Mainstream Media a Sinking Ship by S.H.Pearson

The Internet is fraught with worried liars seeking to confuse and mislead independent thinkers. Their motive is clear scatter decoys and throw people off the path of discovery. They want to obscure the real news, knowing that truth has a flavor.

Once you get a taste of it you’ll know what it is.

Today media stands at the threshold of cataclysm. The modes of media that survive, even thrive, shall be those who make bringing truth to the people their hallmark. High-impact writing, devoid of slant, spin and evasive mumbo-jumbo is what today reader expects from a journalist. Gone are the days of the news room team-player.

Gone are the days also of controlling who can and cannot access information. Get yourself a Macintosh.

There is a new awareness on the streets today. It comes to the chagrin and worry of those who would bar the ordinary citizen from the power of knowledge. This thought police has published their concerns in an academic journal whose words fly 200 miles above the Middle American radar. The writers of this discussion are worried about new technologies that are not just cheap but sometimes even free. These technologies are user-friendly, accessible, and fast. More harrowing, they are global.

Based on these new developments and digital technologies, the average citizen, given the desire to learn, can educate himself to threatening new heights. This makes the news reader of the future a different animal. He will expect more from his news media because with access to high speed Internet, he will be able to get translations of news from around the world. Conducting his own research, this new animal can compare notes, check facts and bounce what he has learned off the daily feed of his local media.

The fog of the last century is lifting. But there is a gathering storm encroaching on every major newspaper. Their readerships are getting their news from all over the world now and it does not jibe with what they are reading in their local papers. The billion dollar question for the mainstream media is nd why is that?

journalist credibility, once lost, is gone forever, a professor recently taught. So too is gone forever the reputation of one whose character has been assassinated by the press. The professor added, journalist is in the business of truth-telling.

If it is the truth, we get to print it. There are basic elements of a news story that should always be answered. Given the answers to who, where, what, when, and how, the why may be discerned.

In the local paper there was a story about how Palestinian refugees had been taken in by Chile. The Spanish-speaking, predominantly-Christian country embraced these Muslims with a warm welcome. The refugees joined an already thriving population of 300,000 other Palestinians who now call Chile home. There were several quotes from one Palestinian family that the story featured. They spoke of their two-year ordeal living in squalid tents, fearing for their lives from harassment and attacks. They fled after one of their neighbors was killed in front of them. In each quote describing the atrocities suffered by this Palestinian family, the pronoun they was used to describe their attackers. This leaves a reader curious as to who they were. Never once were they identified. What kind of news-writing is this? Today reader demands all the facts not just some of them. He does not want the doctored facts or the censored facts. He wants the unaltered whole of it and he wants it now.

A concern for those who own today news media is what Howard Rheingold refers to as smart mobs in his new book. Rheingold phrase has been adopted by sociologists who discuss in their journals the threat of self-educating new citizens who might begin to think for themselves. This could bring about a social revolution. Why such an upheaval is not good news to everyone is piquant. Why would such a revolution not be good news? It entails none of the carnage of the French, Cuban or Bolshevik revolutions, for example, so what is not to like about it? Why would it not be good news to have a smarter readership? What sinister efficacy would ignorance serve the captains of industry? Perhaps this is a feature story that mainstream newspapers could take for action.

No doubt aiding the media tailspin are exposes about historic news spanning the last century. This historic news is full of holes. What is watertight; however, is testimony.

People who have been heretofore silenced, imprisoned and smeared by the press are coming out of the woodwork to tell their stories. Some of them have grown old and infirm enough to no longer have anything to lose. So they have given recent interviews. The fear of death has loomed over such witnesses as the truth has been kept from the world.

Was the news media in cahoots with those to whom truth is a threat? What passed for news on such matters suggests that this is the case. If so, it is a scandal worthy of more than public pillory. That is not the kind of media Lady Columbia wants in her news rooms. This is at the heart of why newspapers are taking a nosedive. They have lost credibility with their readerships on a global scale.

The muckraking that is going on today outshines Nellie Bly in that it transcends the hack-mentality of a beat reporter. There seems a higher purpose to this movement. It has taken on a life of its own, like MicroSoft-ware, except it works for the good of the people. A force to be reckoned with, the modern muckraking movement is rocking the foundations of the world belief systems, infiltrating every knowledge-base. There is no stone it leaves unturned. The literate world is experiencing a shockwave of illumination devoid and despite of the mainstream media.

It appears that this phenomenon is beyond the scope, reach, policing and control of the current establishment and much to their dismay. It has gone too far, too fast for retraction. It has flung forth like a strike fighter from the catapult. It has been launched like an Exocet or righteous, rollicking round. To the jailers of truth, to the gatekeepers of knowledge, to the barons of education the Internet is the biggest nightmare of their lives. The World Wide Web makes what used to be viciously-guarded available to anyone who can read. For purveyors of half-truths, propaganda and filler gibberish, it tolls the knell of their sinking ships. The Internet has awakened a sleeping lion of lucidity.

Newspapers who want to survive will need to walk a straighter line. What has passed for news is no longer holding water. People have stopped buying lies, subterfuge, ruses, cover-ups and propaganda. Hearst snow-jobs have gone the way of the whale-bone corset.

People want a media with credibility. Americans are waking up, wising up and bucking up. They are hungry for new caliber. People are tired of a press who couches and breaks bread with corrupt politicians. And crawls up the bomb-bay of Bilderberg. Good writing is a craft, but lying should not be. America does not need another Stephen Glass.

Today mainstream press is in deep kimchi. People are being informed by maverick muckrakers that big media has lied to them on the hard news for not just a decade, but for over 50 years. Things are coming out in the wash to the disgrace of big news organizations. The government is likewise losing credibility with an increasingly research-savvy and skeptical public. When it comes to the press and the government these days, people are questioning everything.

Unlike the years prior to 1995, people are no longer limited to their sources of information. The world is now at their fingertips. If they can read and have time, they can learn about anything without setting foot into a library or leaving their homes.

Perhaps it is time for a media renaissance. Change is good when things are bad. The time has come for a strident evaluation of the Federal Reserve. No private bank should masquerade as a Federal anything. So too should an in-depth analysis of our mass media be conducted by neutral outsiders who have no vested interests.

Citing the castes of Indian princes Buddha, Krishna, and Mahavira, for example, their credibility was heightened by having nothing to lose or gain by what they taught. They were born into wealth and could not be bought. So too should evaluators of a system be enlisted, lest the truth be compromised or twisted.

The bottom-feeders of the press who hound celebrities and smear non-threatening famous people are what The Project for Excellence in Journalism calls exploitative jackals. These same jackals know better than to snap at the heels of a Rockefeller or shoot telephoto of a Rothschild. One must pose the question, why do you think that is? Such jackals hounded Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed to their deaths. What made Fayed a yellow press target whilst Mr. Rockefeller enjoys immunity?

A plausible factor for the yellow press inconsistencies about whom they hunt, harass and lampoon is either a secret loyalty to those they leave alone or a fear of tit for tat in the shooting game. What paparazzi gadfly wishes to find himself in the cross-hairs of Heckler and Koch?

Some people are clearly above the law and the press knows it. Not exposing what they know to be the truth does not win the mainstream media points with a public who is growing more informed every day. Ask those babies they burned at Waco. Where was the press when they needed them? You want a story? Go interview Janet Reno. She should have more time to give interviews these days. Burning all those innocent people should not only be fresh on her mind, it will hound her for the rest of her days. If this was our Department of Justice at work what does it say about the rest of our government?

There is enough real news breaking in the world without prying into the personal lives of public figures for sport and lampoonery. If some people are game for scrutiny then they should all be game for scrutiny. Inconsistencies like these are a telling wall for the dishonesty and corruption that drive today media. Let the tailspin of the press be a sign of the times. Let it write into the sky poetic justice for a media gone wrong.

