unspeakably more heinous war crimes, on a humongous scale, than the horror stories that they had fabricated about the ‘Nazi Regime’. Their Katyn massacre of 20,000 Polish officers and members of the Polish intelligentsia, discovered and exposed to the international media in 1943 by the German Wehrmacht, they now accused the Germans of, using expertly forged documents and witness statements.
In Admiral Gallery’s opinion the Nuremberg Trials were a kangaroo court by the misnomer of ‘International Military Tribunal’ and that this name was a libel on the military profession. He felt relieved that there was nothing military about it, that it was in fact a lawyers’ tribunal and sarcastically observed how the American Bar had kept bashfully silent on that topic since, not wanting its role in this disgraceful and macabre theater to be widely known. He was ‘glad that our military men had nothing to do with it’. Hundreds of U.S. Admirals and Generals not only agreed with Admiral Gallery, but some also spoke highly and with respect of Admiral Doenitz.
Doenitz, Raeder, Jodl and many others were being charged with 1) having conspired to wage aggressive war, 2) having waged aggressive war and 3) violated the laws of war at sea; all this applied especially to German submarine warfare. Referring to these charges Admiral Gallery exclaimed in exasperation: ‘How in the name of common sense a military officer can wage any kind of war except an aggressive one without being a traitor to his country, I’ll never know.’
Doenitz requested U.S. Admiral Nimitz to be summoned as witness for the defense, to explain his style of submarine warfare in the Pacific. Nimitz was unable to appear in person, but declared in a sworn statement that U.S. submarine warfare was just as aggressive in the Pacific as the German submarine warfare in the Atlantic, that in fact no other mode of submarine warfare was possible in this day and age and that the outdated laws of war at sea were impossible to adhere to since they applied to the era of tall ships, which was long gone. This resulted in an awkward back-paddling by the kangaroos.
Admiral Doenitz was acquitted of the first charge but found guilty of the other two. To find fault with his impeccable and capable conduct of the war they accused him of having deliberately prolonged it, ignoring the fact that in 1945 Doenitz had to evacuate from East Prussia ten times more refugees than the British had evacuated from Dunkirk. As soon as he had brought as many refugees as possible to safety he surrendered. It seemed to be of no consequence to the kangaroos that it was in fact the allied demand of unconditional surrender which prolonged the war. The German leadership was fully aware what they would be facing in such an event and rather chose to fight to the last bullet than to submit themselves voluntarily to certain ignominy and horror. As it turned out, what followed proved them right, in spades.
Raeder was sentenced to life, Doenitz to ten years, while many others were sentenced to be executed and summarily strangled to death.
While all these high ranking allied officers commiserated with their enemy colleagues, none of them seemed to have known clearly, nor cared, why the war was fought. It was enough for them to get the order to fight, whipped into the mood by relentless hate propaganda. It sufficed for them to ‘know’ that the German government was evil; just as General Colin Powell, presiding over the largest arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in the world, ‘knew’ that Sadam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Ten years too late, they remembered that they owed a debt of chivalry and an apology to Admiral Doenitz, et al, not to mention justice.
They couldn’t find it in their hearts to extend the same sentiments to Rudolf Hess, who languished in Spandau, a prison built for 600 prisoners, the only one there, kept in solitary confinement until 1987, when he was murdered at age of 93, strangled to death.
Such sentiments were also absent when they ‘merely did their sworn duty’, bombing the German civilian population to smithereens. And even in 1956, as they expressed regret for the treatment of German flag officers, they couldn’t have cared less what they had done to the German nation at large. Not one of them expressed any regret about what they had done to German women and children, by the millions; to the German POWs — AFTER THE WAR — by the millions; or the flattening of the beautiful towns and cities that had taken more than a millennium to build; not to mention the theft of trillions of dollars worth of German patents and industrial hardware. They had just followed their orders, as they had sworn an oath to do. What was a virtue for them had to be, of course, a vice for the Germans, rooted in evil Bismarck’s Prussia. It was the pin-point rationale of the kangaroos sitting in judgment, tailoring crimes to fit the anti-German war propaganda.
According to Admiral Gallery, however, just that is the proper conduct of flag officers, ‘after all, one thing the much maligned military brass must do, in a democracy as well as a dictatorship, is swallow their convictions, if any, and do as they are told by their politicians…’ In other words, for a flag officer it doesn’t matter what kind of political creep gives the orders, it’s best not to have an opinion about anything, to avoid unnecessary problems with indigestion. By this rationale, Flag Officers are capable of ordering the shooting on their own unarmed people, if ordered to do so, as they did in 1970 at Kent state university, or as they are currently doing to innocent peoples all over the world.