The press has long lavished a pillory on certain people while giving others a wide berth. Vicious character assassinations have been made of people on flimsy premise while more questionable folks get away with murder. William Randolph Hearst newspaper helped sentence a man to death in a speedy trial a man whose widow protested his execution unto her death of old age. Hearst news deliberately fanned the flames of suspicion against a man who has never been proven guilty. Once the press drags a name through the mud, it is indelibly mired. The uneven hand of the media is suspicious in a profession where blind justice is required. Why would anyone spend two cents on a newspaper like that?

Given all this news it is less difficult to figure out why the entry lobby of the Miami Herald employs maximum security and uses a decoy building to distract visitors from its location. Why would a newspaper office have to resort to the security of Fort Knox? What does it have to fear from its public that merits this kind of fortification? The answer to these questions will reveal what can be done to save the sinking ship of today mainstream media.

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by Arthur Topham
July 12, 2010
Preface: Recently an associate, still struggling with the bigger picture of what “Israel” and political Zionism actually represent, sent me an article by an American writer, Howard Galganov. Her motive in doing so was to try and weaken my resolve on the issue of political Zionism and Palestine and persuade me to see the current state of Israel’s policies from her and Howard’s flawed and premature perspective. After reading Howard’s “in your face” piece of blustering Zionist propaganda I decided to respond to its contents. What you see in the article below therefore is a line by line deconstruction of Galganov’s pro-Zionist, pro-“Israel” editorial. Throughout the essay I surround the word “Israel” with double quotes to indicate that I do not recognize this false state as a viable and legitimate member of the world’s nations.
To all those who worry most about Obama’s quest to “deal with Israel, Obama is not to be as feared as many dread, simply because Obama is not Israel.
LDH (Lame Duck Howard): “I was RE-BORN after an exile of 2,000 years, because I am Israel.”
Howard, you’re dead wrong in titling your editorial “I AM ISRAEL”. You definitely ain’t Israel. What you are is just another lame duck Zionist hack attempting to bamboozle the gullible goi with deliberate, confusing subterfuges and insufferable obfuscations all designed to thwart a clear understanding of the true nature of the Beast that you and your ilk perceive as the new Jewish Messiah. I will outline these accusations for you in my critique below. In doing so it’s hoped that readers will see through the deceptive rhetoric and the real purpose for your pathetic attempt to conceal the facts about “Israel”.
You start off (in stereotypical Zionist form) with a massive lie then follow through with more of the same intensity and end on a similar note giving your readers nothing beyond a short cacophonous symphony of contemptible lies that culminates in a crescendo of cunning, annoying noise all designed to further the illusion that the premise of your present existence is valid and true.
I don’t disagree with you saying that you were “re-born”; most, if not all of us, were re-born. Some are re-born on a daily basis even. The fact that we were born even once is just as miraculous as being born twice and so as we near the grand finale in this round of the cosmic dance many of us have returned to bear witness to these times and learn from the coming revelation and the imminent demise of Zionism.
In your case though Howard I think you may have emerged again from the Great Mystery, not because you are “Israel” and can therefore legitimately lay claim such a title but likely to learn a harsh lesson that you refused to heed in your past incarnations. You aren’t the true Israel because the entity that you’re now attempting to pawn off to the public as the real thing is, in truth, but a vile and deceptive shadow of the real thing; a by-product of the finite minds of those Pharasaic Talmudic rabbis of old who first conjured up the sacrilegious concept of man as the center and seed of all Creation.
I will grant you the fact though (based upon your conceit and your cocksureness and level of maturity), that you may have been suspended in some Talmudic bardo plane hell for the past two thousand years, frozen in time like some forlorn Vonnegut character. Your attitude is strikingly similar in many respects to those ancient Pharisaic sorcerers of Old Testament days.
LDH: “I rose from the ashes of Hell on Earth we call the Holocaust, because I am Israel.”
I don’t think so Howard. Your current state of consciousness rose from the ashes of Hell period. You’re a product of the Babylonian Talmud; an after-effect of centuries of rabbinical mind-fucking, sophistry and perfidy. Your treachery knows no bounds and your principles (if one might call them such), forged as they were in the molten crucible of these wayward wizards of deceit give you a false sense of superiority. The exhibition on the world stage of your “Holocaust” circus show is proof positive of this fact.
You fail the test Howard (once again). You don’t apparently see the Machiavellian links between the Rothschilds, the Illuminati, the World Zionist Organization of Hertzl, B’nai Brith International, the Arab domains of Palestine, the Belfour Declaration, World Wars I and II and the end result that Frankenstein of the Middle East you call “Israel.”
It’s not because you are some actual DNA remnant of those hoary tribal misfits from Judah who were booted forth from the Middle East because of their lying, destructive, murderous and tyrannical ways that you now believe you are “Israel.” Nope. Far from it. It’s because you’re a flawed piece of Talmudic machinery, likely raised up in the rabbinical traditions of your equally flawed forefathers, that you and your calculating cohorts churn out this daily deceptive junk product of Zionist propaganda in addition to the already abundant overload of lies that permeate your Jewish International Media Monopoly (aka JIMM).
LDH: “I clung to the earth of my promised land with flesh-torn-hands to reclaim what for thousands of years was always mine, because I am Israel.”