It doesn’t seem to occur to any of them that they also swore an oath to defend the United States and its constitution against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. Yet, they are blind to the enemy within — their own government — and keep following the orders, with a few notable exceptions, of presidential morons with blatantly genocidal intentions, to wage aggressive war without there being ever a hint of a threat, other than manufactured ones. The American brass seems to have been oblivious that Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were the only ones who had made every effort to avoid WW II, while their own government did the opposite.
The 400 expressions of regret about Admiral Karl Doenitz’s incarceration and their condemnation of the IMT were edited and published in book form in 1976 by H.K. Thompson, a Yale graduate of naval science and history; and Henry Strutz, a teacher of foreign languages and history. The title: Donitz at Nuremberg: A Re-Appraisal, War Crimes and the Military Professional.
Needless to say, it never became a bestseller.

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[Editor’s Note: I have known Frank Martin and Helen Michell for 22 years now and have worked with them on different issues to do with native sovereignty, Residential School abuse and basic human rights issues. Both Helen and Frank are hard core, dedicated activists who have given their adult lives to the struggles that indigenous natives face around the province. As Helen states in her article below she would need to write a book just to record all of the incidents in her and Frank’s life where they’ve been unduly stopped, pulled over, forced off the highway, accosted, harassed, beaten up, forced into courts of law and teased and terrorized by the so-called authorities whose job it is to uphold the law and treat all people equally. Their trials and tribulations epitomize what is a daily occurrence for so many indigenous natives here in ‘beautiful’ B.C. Please read Helen’s story and do what you can to pass it along in the hope that someone, somewhere, may find it in their heart to assist these folks and help them in their quest for justice.]
by Helen Michell
Sunday, February 27, 2011

To all who may be concerned: This letter is about the abuse, intimidation, harassment, discrimination, racial profiling that we as indigenous people of British Columbia, Canada have to put up with regards to the authorities of of this unceded province called British Columbia. Authorities such as the Vancouver City police, the Royal Canadian Mounted police and the Social Services of this province. As indigenous people, we have gone through so much discrimination and intimidation and racial profiling from these so called authorities.
I am an indigenous woman. I am also a disabled indigenous woman and an elder who has had to live in a wheel chair since 2000. In the year 2000, at the end of July, I and my husband Frank were forced off the highway by an R.C.M.P cruiser that rammed our vehicle off the highway north of Cache Creek, B.C., and left me disabled. Since than I have come a long way along the road to recovery but I’m still not fully recovered. I will always have to get around in an electric wheel chair.
I am also a witness to many of the abuses we as indigenous people have to live with on a daily basis. I am also an indigenous human rights defender and an outspoken indigenous activist who really cares about her indigenous people.
As a child, I witnessed my elders being threatened by the RCMP with prison or Esendale which was a place they put crazy people. Back then the police used ‘the mental health act’ to force indigenous people into jails or off the streets. This ‘mental health act’ was put on the shelf for most of my life time. Now this ‘Mental health act’ is being re-enacted and put back into action once again. This act has forced many of our indigenous people off the streets and many have been given huge fines which most cannot pay. Fines such as ‘jay walking’ and for ‘being drunk in a public place’. Just being seen on the streets of Commercial Drive of Vancouver, B.C. is now a crime if you are indigenous. Age does not matter but the color or your skin matters. The Vancouver city police have become judge, jury and executioner when it comes to indigenous peoples of B.C. and so has the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of B.C.
In the past few days, the indigenous youth of the Vancouver Indian Center have also come to us and asked us for help from the abuse of the Vancouver City police. They are also being chased around by the police. They are also being forced off the streets of Commercial Drive. Where are these indigenous youth going to go? There is no other place to go. Late at night we witnessed 12 and 13 years old indigenous youth at the Vancouver Indian Center being questioned by the Vancouver police. Why are they allowed to question the indigenous youth without the presence of the elders? This is abuse of their authority in attempting to scare the youth off the streets.
This is only one example of the city police abuse of their authority: On February 24, 2011, we were at the Vancouver Indian Center for a memorial for one of our elders who passed away. This memorial was held from 7 pm until 10 pm. We left the Indian Center to go to our vehicle. On our way to the car we noticed the police cars around one of the apartments near our vehicle. We didn’t think anything of it then. But when we got into our car and drove up Commercial Drive one of the police cars started to follow us for quit a few blocks before they turned the police lights onto us. We immediately pulled over our car. At first the police officer said we were being stopped for a traffic infraction where my husband, who was a passenger, was not suppose to be driving. He wasn’t as I was in the the drivers seat and was the driver with a valid drivers license. The police officer took my driver’s license and the registration papers for the car.