Alas, Howard, you’re wrong again. You clung to a false belief; a lie, branded into that “re-born” soul of yours by Zionist Talmudic inculcators, that somehow you are the rightful owner of that tiny piece of cosmic real estate known as Palestine, when, in fact, it was your Rothschild-inspired terrorist Urgun “elders” who, via stealth, collusion, blackmail and cold-blooded murder, stole the once good earth from the true and original inhabitants of that sandy section of somewhere you now attempt to convince others is rightfully yours.
It’s true that your hands and the hands of all Zionists are bloody Howard but the flesh that was torn away to release the metaphoric blood now dripping profusely from your claw-like keyboard consciousness, was the collective flesh of the Arab people, who, from the onset of the Rothschild quest to conquer the world, have become your sacrificial host.
LDH: “I opened my Jewish doors to Christians, Muslims and all others who yearned to live in religious FREEDOM, because I am Israel.”
Again, Howard, no cigar. The doors that you opened were doors illegally taken by force and terror from the original inhabitants of the good earth that your recent forefathers acquired by violence and sadistic torture in 1948.
The Babylonian Talmud, the ultimate reference point in this dimension for your professed “Jewish” philanthropy, doesn’t open doors for any of the goyim (cattle) religions. Quite the contrary. Your Talmudic traditions are anathema to any religious freedom for anyone who isn’t designated by the rabbis to be a “Jew.”
Have you studied your own “religious” works Howard? Are you aware of the venom and the hatred and the barbaric, mendacious attitudes toward others that infest your Talmudic teachings?
No, Howard, your “Israel” doesn’t open doors for anyone who isn’t a member of your tribal troupe of misguided malcontents. You slam doors in the face of those who try to encourage you to see the good in humanity as a whole; you lock and barricade the doors and hide away the keys that hold the Christians and Muslims captive to your demented, psychopathic ideology known as Zionism; you attack and murder and corner and brutalize and rape Christians and Muslims all the while professing some sort of sordid “religious” kinship with your victims that you spew forth via JIMM and your bought and paid for pulpit preachin’ pranksters like Jim Hagee, et al.
No, Howard! You fail the acid test for both honesty and integrity in making such serpentine statements. Your “Israel” will never bring “FREEDOM” of any sort to anyone, least of all the Jews. It’s not designed to. It’s a vehicle for creating disease, death, misery and slavery of every type for every person and every nation that doesn’t bow down in obeisance and kiss the hairy ass of the Rothschild criminal cartel now animating JIMM, US foreign and domestic policies, and similar national government policies throughout the world.
What you call “freedom” Howie is but a license for your “Israel” to commit the grossest crimes known to mankind and then twist them, via JIMM, into convoluted cords of contemptible and contiguous lies all the better to bind and deceive the minds of the unwary and innocent.
LDH: “I ask for nothing other than to be allowed to live in peace and security, so that my children can also grow and prosper under the Sun and Stars like all others, because I am Israel.”
Oi veh Howard! Such chutzpah! Such claptrap! Such Talmudic double-think! Statements such as this only confirm the fact that you regard all non-Zionists as a bunch of deluded shmucks.
Your feigned sentiments of “living in peace and security” are reminiscent of another of your Zionist ilk, Nahum Sokolow, author of History of Zionism: 1600 1918. In his Introduction to the 2-volume set, published in 1919, he voices similar flourishes of deceptive rhetoric while stating:
“Let humanity do for Palestine only a small part of what has been done so liberally for the most exotic colony nay, less than that, because Zionists ask for no material support [U.S. taxpayers exempted of course], and for no embarrassing responsibility [like obeying international law and UN resolutions for example]. They ask only for sympathetic consideration and help, for recognition and protection. And let humanity be sure of the loyalty of a people which, although, sorely tried, has never grown cold in its affections, a people which by its resurrection will become again what it was in very ancient times, not a military power but a spiritual and peaceful power. Then the time will come when this people’s gratitude will recognize its indebtedness to the world for the co-operation which will assist its great and just cause.” [bold and brackets are mine. A.T.]
Because you think you are “Israel” Howard you feel that you can lie through your cyber teeth to everyone about all the shit that’s come down over the past century and more due to endless Zionist deception and terror and that the stupid goi will swallow whatever swill you and JIMM feed them. Well, this harbinger is here to tell you that the game’s up Howard. As Bob so succinctly said, “the times they are a’ changin.” Big time. Thanks to the Internet and its anarchist model of no centralized control, your dirty, stinking, blood-soaked laundry is now being hung out on the cyber line to air and the neighbours, to put it mildly, are not impressed with the foul stench that your “Israel” undergarments are emitting.
LDH: “I stand with but a few friends, who stand by me in a hostile world with whom I will stand forever, because I am Israel.”
Forever is a long, long time Howard and I doubt that for all your lavish display of lies that your “Israel” will withstand the test of time. Only that which is truthful and valid and honest and real and loving and nurturing has such resilience and longevity.
The world is “hostile” Howie because your “Israel” has made it so and your “few friends” are likely to become fewer yet as the months and years pass by and the nefariousness of your dastardly deeds, as witnessed by the world in the two most recent ones the Rothschild’s British Petroleum poisoning of the world’s oceans via the Gulf of Mexico and the slaughter of innocents on the Gaza relief flotilla come more and more to light.
LDH: “But I also know that in the end, I will be standing alone, because I’ve always stood alone, because I am Israel.”
No Howard you’ll end up standing alone because you’re basically a fragile, sick, dislocated and twisted mind suffering from delusion of grandeur and a self-imposed persecution complex brought on by centuries of rabbinical brainwashing conjoined with the attendant restrictions of living within a rigid set of ghetto consciousness guidelines forged within your tortured soul by the precepts contained within the Babylonian Talmud.
You and your “Israel” have been fucking up in every nation that you’ve wormed your way into since Christ was a corporal and then using the “poor us, the self-chosen, the misunderstood and the persecuted” ruse all these centuries because you inevitably always get caught trying to undermine and destroy whatever host country you deceitfully inhabit. In other words Howard you stand alone because you behave like the proverbial asshole bigot to the rest of the world and you just can’t seem to get it through your thick head what everyone else inevitably is forced to conclude regarding your modus operandi.
LDH: “I live by the tenets of thousands of years of Biblical Covenant to do what is right, regardless of the cost and risk, not just because of the word of God, but more so because without a moral compass there is no direction, because I am Israel.”
Again Howard, pure balderdash and lies compounded with an all too liberal sprinkling of conceit. The so-called original “Covenant” wasn’t for a gang of thieves, terrorists, rapists, murderers and usurers such as are those who profess to be “Israel” today. If you truly think that you’ve been given some “god-given” right as “Israel” to hold the world hostage and mutilate and torture and pillage and extort the planet and its non-Jewish population, then I’m afraid that you’ll have a few more incarnations to go before the Light of truth finally dawns for you.
If you were truly a member of the original 12 tribes that comprised what, in the Bible, is called the true Israel then you would be obeying the one God and also the teachings of His Son, Jesus Christ, who taught LOVE AND PEACE AND BROTHERHOOD AND SISTERHOOD FOR ALL PEOPLE (not just the blatant, selfish aberrations of the self-chosen Ashkenazi hybrid “Jews” that you are attempting to hood-wink people into falling for).