The police officer was gone with our papers for quit a long time before he or she came back. I say he or she because I could not tell if he or she was a male or a female. All along I thought he or she was a male but when the police officer finally gave us a card, the card said the name was Jocelyn Deziel, pin 2067. This whole incident went from a traffic matter to a drug matter within a few minutes. The police officer said that the RCMP informed her that we were busted at our house for a ‘grow op’ marijuana matter, which was false. This officer said we had a few pounds of marijuana in our car. He/she ordered us out of our car so he/she could illegally search our vehicle. I, being disabled, had to sit on the back bumper of my vehicle for the whole one hour while the car search was going on. Plus, it was 5 degrees below zero outside and freezing. I was so cold my legs practically froze by the time I was allowed to go back into my car. This treatment toward us was ‘inhumane treatment’ and was uncalled for. This police officer practically took the inside of our car apart, front to back, top to bottom, and found NOTHING. This police officer was extremely rude and discriminating.
An all too familiar scene on Vancouver’s streets with flashing police lights

This police officer has a name on the street of Commercial Drive: The Name is ‘Super Cop’, because he/she gets what he/she wants. This officer terrorizes indigenous people. I was terrorized by this officer’s abuse toward us. I am 58 years old and my husband and I are elders and we have lived through this type of abuse through out most of our lives. We are human beings, we are not animals to be pushed around nor penned up whenever the police feel we are in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Here are some dates of when we were stopped by the Vancouver City police and the RCMP during the past year only:
February 1, 2011 at 11:25 pm. Abbotsford police stopped us while on our way home, gave my passenger a no driving ticket, which was illegal. No business harassing my passengers.
February 10, 2011. RCMP pulled us over east of Port Mann bridge at 9:15 pm.
January 19, 2011, at 11:55 pm. Pulled over by RCMP from Hope BC, only to tell me my license was expiring at the end of this year.
January 25, 20011, 12:15 pm. I was followed for a while on a side road before I pulled onto the main highway where I was pulled over by the Agassiz Police, for nothing, then let go.
December 16, 2010 at 11:30 pm. Chilliwack, B.C., RCMP pulled us over on the Freeway in Chilliwack for no apparent reason.
December 17, 2010 at 8:45 pm. Agassiz police pulled us over on a very dark side road, off the main highway. He had no lights going, he just came out of the dark to harass me while I was at a stop sign. He scared me, as I thought he was a regular person trying to stop me. I didn’t know he was a police officer until he was at my window.
December 31, 2010. Stopped once again at 9:15 pm by Agassiz police on Evans Rd. No apparent reason.
September 8, 2010 at 12 pm. Pulled over by Agassiz police. There were two police cars for this stop. I was close to home when I was pulled over. I consider most of these stops by police as ‘racial profiling’ of me, as an indigenous person.
September 17, 2010 at 9:30 pm. Pulled over by Langley RCMP, again no apparent reason.
July 4, 2010 at 8 pm. Pulled over by Vancouver city police on Commercial Drive. Again, no reason. This occurred after attending a Jazz Festival.
June 29, 2010, at 11 pm. After attending a pow wow night at Vancouver Indian Center the Vancouver city police pulled us over only to tease me that I was wanted Canada wide for stealing chocolates!!!
May 24, 2010, at 9 am. Chilliwack Police pulled us over on Freeway in Chilliwack. Ordered us out of the car. Searched our vehicle and found nothing.
February 20, 2010 around 9:30 pm. My husband, Frank Martin, was arrested and beaten up by four Vancouver city policemen on Commercial Drive and 1st ave; beaten up with their batons and knocked unconscious. Then he was taken by ambulance to the Vancouver General Hospital where he awoke, with no clothes on, laying on a bed. He escaped from the hospital with the help of a Chinese fellow who gave him some clothes that he found. At home, I saw all the black and blue bruises that he sustained by the police beating. It was horrible. Why do we as indigenous people have to put up with this kind of abuse and inhumane treatment, and no one will help us to stand up and fight this police brutality? Are we not considered as human beings?
Frank Martin
January 21, 2010 at 5:50 pm. We were pulled over on Commercial Drive by the Vancouver city police on our way to attend a B.C. Civil Liberties meeting on police brutality at Vancity Theatre. Scare tactic?
January 30, 2010, at 10:45 am. Two policeman, in an unmarked police car, parked outside our house for 10 min. but did not come in. Very unusual.
Now this is only one year’s span of our 58 years on this earth where we’ve been pulled over by the police. How many times in the past, that we were pulled over and our vehicles confiscated will have to be printed in a book, as it will not fit in this article and I do not have enough time to write it all down.
Now does this article prove that we are being harassed, intimidated, discriminated against and been ‘racially profiled’ merely for being indigenous people of British Columbia, Canada? You must be the judge of that.
Besides all of the police abuse of us as indigenous people of B.C., we are also being abused by the authorities that are put in place to take care of us.
During the past few years, we have been ‘kicked out’ of the welfare office in Chilliwack, B.C. for trying to stand up to a bad social worker who did not like us one bit. We have been banned from going into that welfare office for a few years now. Our welfare files were then transferred to the nearest Salvation Army social services, where they have been these past few years. I guess we are considered a ‘mental’ case for trying to get what we are entitled to from the welfare office, so that is one of the reasons for transferring our files to the Salvation Army. All we were doing was questioning the welfare worker why I cannot get them to buy me an electric wheel chair, which I still have not got yet. And why my daughter, who has been taking care of us as disabled elders, cannot get assistance from the welfare office. Instead, we were forced out of this welfare office. I have to still buy my own electric wheel chairs second hand. Whenever I have to buy another electric wheel chair it puts us in debt. I also need to buy food with what little the welfare gives us and it hurts us more if I have to buy my own electric wheel chairs. How many other indigenous families of B.C., Canada, are forced to live in poverty because of the abuse of the social workers of this province?
The Wetsuweeten First Nations band welfare worker is no different from the white social workers. My brother who lives on the reserve is suffering extreme poverty because of the abuse of the band social workers. He cannot go hunting because of the band denying him his right to have a gun to go food hunting. Yet the band gives their own families the right to carry a gun to go hunting and the right to sell the moose meat instead of giving the meat to the band members that so badly need it. Now there are no more moose to hunt.
Who in the world will stand up beside us and fight for our rights, our human rights, our indigenous rights, our disabled rights, our woman’s rights, our indigenous childrens rights? What rights do we really have? I know I have some kind of rights because I am still here, trying to tell you all what kind of abuse we as indigenous people of B.C. have to put up with.
Please send this article far and wide, to whomever you know that you think will help us in any way to put a stop to the abuse of the authorities of this only unceded province now called British Columbia, Canada.
Outspoken, indigenous, disabled and a human rights defender of indigenous peoples of B.C., Canada.
Telquaa,Helen Michell,
PO Box 806,
Harrison Hot Springs
B.C. Canada V0M 1K0.
Telephone: 604 796 9191
Email: Helen Michell [email protected]

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Radicals for Peace By William T. Hathaway

It costs 50 million dollars to kill each Taliban, but when dead he becomes a martyred hero to recruit new replacements, so the numbers of Taliban are increasing. In Iraq the terror our invasion unleashed still rages unabated, with hired mercenaries and local soldiers unable to stop it, as our troops before them were unable to. Yet we continue the fighting, and Obama the peace candidate has morphed into a war president. We are trapped in endless war.
To break out of this death trap, peace activists have turned to radical tactics. They’ve moved beyond demonstrations and petitions into direct action, defying the government’s laws and impeding its capacity for mass murder. Some of them have become domestic insurgents, helping soldiers to desert, destroying computer systems, trashing recruiting offices, burning military equipment, and sabotaging defense contractors. As criminals for peace, they are defying the Patriot Act and working underground in secret cells to undermine the US military empire. They are convinced the only way to bring peace now is to bring the system down.
They tell their first-person experiences in a new book, RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War, just published by Trine Day. Noam Chomsky called it, ‘A book that captures such complexities and depths of human existence, even apart from the immediate message.’
The book profiles several saboteurs. Trucker is the code name of a man who burns military vehicles. He sees his sabotage as nonviolent because it doesn’t harm human beings, only things. He states, ‘It’s only because our culture worships property that we see destroying war machines as violence. What I’m doing is depriving the military of their tools of violence. I’m decreasing their ability to harm people. Since they refuse to disarm, I’m doing it for them. I’d never set fire to a building because someone might be inside. I even look inside the trucks to make sure no one is sleeping there.’
RADICAL PEACE also profiles a janitor who has destroyed computers at a defense contractor with electrical surges. ‘I’m sure the lost work and equipment has set back the war effort,’ he states, ‘and I’m looking forward to my next surge for peace.’
A college student relates how she threw a rock through the window of an army recruiter after her friend returned from Iraq crippled. She plans to do it again but says, ‘I wouldn’t throw a rock at the recruiter. I don’t have anything against him as a person.’