As a purveyor of lies and deception for your “Israel” do you actually think you’re doing what is “right, regardless of the cost and risk”? At whose cost? At whose risk? Certainly not yours Howard.
Do you also believe that your “Israel” is setting a precedent for the world as THEE moral standard? My God man! give the rest of us a much needed break from your moralizing mania. Any GPS unit on the market today would clearly indicate that “Israel” is hopelessly lost and wandering about in a mentally and spiritually frenetic wasteland of its own making in search of its lost sense of self. Further denial of this fact may prove fatal for not only your lost tribe of psychopaths and its attendant sycophants but also for the world as a whole.
Is this your idea of joke Howard? Is this your concept of what constitutes “Israel’s” notion of “moral”?
LDH: “I pray every night to be accepted by those who wish me ill, even though I know my prayers will go unanswered, because I am Israel.”
Spare us the feigned, sanctimonious sniveling Howard. You damn well know deep down inside why your prayers to your god of war and deception go unanswered. It’s because you are worshiping at the foot of Mammon and Moloch the Destroyer; demons from the depths of the very Hell you now try to associate with your weasel tales concerning the supposed Jewish “6 Million Holocaust.”
Your self-chosen “god” is not the God of true Christians and Muslims; the one God of love and peace and true freedom. No Howard, your prays are being sent to the Devil himself whose earthly residence is the synagogue of Satan, deceiver of all who have turned their eyes from that which is good and pure and innocent and loving.
LDH: “I’ve begged to be accepted. I’ve surrendered territory won in bloody battles to be accepted. To be accepted, I’ve forcibly removed my own people from their homes as they cried with despair, because I am Israel.”
Good God man, is there no shame within you at all? Do you spout off this sort of rubbish on a regular basis? Do you actually believe yourself?
Begged? Surrendered? Forcible removed your own people? From what? The very lands that you stole from the Arab people of Palestine through clandestine and macabre blood sacrifices and torture and terrorism?
And why did you remove your fellow “Israelis” Howard? Not because you were returning those stolen lands to their rightful owners but because your Zionist plotters were planning on turning those vacated areas into pits of Hell and prisons where you could then sit back on your concrete ramparts and harass and shoot and bomb and burn and starve the inmates to death in a slow and definite process resembling, for once, a holocaust that truly is real?
Statements such as these Howard are the reason why, after reading them through, I quickly came to the logical conclusion that you must either be delusional or else at some point in your short life you got a good kick in the head from that horse you’re parading about on your website and you just don’t know any better. Either way, only a lame duck Zionist would have the bloody nerve to make such asinine statements as these.
LDH: “I rush to give aid in times of need during a Tsunami or a massive Earthquake, even to those who wish I did not exist, or wouldn’t lift a finger to help me in my hour of need, because I am Israel.”
Spare us Howard. A lame duck with crocodile tears dribbling down his face is too much of a mixed metaphor even for me.
LDH: “I warn the families of those who are trying to murder my family, when and where we will attack, so as not to harm those who are not directly engaged in our destruction, because I am Israel.”
Yes Howard I can see from the examples above that your Zionist killing machine goes to great lengths to ensure that the innocents are duly warned.
These and countless examples now on the books and on the web which refute this sort of psychosis Howard are too plentiful to argue or dispute. You’d be much better off if you just stated, “I warn the world that anyone who stands in the way of ‘Israel’s’ agenda for global hegemony and the creation of a New World Order totalitarian government will be murdered.” That’s the reality of “Israel” both today and since its inception so why make bones about it?
LDH: “I share with the world magnificent technologies, medical discoveries, and ways to feed those who without my help could not feed themselves, because I am Israel.”
Ugh! More self-serving praise from the self-chosen “saviors” of the world Howard?
Are you referring here to Oppenheimer’s creation of the atomic bomb that your Zionist Jew “advisers” had Truman drop on a defenseless population of sleeping Japanese citizens? Or possibly you’re thinking of all the Depleted Uranium that you’re poisoning and mutating the planet with so you can gain more control of the world’s resources? Then again could it be the AIDS virus that you sent to Africa to help out with population control? No? Oh, I know, I’ll bet it’s all those lovely GMO seeds that you and Monsanto and Bill Gates are involved with so that the world will be guaranteed a good, wholesome, secure supply of fresh, healthy organic food crops, right? Na, I guess you’re just thinking about Gaza and its starving population of useless cockroaches, eh?
Yes, indeed Howard, without your help we’d all be in deep doggy do do wouldn’t we?
I am not just defined as a piece of barren unproductive geography brought to life by the dreams and resilience of a people who reach far beyond their grasp.”
This schpeel Howard is the same pile of horse feathers (or hogwash, depending which term one prefers) you’ve been ranting about from the moment you opened your bill confirming again that you’re just another lame duck Zionist peddling myths in order to justify the unjustifiable.
You stole the lands of Palestine from millions of its inhabitants through subterfuge and barbaric, terrorist tactics and yet you still have the audacity to claim that these stolen lands were “a piece of barren unproductive geography brought to life by the dreams and resilience of a people who reach far beyond their grasp.” Are you for real Howard the Lame Duck Zionist or are you simply another figment of George Lucas’s imagination? Can’t you see the obvious discrepancy in what you just wrote? Millions of Palestinian Arabs living on a piece of “barren, unproductive geography”? Really now. And just how did they manage that act for the past few thousand of years Daffy… I mean Howard? Was it manna from Heaven that fed them all that time?
It appears you’ve been reading too much of Joseph Farah’s writings on his Zionist site WorldNetDaily. Thanks to the Rev. Ted Pike, in a recent article on this very issue he had the following remarks and factual information to offer that counters all your sly, quacking lies.
For example, the Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem explains Israel’s strategy:
“In order to create an alleged justification for the crime of genocide they have committed against the Palestinian Arabs, the Zionists have tried to convince the world that Palestine was practically uninhabited, A Land Without People For a People Without a Land.’ They created and propagated the myths that the Palestinian Arabs were nomads or semi-nomads without a culture and a civilization, that the Palestinians had neither a national identity nor existence, that the Palestinians lacked an economic structure and roots in the land.
Numerous pre-20th century accounts, recounted in the Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, describe it as a veritable cornucopia of every kind of agricultural products, with excess exported by the Palestinians even to the nations of Europe.
The Encyclopedia confirms that before 1948,
“these Arab towns and villages were not merely place names on a map. They were developed communities containing farms, factories, stores and schools, with an infrastructure of doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, merchants, mechanics, industrialists, workers, and farmers which would be the envy of any developing country today Before 1948 they resided in 12 cities, 8 major towns, and 830 small towns and villages. Arab homes in the cities were either luxurious stone villas with beautiful gardens, or apartments with 2-5 bedrooms. These residences were well-furnished with modern furniture and household goods. No Arab home of the middle and upper classes contained less than eight valuable Persian carpets. All these homes and their furnishings were usurped by Israel.
Pike goes on to say, “After 1948, Israel took over 12 cities and large towns and 526 small towns and villages. They bulldozed the towns and villages, building new towns with Jewish names.
The Encyclopedia extensively documents from British records that, far from Palestinians depending on Jewish prosperity, the Zionists were permeated with Marxist/collectivist values, resulting in eventual failure of the “kibbutz” experiment. Fairly new to Mideast agriculture, they were largely inefficient, dependent upon regular massive infusion of Western Jewish capital. Despite a general Israeli policy of boycott of Palestinian goods and services, the Palestinians, with a rapidly growing population in 1948 of 1,444,274, were both politically, socially, and economically racing toward UN-sponsored nationhood in 1948.”
Not exactly a chunk of “barren geography” Howard by any stretch of the imagination.
All of us who reach beyond our grasp, who live by a moral code that cannot be shaken, who wake every day in the hopes of waking to a better world are Israel.
All of us who stand against evil while defending the essence of truth, justice and FREEDOM are Israel.”
In your case Howard you’re living proof of someone who has definitely reached beyond his grasp. The semantic straws that you’re attempting to muster up and clutch at here in this ignorant argument of yours, proffered in order to justify the brutal robbery and murder and dislocation of a whole people are pathetically vacuous and non-existent. If shame was a word that existed in your vocabulary here is a place where it would fittingly apply.
Your “ISRAEL” isn’t an ideal Harold; it’s a LIVING NIGHTMARE! one shared by all the countless victims of Zionism’s horror show around the world and over the past centuries. Your Mossadic inversion of the truth as in the statement, “All of us who stand against evil while defending the essence of truth, justice and FREEDOM are Israel” is pure, unblemished, transparent Orwellian double-speak. Nice try Bubba but in terms of ethical conduct you still come out a loser.
You Zionists, in true deceptive fashion, took a name that was not rightfully yours, just as you took a country that was not rightfully yours, then twisted it into some sort of hideous Talmudic caricature and called it “Israel,” all in order to further your heinous and evil agenda.
LDH: “Christians who care about their soul are no less Israel. Jewish believers and non-believers who do right by mankind are Israel. And people who believe only in the heart of mankind to do the right thing are also Israel.”
Christians, Howard, who are truly concerned about their souls would be heeding the words of their teacher, Jesus Christ, who recognized the inherent evil in the Pharasiac rabbis of his day and warned His followers to be vigilant of their deceitful and treacherous ways. He knew then, two thousand years ago, full well what your game is and clearly stated it when he said, “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.” His ‘Woe to the Scribes and Pharisees” found in Matthew 23 is a summation of all that I and numerous others are saying today about your hypocritical, deceitful Zionist ways.
He compared your ilk to whited sepulchres that, on the outside, shone resplendent yet within were full of dead men’s’ bones and all sorts of uncleanliness.
He correctly stated that you’re the offspring of those who killed the prophets.
He was bang on the money when he said that you loved to appear outwardly as righteous to the world but that within you were full of hypocrisy and iniquity.
Probably His most poignant and scathing criticism of you was when he said, “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?”
Is it any wonder then Howard you sense somehow that you rose from the some nether-world? How typical of you, in all your unabashed hubris, to equate it with the lie of Auschwitz rather than the hell of the Babylonian Talmud from whence your tormented soul gained access to the third dimension.
Jesus Christ also forewarned the world that you Pharasaic usurpers would eventually shape-shift into the present-day Zionists then try to blow your satanic, deceptive smoke into the ears of the apathetic and complacent Christians who, for a variety of reasons, had grown lax and sloppy in their reading and understanding of the words of Him who they professed to be followers of. As He said, “For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”
With the Torah Jews I find little fault Howard for they see the evil of your ways too and do their best to expose your lies.
As for the atheists their reward is their loneliness and their existential suffering.
When you speak of the “heart of mankind” know that the world is now witnessing as your beloved “Israel” continually plunges its knife into the heart of the Palestinian people of Gaza and the West Bank and deceitfully attempts to use its media monopoly to give it another name.
LDH: “People who will not bend a knee or surrender to those who cast upon them terrible aspersions, lies and hatred are Israel.”
Continual calumny and vituperation directed toward the truth-seekers who are now exposing your evil agenda Howard are a sure guarantee of a lack of cigars for you in the days ahead. Given the growing volume of critique surrounding your shady ways you best stock up on them as soon as possible.
LDH: “Those of us willing to share our good fortune with others, not through coercion, but through compassion are Israel.”
Here’s the url to my paypal button Howard. Feel free to click on it. Put your “compassion” where your mouth is. 🙂
LDH: “Those who will defend those who cannot defend themselves are Israel.”
There goes another cigar Howard. The truth is: Those who will defend those who cannot defend themselves, i.e. the Palestinian people, et al, are the peacemakers, activists, freedom lovers and truth-seekers around the world who now know what your agenda is and are doing something to prevent it from happening. You know, like those nine people trying to bring food and medical supplies to Gaza that your Zio-commandos murdered in cold blood on the freedom flotilla. You do recall that don’t you?
LDH: “And all those who stand and fight against all who wish to force themselves upon humanity to take what is not theirs are Israel.”
Lordy, lordy but you do have a way with words Howard! Suave as a Tik Tak and flagrant as a plastic rose. It’s unfortunate that in this instance you forgot to put the “not” between “are” and “Israel”.
Most readers by now are aware of the motto of the Israeli Unintelligence Agency. It goes, “By Way of Deception Thou Shalt do War.” This sentence of yours could have been taken directly from their manual of deception. Collusion via inversion of truth. Who woulda though, eh?
LDH: “Israel can never be defeated without first defeating decency in humanity, because in the final truth, those of us who really care about doing what is right are Israel. Even to the last person.
Because of the ideals of Israel, and as long as one decent person who is willing to stand-up and be counted continues to take breath, Israel will survive to the end of time.”
That’s it Howard. You’re a dead duck! You had one cigar left in the box and you just blew it! Your false Messiah, call it “Israel” or “Zionism” or some other deceptive Utopian title you choose, WILL BE DEFEATED. It’s a foregone conclusion, as certain as day follows night. Evil never triumphs in the end and, surprise, surprise, the end for your gargantuan, global deception is now nigh.
We’re living in the end times spoken of in the holy writings and the last two millennia of lies are now coagulating, like the blood of the countless number of victims of your Rothschld/Marxist/Zionist enterprise, upon the computer screens of millions of viewers around the world. Your fog of lies is lifting and the gentle rays of the sun of truth are shining through.
You might recall the words of Jesus Christ once again. I’m sure you’ve heard them somewhere. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”
We shall be set free of your demonic spell Howard the Lame Duck Zionist and we shall wax in beauty and freedom and peace and harmony and your days and your ways will be as memories and lessons to future generations not to ever fall prey again to the siren songs of those who call themselves the “self-chosen saviors” but are in truth the Devil incarnate.
Have a nice life Howard and may God bless your lame duck soul.
P.S. As for your statement that Obama isn’t “Israel” you’re dead wrong again. He’s “Israel’s” puppet and a shabez goi doing the bidding of his taskmasters. But, because he’s a mere tool of Zionists he’s also expendable.