Other domestic insurgents are cutting phone and electricity wires into recruiting offices, slashing their tires, painting over their billboards. At universities they are attacking military research projects and ROTC offices: stealing their mail, squirting glue into their door locks, hacking into their computers. An autonome tossed a log under the wheels of an arms train and derailed it, but he was careful to do it in the middle of the train so no one would be injured.
The saboteurs in the book agree that such resistance must be nonviolent, that it not injure living creatures. Setting bombs and burning buildings where people could be inside can’t achieve anything worthwhile. It just reproduces the same mentality that we’re trying to change.
Rather than randomly smashing windows and torching autos, they restrict their activities to institutions that support or profit from the war. Their goal is to make the war too expensive to continue. A few acts of sabotage won’t do that, but thousands can. Government and corporate resources are limited. Taxes and the deficit are already so high that they’re crippling the economy. Every dollar the government has to spend keeping things running here is one they can’t spend killing people overseas.
The militants believe that direct actions like these aren’t a substitute for traditional organizing, but in critical situations like the present they can supplement it. Sabotage won’t build a new society, but it can help weaken the old one so the new one can be built.
Chapters of RADICAL PEACE are posted on the publisher’s website at

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Editor’s Note:
[Update: Two days after posting this article Gareth Llewellyn wrote to me demanding that I remove all of his story from my site. He told that his and his wife’s jobs were in imminent danger should the article remain posted here. He also suggested that I’m running a ‘neo-Nazi’ ‘anti-Semitic’ site and didn’t want to be associated with it. After some negotiating with Mr. Llewellyn it became clear that his level of awareness regarding the political situation in Canada is such that he’s unable to comprehend the fundamental facts as to who is pulling CSIS’s strings and his own. For those readers who are looking for the story here I’m afraid they’re now out of luck.ÂÂ
If anyone wishes to contact Llewellyn they can do so by writing him at: [email protected]
My apologies to readers for posting this material and then pulling it. If you have any further questions regarding Llewellyn contact me at [email protected] ]
Following in the wake of recent revelations by Free Trade Whistleblower Shelley Ann Clark of her ongoing attacks by Ottawa bureaucrats and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal comes additional and shocking news of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s direct connection and collusion with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service better known by its acronym ‘CSIS.’
In an email sent to and other news media outlets Mr. Gareth Llewellyn, a former Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Intelligence Analyst in the Intelligence directorate, shares his insights into ‘behind the scenes’ political scenarios that the vast proportion of Canadian citizens are currently unaware of.
Along with the malicious and highly suspect machinations of Canada’s spy network comes Llewellyn’s expose on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s past associations with CSIS as well as Llewellyn’s own personal connections and recollections of Harper and other key players in the current Conservative government now running our country.
The information contained in Gareth Llewellyn’s email should be a strong wake up call to each and every Canadian concerned about the direction that this nation is taking in terms of domestic and foreign policy. It should also be a warning to Canadians about the subversive and dangerous role being played by CSIS and the Prime Minister in terms our country’s global position and standing amongst other democratic countries.
I would urge each and every person reading the information contained in the post below to do their utmost to spread this material around the net to the fullest possible degree. The collusion here between our Prime Minister and our secretive ‘intelligence’ agency is of crucial importance and needs to be exposed to as many Canadians as possible.
*Please note* This post contains the first four chapters of Llewellyn’s proposed book, ‘Life Under CSIS Rule’ plus additional information and is, needs be, lengthy. I would suggest downloading it for future reference.
Shine your Light for Love, Peace & Justice for All,
Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
‘Digging to the root of the issues since 1998’
[email protected]

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Dear Reader,
Whether one is a Christian or not the duplicitous Orwellian definitions which Rev. Ted Pike explains in this article are of inestimable valuable to free thinkers and essential to a greater understanding of just how the Rothschild/B’nai Brith International (i.e. Anti-Defamation League, aka ADL) Zionist/Jewish/Israeli mindset operates and functions in their relentless pursuit of greater and greater draconian laws aimed at protecting their own nefarious, racist, supremacist agenda while at the same time surreptitiously destroying the legitimate infrastructure of Western civilization.
Here in Canada their cunning, serpentine actions over decades have resulted in the malicious manipulation of our ‘Human Rights’ laws; laws ostensible meant to benefit the whole of society yet, upon realistic examination in light of all the ensuing legal battles over the past thirty years or more, now proven to be the height of deception and fraud perpetrated against the vast majority of Canadian citizens.