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Israel’s Terrorist Attack upon Aid Flotilla: Full Text of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Speech!

Dear Radical Reader,
The speech below by Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stands in bold relief to that of Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a speech emanating from the heart and filled with courage and conviction. Rather than prostrating himself before Zion like Canada’s groveling, pathetic, shabez goi Harper the Turkish leader has cut to the chase and pointed a fierce finger of rightful condemnation directly at the miscreant responsible for this latest international crime against humanity. Here is a world leader worth his salt.
In these days of waning political integrity it’s heartening to see at least one person in such a position lash out at this viperous state and demand that it suffer the consequences of its pathological behaviour. Were it not for the fact that the Jew Media shields the West from reading such speeches I’m certain the outcry here in Canada and the USA and elsewhere would be much more vocal than it already is.
Do pass this along to your friends and associates. The truth is finally growing legs and wings and soon it will rise above the diabolical deeds of pseudo-nations such as Israel and bring that much-awaited dream to humanity – peace. You can be a part of it by spreading the word.
Shine your Light for Love, Peace & Justice for All,
Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”
[email protected]

Full Text of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Speech!
June 2nd, 2010
Translated and transcribed from Turkish
by Gazin Bilgi for
and Gulagnik Translators (
English editing by Mary Rizzo.
Italian translation by Diego Traversa.
(Additional grammatical editing by Arthur Topham/RadicalPress)
Today I do not only want to speak to my dear people but to all of humanity.
I want to call to the conscience and hearts and minds of the whole of humanity, I would like to share courageously my feelings.
Yesterday, in the darkest moment of the night, two bloody attacks occurred.
The first of them was the terrorist attack against our military troops at the Iskenderun Naval Base. In this malicious, vicious attack six of our soldiers died, and have become martyrs. Seven of our soldiers have been injured.
The second, at dawn in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the heart of humanity has taken one of her heaviest wounds in history. The aid ships, from the humanitarian heart, these flowing aid ships have been hindered by guns, by violence, and by despotism.
They, who with mercy, compassion and humaneness, loaded aid onto these ships, could not reach their place of destination; they were wreaked in carnage.
Yesterday, beginning in the morning hours, armed elements of the Israeli Army stopped humanitarian aid being brought to the Gazan people. From more than 32 countries, with 600 people inside the Free Gaza Flotilla traveling in international waters, in an absolutely illegal way did they attack, spilling the blood of innocent humans.
During this violent attack, resulting in death, casualties and persons being wounded, the humanitarian aid ships were seized and sequestered. This inhuman attack against those women, young people and religious functionaries that the ship was carrying, I do one more time strongly, severely condemn.
I have declared this in Chile. Here I do stress it one more time. This bloody massacre by Israel, brought against the ships bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza is a massacre deserving of every kind of curse and condemnation. This is openly an attack upon international law, against the heart of humanity, against world peace. I say against the heart of humanity, for, on those ships were people from all nations, all religions. People alone and defenseless who were bringing humanitarian aid to those under blockade, embargo; the people in Gaza.
The ships, before they left, openly declared to the entire world their cargo, their intention and their mission. As witness to this openly humanitarian aid from the world and our country 60 journalists also entered and traveled with the ships. In international waters; in open seas; this armed attack against 600 people and 6 ships carrying aid to oppressed people, poor people, to starved people, to people whose homes were destroyed was openly an attack against the basic philosophy of the United Nations.
The ships which set sail, from Turkey and from other countries, were completely stocked to carry out the humanitarian purpose and contained only aid material. They were, according to international traffic rules, strictly controlled. At the same time, there were no other passengers on the ships other than civilians and aid volunteers. The ships were flying white flags. Despite all those conditions the ships were subject to an armed attack.
As you know, during that time, we were on our Latin America program but due to this abhorrent terrorist attack which occurred in Hatay and Israel’s illegal attack against the aid ships, we had to cut our work short in Chile and return to our country.
From the very first moment we watched the events closely. We have taken the necessary steps, together with our friends in Turkey. Yesterday morning at 6:30, deputy Bulent Arinc, together with related ministers and administration representatives, organised an evaluation meeting in which we considered the issue in all its dimensions. Our Foreign Ministry, our intelligence units, related establishments and armed forces have been monitoring the issue very closely.
Our Minister of Foreign Affairs and our Minister of Defense, talking on the phone with Israel’s Minister of Defense, forcefully put forth our reaction and sensitivities and I, together with my ministers, evaluating the events during the entire night, have been continuously in contact with Turkey. On the other hand I have established contacts with the international community and for now this process continues. In this framework, I have put on the table everything necessary to cover all the dimensions of this situation. I urgently did the steps necessary.
The Republic of Turkey is using every possibility; every chance made available by international law and diplomacy and Turkey will keep using it. In this framework, Turkey’s ambassador to Tel Aviv has been called back. Three joint military operations which were on the agenda have been canceled. Our Minister of Foreign Affairs went to New York and the UN Security Council has been called requesting an urgent meeting and it was confirmed that there would be an urgent, extraordinary meeting.
The UN Security Council has made a statement condemning Israel. It was pointed out in the statement the need to open an investigation and to set free immediately the civilians and the injured. The matches of our youth football team have been canceled. NATO’s Council has been called for an extraordinary meeting. Furthermore, the Organization of Islamic Conference, the Arab League, the European Union and all related establishments have been contacted and international institutions have been called to duty. The Organization of Islamic Conference will hold a meeting on Monday.
Primarily, the safety and security of the convoy and our citizens in the convoy has to be ensured. Necessities to ensure the treatment of the injured are being taken care of. Israel has said: “Let us send the injured to you.” We have replied that we have the will and power to take our injured ourselves, and we have refused this offer. Two military ambulance aircraft have taken off to bring our injured back. With civil aircraft the Ministry of Health is about to arrive there. To the Israeli Ambassador, who was summoned to the Foreign Ministry, a call was made demanding the immediate return of the citizens of the Turkish Republic and setting the captured ships free.
Further, all efforts to attend to the treatment of the injured, bringing them to Turkey, have been made and in our country all measures have been taken. Israel, hindering the international community’s access to information from the first moment of the incident, now must inform world public opinion in a truthful way and must not refrain from international cooperation. Israel must understand the seriousness of the situation and must stop committing actions such as this that are wrong. Israel’s attitude at this stage is being watched by the world’s people and global public opinion and views are being formed.
Those who are affiliated with the effort are in touch and are coordinating with the countries whose citizens are in the flotilla. The ships fly the flags of Turkey, Greece and the Comore Islands; there are people from 32 countries involved. I expect those countries, too, to show the necessary reaction and sensitivity. Thus I once again express that Israel must immediately lift the inhuman embargo against Gaza. [15 seconds applause]. Israel must not hinder efforts to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches its destination.
Dear comrades, as you know we are working together with Spain to support the Alliance of Civilizations’ work. Our goal and mission is to reinforce the conviction that different religions, different civilizations and cultures can live in peace and tolerance together. It is a struggle so that instead of hatred and animosity, love will dominate.
Regrettably I must say, the incidents which occurred yesterday, in terms of humanity’s collective civilization and culture, are a black mark against this process. In terms of the history of humanity this must be recorded as a major shame. Attacking humanitarian aid ships with arms to massacre innocent people and treating civilians as terrorists, is, in terms of humanity, a great defeat; a despicably cowardly and vicious act of presumption that is reckless and dauntless. [20 seconds applause].
We know that war, as well as peace, has its laws. In war you do not attack children; in war you do not attack women and old people; in war you do not attack civilians or religious functionaries; in war you do not attack those who are hoisting the white flag; in war you do not attack health and rescue personnel. During war time even these things are not condoned and so here, in peace time, those who do these things not only violate the law but trample humanity under their feet; they abandon humanity.
Despots, gangsters, even pirates, have specific codes of conduct that they follow. Those who do not follow any morality or ethics, those who do not act with any sensitivity, to call them such names would even be a compliment to them. Israel, by attacking a ship with volunteers from 32 countries, has in fact defied the world. World peace has been deeply wounded. This brazen, irresponsible, reckless government that recognizes no law and tramples on any kind of humanitarian virtue; this attack by the Israeli government must, by all means, be punished.
Israel, having made lying its state policy, doesn’t even blush on account of the crime it has committed and so instead of expecting them to open an investigation the international community must investigate this incident in all its dimensions and give its legal response.
The State of Turkey won’t be satisfied only by watching this. Turkey is not an adolescent, rootless state. It is in no way a tribal State! No one should attempt to play around with this nation, to test the patience of Turkey. As precious as Turkey’s partnership is, equally as harsh will be her hostility toward such aggression by Israel.
Losing Turkey’s friendship and partnership is a price itself to pay. We have always maintained an historic friendship and collaboration with the Israeli and Jewish people. I do believe those Israeli people who watched this bloody attack in tears, who strongly criticized it, also understand very well that this incident does not befit human dignity and was a great mistake and a heavy blow to the friendship of both countries.
The issue is not a matter only between Turkey and Israel. The issue is Israel’s present lawlessness, and the world’s recognition of its inhuman practices of using violence and spilling blood; approaches that threaten global peace.
Turkey has always been, in the Middle East, on the side of peace. She has contributed to regional stability and security. In the recent past, for Israel’s relations with Palestine, Syria and Lebanon to be normalized, the country contributing was also Turkey. Israel now is showing attitudes, taking the most important peace defender in the region, and opposing her. Israel, from now on, must give up the falsehood it shows in attempting to explain its crimes toward others with justifications about security and referring to any international criticism as anti-Semitism.
There is an understanding, when violence is government policy, that Israel feels justified to oppress, tyrannize and maltreat others and she does not hesitate to shed blood but now there is no longer any way for the illegal actions of Israel to be covered over or intentionally misinterpreted or ignored. The time has come for the International community to say: STOP!
It is Israel who does not recognize over 100 UN Security Council resolutions against her. So, the United Nations cannot be content with the condemnation decision it has taken last night.
I just talked to the General Secretary of the United Nations. He is also coming to New York. And this evening at 8 o’clock Mr. Obama said he would come. I will also talk to him. I declare here that I will share precisely these issues with them.
Israel’s aggressive manner doubtlessly takes its source from the power they get from elsewhere. At this point, as Turkey, our position is obvious. Yesterday, from Chile, I spoke with one of the United Nations Security Council permanent members, Mrs. Merkel. I spoke with others today. England’s new Prime Minister also called me. I called him earlier and we talked. Today we will discuss this again. And with the others we will also talk.
We cannot leave alone what Israel has done. We cannot say to the Israeli government, all you do will go to your advantage. Everything has a price. And this government will have to pay for this.
Such replica comprehension as this that does not show respect for human life, that they find impossible to esteem any international right and law, we cannot have a peaceful attitude toward my friends.
It is impossible to support a comprehension that does not esteem and respect humanity and human rights.
A State, considering the security of its own people, cannot achieve this by bringing upon itself the hatred and hostility of the whole world by their illegal actions.
An administration that does not esteem others as humans except its own people cannot have a concern for world peace.
Israel has been destroying her defense shields one by one, losing her alliance points and isolating herself. The Israeli administration, generating grudges and hatred in the Middle East, is setting dynamite off in arenas where regional peace must be sought. Instability is spreading like evil entities escaping from Pandora’s Box.
The international community must immediately take action.
I also want to call to the Israeli people from here. We have always been against anti-Semitism. We have raised our voice against the injustice against the Jewish people. We have contributed so that the Israeli people can live in peace and security in the Middle East. Now, as the Israeli people, it is your turn to show the same sensitive attitude, the same humane attitude, to say, “Stop these cruelties being done.”
The policy of violence shown by the coalition government, violating any kind of right and law, is totally putting Israel’s interests aside. It is clearly putting your peace and security at risk. Due to the aggressive attitude of your government the State of Israel assumes a piracy position engaging in banditry.
Those reckless Israeli administrators who, thinking that with lies, deceit, shedding blood, aggressiveness, piracy, using state terrorism and massacring innocent people are governing a State are badly mistaken. Such actions by these politicians can only do evil to Israel and the Israeli people.
Before all else you must say stop to this situation. By the way, I thank the Turkish Jewish Community for putting in words their right and sincere reaction to the event. Our Jewish citizens have, as members of the Turkish people, defended and continue to defend the right position of Turkey to the utmost.
Looking with hatred upon our Jewish citizens or feeling different in any other manner is not acceptable; it cannot be and should never be.
Dear brothers and sisters, today is a new day. Today is a new beginning, a birth. Nothing will be like before, this is clearly apparent. An aggressive State which openly murders, massacres, cannot explain itself to humanity without regret, without being held to account for it; cannot look with dignity into the face of the international community.
Those ships were all ships of mercy. And their cargo was the heart of humanity.
72 miles, far from their own waters, entirely in open sea and international waters, Israel carried out an aggressive, illegal operation on a ship, a civil ship, not a military ship. An action that no nation is not allowed to do at all. To commit such a violent act on a civil ship, even the capture of the passengers, is itself a crime. Attacking innocent people with arms, to shed blood, and to massacre is clearly state terrorism. They deny it; they say that they were shot at. We are sick of your lies, we are sick. Be honest, honest, be honest.
The captured ships, together with the staff and volunteers immediately must be released. No one has the right to state that those ships, vessels filled with volunteers (activists), Members of the European Parliament, 60 journalists, and even a mother on board with her one year old infant Kaan, had any other intention, purpose, mission but to deliver humanitarian aid. This attack has one more time clearly proven the inhuman oppression and cruelty Israel has been using against Palestine and Gaza for years.
I have said it once before. The Israeli administrators, whom we told to their face how well they know how to murder, have one more time shown the world how good they indeed are at massacring innocents. It is incomprehensible that you would be handcuffing even heavily wounded innocent people. Hey! Can there be an explanation for his? Lying on the stretcher, wounded, you even handcuff him! Can that be explained with human rights, with universal values? It is no longer possible to tell the world how your victims were shown humanity.
All people of the earth condemn this clear cruelty, I know this. But it is not enough anymore to only condemn, we have to obtain results.
All people want justice on earth one day. Not power but justice will dominate. You should know that I want this too.
Turkey will use all opportunities that international law allows. At this course we will move together with the international community. I want the attention of all humanity to be attracted to this issue. With her blood-shedding policy Israel cannot legitimize this illegal, bloody murder with any excuse. She cannot rationally explain or justify it.
Israel – with no excuse, no reason – cannot wash the blood of innocents off her hands. This issue, this case, created by the bloody attack in the Mediterranean Sea, is not a problem between two countries but a problem for the entire world. I believe that no country or international institution considering humane values and virtues will just stand by and watch a murder of such dimensions.
From now on, whoever shuts their eyes to the bloody attacks of Israel, whoever ignores them, should know, they are accomplices in these murders. It must be understood that the matter is not one of defending against terrorism, that the matter is not a justifiable struggle against terrorism but that the matter is a deliberate and premeditated massacre, not only of aid workers aboard a defenseless ship in international waters but of a whole people, the Palestinians of Gaza and their city, in order to completely exterminate them. This has one more time been proven with this last incident that occurred.
You throw bombs on these people, you try phosphorous bombs on these people, you bomb hospitals, you bomb mosques, you attack schools, you bomb playgrounds, you even aim at the UN Office, and as if this illegality was not enough, you also cut off all kinds of needs of those people.
And after all of this, you withhold the aid volunteers who try to deliver to these people medicine, food, construction materials, and make them feel and suffer your inhuman savagery.
No one can condone or tolerate this illegality. I openly say it, stressing it, that no one but the insidious can support it, and Israel should not make the mistake of comparing Turkey with others. Such a mistake will have a very high price.
Israel, who shot a bullet through the heart of innocence and mercy, has chosen with this murder in the open sea, solitariness against the whole world; has chosen to isolate itself from the rest of humanity.
I will say it one more time. If everyone keeps silent, if all shut their eyes, if all turn their backs, we, as Turkey, won’t turn our back on Palestine, its people or Gaza. We won’t shut our eyes! We won’t cease crying for Palestine!!!
My dear brothers and sisters, our nation has to be firm. Our people must have dignity worthy of Turkey. We will take it into our hearts. The wounds of our wounded we will all together heal.
We are aware with satisfaction that all around Turkey our people are watching the issue closely with great sensitivity and they are showing their democratic reactions lawfully.
To say it, this is appropriate for our people. I believe that all our citizens will keep their steadfastness and move in dignity and common sense. Everyone should know and be sure that the love and friendship flowing down from the heart of humanity will pass one day all hindrance, barricades and reach its destination.
To those who stand behind this inhuman and illegal operation:
As much as you stand behind illegality, we stand behind laws.
As much as you stand behind the bloody operation, aggressiveness, behind terror, as much do we stand behind justice.
As much as you stand against civilians, against the oppressed in Gaza, Palestine as much stand we next to, behind civilians, innocent people, the Palestinian people, the people in Gaza.
We have been honored having this status through history. We are proud of it, and also from now on we will continue to act and move with the mission our history, civilization and State tradition has given us.