The battle for freedom of speech in Canada is clearly a battle for the right of anyone, be they Christian, Atheist, Pagan, Secular or whatever, to not be brainwashed into the current Zionist-induced mindset and remain free to criticize the actions of the Israeli state and/or the motivations of those Zionist Ashkenazi ‘Jews’ controlling it to bend the mind of humanity toward their one-sided, psychopathic delusion that they, and only they, are the sole inheritors of the right to do whatever they damn well want while the rest of the world rolls over and allows them to destroy all that humankind has fashioned over the past two millennia that’s worthy and dignified in a spiritual, political or cultural sense.
Canada’s greatest challenge today is to enlighten the zombie-like attitudes of all those Canadians who’ve been so mind-controlled through the Zionist media and the education system over the past 60+ years that they truly believe supporting Israel and the Zionist agenda is a good thing for this nation.
Ted Pike’s novel idea of a dictionary is one way in which they can be debriefed of this seditious mental aberration; one that perpetuates the illusion of being good and honest people while in truth hindering their own freedom and the freedom of all Canadians to express their God-given, essential right to open opinion and criticism of any ideology that threatens the well being of our country.
Please pass this reference material on to as many people as you can and don’t forget to …
Shine your Light for Love, Peace & Justice for All,
Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
‘Digging to the root of the issues since 1998’

By Rev. Ted Pike
24 Nov 10
Yellow plastic arches looming above streets from Taiwan to Tripoli mean McDonald’s USA. In the same way, identical terms in hate laws throughout the Western world are the logo of their architect: the Jewish Anti-Defamation League. ADL recently boasted of having masterminded the whole idea of hate laws, particularly in America.
ADL was privileged to lead a broad coalition of civil rights, religious, educational, professional, law-enforcement, and civic organizations that worked in support of the HCPA [Hate Crimes Prevention Act] for more than a decade. A pioneer in advocating for hate crimes legislation, the League published its first model hate crimes statute almost 30 years ago. Forty-five states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws based on or similar to the ADL model. (‘ADL Welcomes First Indictments under Federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act,’
Hate laws set up Christians and free thinkers for prosecution, making free speech into hate speech. To understand and combat hate laws, lovers of freedom must be able to recognize the twisted terms that show up in all hate crime educational materials and legislation. Virtually none mean what they suggest or promise. They are cleverly contrived to disempower Western majority populations’ Christian values; to fragment society into separate groups with different legal privileges and punishments; and to silence critical speech about sexual morality and minority religions. In short, there is no legislative tool more powerfully equipped to destroy Christian civilization today.
Here is a concise dictionary of the devious ‘doublespeak ADL weaves into hate laws worldwide.
Affirmative Action Unequal rights and advantages in employment and education given to ethnic minorities and women as a result of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Ostensibly meant to right historical wrongs, affirmative action undermines Christian society by moving it away from laws for individuals to laws for groups. It says people are deserving because of the class they belong to, not what they do. This inherently discriminatory principle continues to drive ‘civil rights’ legislation today, especially in favor of blacks, Latinos, and women.
Anti-Semitism To ADL, this term is not limited to belief that Jews are evil or deserve to die. It refers to: mere criticism of matters Jewish, including Jewish dominance of big media (See, Jews Confirm Big Media is Jewish), finance, and Congress; criticism of Israel; questioning the accuracy of the six-million figure of Holocaust Jewish dead; agreement with the New Testament claim that Jews masterminded the crucifixion of Christ; quotation of unflattering statements by Jews.
Attack on Israel Any strong criticism, even if constructive or well-intentioned, of the Jewish state.
Bias (includes Bigotry and Prejudice) Negative attitudes—primarily rooted in Biblical values—that are critical of homosexuality, Judaism, Islam, abortion, political liberalism, and other anti-Christian establishments that ADL believes it is wrong to oppose.
Bias-Motivated Crime (Hate Crime) Any violation of US law motivated by a politically incorrect bias such as ‘homophobia; such a crime deserves triple penalties compared to the same crime committed for a random or more personal reason. (In many countries mere public criticism of federally protected groups is also a hate crime.)
Blood Charge The ‘anti-Semitic New Testament statement that Jewish leaders masterminded and the Jewish population demanded the crucifixion of Christ. This is defined as the seminal cause of anti-Semitism over the past 2,000 years, leading to the Holocaust. It is defined as a source of continuous ‘anti-Semitism and ‘irrational hatred of Jews by Christians, making Christian countries inherently unsafe, violence-prone, irrational and racist.
Bullying Criticism of homosexuality, Judaism, Jews or Israel, Islam, or minorities (other than whites or Christians) on campus, especially when it causes emotional discomfort to students who are part of such groups. Cyber-bullying The same, only online.
Censorship Attempts by Christian parents and leadership groups to restrain ADL/liberal promotion of homosexuality, pornography, sex education and secularist ‘respect for diversity in public schools. (This term, of course, does not refer to ADL’s right to silence any form of Christian speech or of criticism of Israel on campus or online.)
Civility ADL-suggested restraint in public criticism of President Obama and Democrats in Congress.
Civil Rights Special rights and privileges in employment and housing given to blacks, Jews, Muslims, Hispanics, homosexuals/transgenders and woment afforded to white, straight males or anyone with politically incorrect ‘biases.
Civil Rights Act of 1964 Basis for all US federal hate crimes legislation. Exalts certain favored groups above majority. Opens door for yet more classes to acquire such preference.
Conspirators Millions of Americans, particularly Tea Party activists, who are intent on defeating Pres. Obama’s agenda and unseating Democrats in government through vehement criticism. (See, ADL Blasts ‘Paranoid’ Right)
Cyber Hate Criticism of matters Jewish or of Israel online; quoting Bible passages against homosexuality online; distributing photographic evidence of abortion procedures online; etc.
Delegitimization of Israel ‘Anti-Semitic Biblical claim that God abhors occupation of His Holy Land by a nation of disobedient Jews (See, Israel: On the Way to Empire in the Mideast); ‘terrorist claim that Israel acquired most of Palestine through violent theft and expropriation of 800,000 Arabs to concentrations camps; demand that dispossessed Palestinians be allowed to return and reoccupy stolen lands; statement that Israel at present is a racist and fundamentally unjust state which should be dismantled and replaced by a state equally participated in by Jews, Muslims, and Christians, all of whom are beneficiaries of its Abrahamic legacy.
Domestic (homegrown) Terrorists (According to ADL/SPLC’s MIAC directives to police) Not just Muslim saboteurs but U.S. ‘anti-government’ protesters, including supporters of Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin, members of the Constitution Party, ‘militia’ activists, ‘white supremacists,’ proponents of a Constitutional Convention, ‘militant’ opponents of abortion, and opponents of illegal immigration and the New World Order, NAFTA, federalization of the states, restrictive gun laws, and confiscatory taxation. (, ‘Secret State Police Report: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Libertarians are Terrorists)
Discrimination In public schools, criticism of homosexuality, Judaism and Israel, Islam, etc. In business, refusal to hire a known homosexual or firing him or her because of their sexual activity. In housing, refusal to sell or rent to any of the above.
Diversity Participation in a non-Christian sexual behavior or religion. Membership in a sexual, ethnic or religious group outside the white Christian majority. Respect for diversity — Acceptance of such divergent groups or lifestyles, particularly of homosexuality.
Equality (as promised in hate crimes bills) Special rights and privileges for Jews, blacks, Latinos, women and homosexuals, with no such rights implied for the majority.
Gender Identity The sex one perceives oneself to be, regardless of designated sex at birth; this gender identity should be respected by society and determines where a person should go to the bathroom, whom they can marry, and how they should be treated. If a person biological gender is different from their gender identity, society is responsible to ignore it.
Genocide In a Jewish context, genocide can happen through delegitimization of the Jewish state and also through Christian conversion of Jews which kills Jewish souls.
Hate Bias or criticism against specially protected groups.
Hate Crimes Statistics Reports by police of alleged hate crimes, the great majority of which have never been adjudicated in court, most consisting of altercations and name-calling yet considered actual hate crimes by police and government and used as proof of an ‘epidemic of hate’ in America and the world.
Hate Speech Speech critical of protected groups, which should not be protected under the First Amendment; a form of psychological abuse of a persecuted community which government must end, even at the cost of others’ freedom.
Harassment (Intimidation) Public criticism of protected groups (especially in government and public education); even if not accompanied by any threat of physical violence, such criticism of historically oppressed groups creates feelings of fear and intimidation and therefore must be outlawed and ended.
Hate-free environment Public spaces, especially college campuses, where criticism of protected groups is not tolerated; in these spaces, it is unacceptable to speak against abortion (thus traumatizing post-abortive women), minority religions (upsetting their adherents), homosexuality (causing ‘mental anguish’ to homosexuals), or other ‘historically marginalized groups. The consciences, religious beliefs, and free speech of the white, Christian majority are not as important as the freedom from hurt feelings (and the lurking threat of violence) for minorities. Eventually, all of society should be a ‘hate-free environment.
Holocaust The indisputable fact that six million Jews were killed during World War II. Any questioning of this fact is evil and defames the memory of Jewish dead. Such Holocaust denial is an ‘anti-Semitic hate crime worthy of loss of freedom and civil rights, deportation and imprisonment for more than six years.
Homophobia Criticism of homosexuality.
Perceived Gender or Ethnicity How others view you, regardless of how you view yourself, in regard to gender or ethnicity. Even if the bias-motivated attacker incorrectly perceives the victim gender or ethnicity, he must be punished as a hate criminal with triple penalties. The real crime is having biased thoughts.
Persecution of Jews Vicious, primarily Christianity-incited verbal, social, and physical attacks on Jews for nearly 2,000 years, the ultimate hate crime.
Proselytization Christian attempts through evangelism to destroy Jewish souls and cultural/ethnic identity. Successful proselytization leads to belief in the false prophet Jesus.
Racial profiling Consideration by police (resulting in action) of the fact that members of certain specially protected groups (such as blacks) have a much higher rate of crime per capita than the majority population or may be illegal aliens (Latinos).
Racial Quotas Government requirements that businesses, education institutions, government agencies, etc., prefer members of favored groups with hiring and admissions advantages, fulfilling prescribed numbers.
Racists Individuals, particularly in white Christian culture, who advocate the superiority of white Christian civilization and morality. Zionism and the State of Israel, however, reflecting the exalted ethics of Judaism, do not exemplify such bigotry.
Religion (As Protected by Hate Laws) Judaism and Islam, as minority religions in America, are protected while Christianity, a historically overgrown and persecutive religion, is not.
Sexual Orientation Homosexuality and sexual deviancies which merit special hate crimes protection. Heterosexuality, preferred by the majority, is granted no protection.
Stereotypes Broad, negative descriptions of blacks, Jews, Latinos, homosexuals or Judaism and Islam. It is permitted, however, for ADL to make sweeping negative generalizations against critics of Israel, portraying them as ‘anti-Semitic, or against Christians, calling them homophobic, intolerant, bigoted, hateful, etc.
Tolerance Non-criticism of Judaism, homosexuality or Islam.
Targeted Groups Classes meriting special federal protection from verbal or physical ‘hate crime attacks.
Transgender A person who has had or merely intends biological sex change; anyone involved in gender-crossing or gender-bending requires special consideration by society and must be treated as a member of the gender with which they currently identify, regardless of whether it aligns with their biology or with their past or future gender identity.
Triple Penalties The standard level of punishment merited by a hate crime under hate crimes law. Implication: A bias-motivated assault is three times as bad as a conventional assault.
Violent Radicalization Becoming violent under influence of bias, particularly cyber-hate.
Xenophobia Fear and mistrust, particularly by the white majority, of vastly disproportionate numbers of historically alien people which ADL encourages to settle in host countries, increasing ‘diversity’ and diluting those cultures.
Zero Tolerance for Hate Acceptance of free speech rights of homosexuals and religious minorities on campus but not for the rights of ‘homophobic or Christian critics.
It is very clear that ADL hate laws—ostensibly meant to end bias—are themselves the epitome of bias. Virtually nothing ADL says, in public statements or the hate crimes legislation it writes, can be taken at face value. A manipulative, anti-Christian, anti-America agenda is always right below the surface. At this moment, the most glaring example of such duplicity is ADL bill HR 6216 which seeks to add ‘religion to the protected classes in the Civil Rights Act. (See, ‘Don’t Criticize Jews and Muslims’ Bill Enters Congress)
In this bill, ADL has no intention of giving special rights and protection to all religions from bullying on tax-supported American campuses, but only to ‘harassed minorities: Judaism and Islam. (We wish to point out that no religion should receive this twisted ‘protection from criticism; we would oppose this legislation even if it gave special protection to Christians above the rights of atheists.)
Continue to protest this extremely dangerous legislation, now in the House Judiciary Committee. Come to Action Page for the names of the pivotal Republican committee members. Call them all with this message:
‘Please oppose HR 6216, which would add ‘religion to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It gives Jews and Muslims special protection from criticism on campus but doesn’t give such protection to Christians. This is more biased hate crimes legislation from the Anti-Defamation League to take away free speech and make Christians hate criminals.
Call 877-851-6437 toll-free or 202-224-3121 toll.
Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this subject. Call (503) 631-3808.
The freedom-saving outreach of Rev. Ted Pike and the National Prayer Network is solely supported by sale of books, videos and your financial support. All gifts are tax-deductible.
NATIONAL PRAYER NETWORK, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015

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