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Response to Prime Minister Harper’s demand to NDP Libby Davies to resign by Arthur Topham

Webmaster Michael Rivero of has the following commentary to make:
“The US is not the only nation whose government has been subverted by Israel, and here is a warning to Canadians. When parasites kill their hosts they simply jump to a new host, and as the United States edges closer to collapse, Israel will simply hop across the border and make Canadians their new cash cow. Obviously the groundwork has already been laid by Israel’s subversives.
Note that Libby Davies stated a factual truth; that Israel has been occupying other peoples’ lands all along, and the maps prove it! But Israel has hit the panic button and have launched a program to “cleanse” all media and government of anyone who would dare speak the truth to their power!”
Dear Radical Reader,
Here, in this audacious demand by Canada’s PM Harper, we see the full, hideous face of the farce known as Canada’s federal government. For all intents of purpose Harper might as well be an Israeli Jew. He behaves like one as does Liberal foreign affairs critic Bob Rae who is, in fact, a crypto Jew. They, along with any other Canadian politician who pig-headedly and unquestioningly defends the indefensible when it comes to the racist, supremacist, apartheid state of Israel, is a traitor to Canada and should be removed from any position of power they might currently hold.
These complicit, submissive, sickening Zionist lackeys of Israel are a massive disgrace and an inherent danger to this country and symbolize the degree to which Canada has been infiltrated by the Zionist Jews over the last century. Due of course, also, to the blatant fact that the Jewish International Media Monopoly (JIMM) controls all of our information, the general population of this country lives in abject ignorance of what is truly going on behind the scenes both internationally and domestically.
Bob Rae is a treasonous hypocrite just like Stephen Harper and anyone else who willfully attempts to justify the supreme chauvinistic and brutal sadism that represents the modus operandi of the Jews-only state of Israel. They must be challenged from every quarter on their duplicity and continuing complicity in furthering the lies and the slaughter of innocents by this rogue, illegitimate state.
I, for one, can unconditionally state with a clear conscience and with sufficiently good reasons, that the so-called state of Israel was conceived in subterfuge and deceit and deception from day one by the Rothschild banking consortium decades prior to its illegal inception and that it has no moral or legal right to exist. Two major world wars were instigated by the Rothschild syndicate in order to justify its creation and it’s actions over the past 62 years clearly illustrate the fact that it was brought into existence in order to foment war, death and chaos within the Arab world and also to provide a beachhead (they called it, in typical Zionese deceptive language a “spiritual homeland”) wherein all the most unsavory and bigoted scoundrels in the world could find refuge, set up their citadel of Evil and man their ramparts of repression with three hundred nuclear weapons for immediate use if threatened by the truth.
The state of Israel is the ultimate manifestation in reality of what the terms Big Brother and Terrorism imply and it must be dismantled and removed from the Middle East for good if the world is ever to achieve any semblance of global peace, security and environmental harmony. Any unbiased study of the actions of this so-called “democratic” state will fully expose the fact that death and destruction and environmental degradation have followed in the wake of its creation and will continue to do so until it is dissolved.
The ongoing use of Zionist-Jew created falsehoods such as “anti-Semite” (a contraction in terms in itself) in order to silence anyone who is cognizant of this glaring hoax parading itself around the world as a democracy has got to stop. For years now I’ve been personally battling these very viperous forces here in Canada doing my damnedest to outline and show Canadians the extent to which these serpentine sleuths have permeated our very essence in terms of infrastructure, our judiciary, our supposed “free” press, our publishing companies, academia, churches and most importantly and essentially, our political parties.
JIMM, the global Jew media, coupled with their malicious and overwhelming influence and ability to instill fear in people by accusations of anti-Semitism against any person who voices displeasure with their heinous actions and lies both in Palestine and throughout the world, is the #1 enemy of true freedom and democracy and peace everywhere.
All that NDP Libby Davies stated is true beyond question for anyone who has actually removed the blinkers from their eyes and awakened to the fact that the world has been mesmerized by JIMM into believing that somehow Israel is a legitimate nation and one that is fully deserving of unqualified support regardless of its litany of war crimes and slaughter over the past six decades and more.
Only a population of mind-controlled morons could possibly view the situation and not figure out what the hell’s been going on and that, not surprisingly, is the primary purpose of JIMM to keep the illusion alive until the day comes when they’ve gained control over all the nation states of the world and introduced legislation under the guise of “hatred toward Jews” so they can then hunt down and incarcerate and imprison anyone who has the audacity to speak the truth about this hideous Beast that calls itself a democracy yet stalks the planet like some blood-soaked Godzilla wreaking death and destruction in its wake..
The gloves have got to come off and people have got to begin speaking the truth about JIMM and the negative effect that it is having upon the freedom of people everywhere to speak their minds and think their own thoughts and express their opinions without fear of being attacked by whatever Jewish lobby group happens to pick up on their words. B’nai Brith Canada and the Canadian Jewish Congress are the two worst examples now existing here in Canada of this clandestine, seditious phenomenon; their efforts over decades having centered on creating the illusion and the lie that somehow Israel is God’s chosen nation and whatever it does to its Arab citizens and its neighbouring nations must be legitimate and justified and unquestioned.
I’ve stated this numerous times in articles that these two Rothschild creatures of cunning and deceit are anathema to a well functioning Canadian government (or any government for that matter) and to the existence of an open and informed electorate. Time and continuing examples of Israel’s evil (yes, evil) ways only further exacerbates the situation for the defenseless and persecuted who are victim’s of this global megalomania; a sickness of the mind and soul symbolizing a psychotic state being perpetually presented to the world as somehow legitimate, honorable and an ideal to be lauded and strived for.
It’s for reasons such as these that “lobby groups” like B’nai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress here in Canada and in the USA the ADL (Anti Defamation League) ought to be outlawed and anyone who stridently objects to their dismantling should be sent to Gaza or the West Bank or Iraq or Afghanistan (preferably in areas saturated with depleted uranium) to do community service for the victims of Zionist aggression.
Federal NDP Leader Jack Layton, in making his monumentally ignorant comments about how the NDP would never “ever deny that Israel not only has a right to exist but a right to exist in secure borders in a safe context,” has exhibited his own vastly uniformed knowledge of how Israel actually is constituted and operates. He speaks about “secure borders” in total ignorance of the fact that Israel has no defined borders and never did (Israel is Rothschild is Zionism and their objective is a world without borders for the simple reason that they will control it all). He also speaks as if Israel has a defined and written constitution (which it doesn’t) and assumes that their ongoing “right” to steal land from the Arabs and call it their own is somehow clearly understood and beyond dispute. For a federal leader of one of Canada’s three major political parties to be so misinformed and outrightly stupid is a poignant illustration of just how deep and widespread this fable of Israel truly is.
Once again for the finale.
Israel is controlled by the Jewish Rothschild banking cartel and has been from day one. Period. The information is out there on the net for anyone who seriously wishes to find out the truth. One good place to start might be the archives of There’s no excuse beyond the fear that’s been instilled in Canadians for multiple decades that to question the Jews’ lies is to be “anti-Semitic,” “hate mongering” and “racist.” This is a gargantuan ruse designed to thwart any honest investigation into the foundations that support this false messiah known as Zionism and is exempified in the Canadian legislation known as Sec. 13, a Jew-created law to silence all that I’ve been speaking of here in this article.
I propose otherwise. If you wish to know the truth and be set free of this morbid, demeaning bondage to the delusions of those who, in their ignorance and insecurity, bow down repeatedly in obeisance to this racist, sadistic entity known as Israel, then you must, personally and with conviction, face the fact that your government, your media and your legal systems are all presently in the hands of these vipers. Their generation has come to the fore and like all vicious entities who have gained control over others they will not willingly remove themselves from their positions of power and exploitation. It’s going to take a concerted effort by the majority of Canadians to stand up, show some conviction and courage and demand that their license to kill, destroy and poison, be revoked forever.
The time to do this is yesterday.
Shine your Light for Love, Peace & Justice for All,
Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”
[email protected]
Calls for NDP MP to resign after Israel comments
Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Prime Minister Stephen Harper called on NDP MP Libby Davies to resign as her party’s deputy leader after she suggested Israel has been occupying territory since the country came into existence.
“Mr. Speaker, this is a fundamental denial of Israel’s right to exist,” Harper said in the House of Commons on Tuesday. “It repeats the kind of comments that were made by Helen Thomas on which she was forced to resign and the member of the NDP who said those should be forced to resign as well.”
Thomas was the veteran White House correspondent who resigned after saying Jews in Israel should “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go back to Poland, Germany, America and everywhere else.”
Liberal foreign affairs critic Bob Rae also denounced Davies’ comments.
“To deny the state of Israel’s right to exist and to propose an international campaign of boycotts, divestments and sanctions against a legitimate member of the world community for over 60 years is to reveal a level of hostility and ignorance that is truly breathtaking,” Rae said in a written statement.
In a media scrum later, Rae argued that Davies’ comments were not simply a slip of the tongue and called for her to step down as deputy leader.
Earlier this month, Davies was interviewed at a rally in Vancouver and asked if she believes the occupation in Israel began in 1948 or 1967. After hesitating, she answered:
“Forty-eight. I mean, it’s the longest occupation in the world. But I mean, I’m not going to argue numbers. It’s too long, right?” She went on to say, “I mean, this is the longest occupation in the world. People are suffering. I’ve been to the West Bank in Gaza twice so I’ve seen for myself what’s going on.”
The state of Israel was established in 1948.
In the video, Davies is also asked if she supports the international campaign of boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Israel (known as the BDS movement).
“I haven’t even actually gone that far. You gotta understand, I’m probably the strongest supporter in Parliament. There is virtually no information in the political arena or understanding about the BDS movement. People are actually afraid to speak out on this issue. Elected people who are sympathetic are actually afraid to speak out,” Davies answers.
Later in the video, Davies says she personally supports the BDS movement, adding, however, that she’s not “someone who’s there” but is instead a Canadian politician demanding the Canadian government speak out more on the issues.
The interview was posted on YouTube.
Since her comments were made public, Davies has posted on her website a letter she sent to the editor of The Ottawa Citizen.
“My reference to the year 1948 as the beginning of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory was a serious and completely inadvertent error,” she wrote. “I apologize for this and regret any confusion it has caused. I have always supported a two-state solution to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict and have never questioned Israel’s right to exist and the Palestinians’ right to a viable state.”
NDP Leader Jack Layton defended Davies Tuesday.
“Libby Davies has apologized and did so immediately around the serious mistake about a date. She has never and our party has never, nor would we ever deny that Israel not only has a right to exist but a right to exist in secure borders in a safe context,” he said.
Layton added that the party does not support the BDS proposal.

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Canadian faces two years prison for lawful attempt to arrest war criminal G.W. Bush

Former US Attorney-General Ramsey Clark to Speak at the University of Calgary’s Peace Consortium in Defence of Splitting the Sky The Man Who Attempted a Citizens’ Arrest on George W. Bush 

Joshua Blakeney
Media Coordinator of Globalization Studies
University of Lethbridge

“George Bush hasn’t suffered at all over the monumental suffering, death, and horror he has caused…no matter how many American soldiers have died on a given day in Iraq (averaging well over two every day), he is always seen with a big smile on his face that same or next day

Vincent Bugliosi, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, 2008

Ramsey Clark will arrive in the Canadian oil-patch city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this coming June 6th and 7th, mounting pressure on attempted a citizen arrest on George W. Bush on March 17, 2009 when the former US president was addressing an audience of business people at the TELUS Convention Centre in the downtown of Calgary.2

In his March 2010 trial STS invoked the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes legislation, which was enacted by the Canadian parliament in 2000, to submit to the court that he was implementing the law by seeking to apprehend Bush, and was unjustly arrested by police who were in effect “aiding and abetting a credibly accused war criminal.

Former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney came to Calgary to attempt to testify in the March trial but was prevented from doing so as the judge shut down the trial earlier than anticipated. Instead McKinney spoke at the University of Calgary in support of Splitting the Sky.3

It is hoped by supporters of justice that the arrival of Ramsey Clark in Calgary will help to publicize this unprecedented case in Canadian legal history, the knowledge of which the state and their media accomplices have made a concerted effort to suppress and censor from the public domain.

Ramsey Clark has a long history of being a thorn in the side of those political elites who would seek to apply the law expediently rather than unanimously. Born in Dallas, Texas, the son of prominent jurist Tom C. Clark, Ramsey Clark witnessed as a young man the Nuremberg trials following World War II. Clark would go on to graduate from the University of Chicago law school and become Attorney General of the United States under the administration of Lyndon Johnson.

Clark has worked tirelessly throughout his career as an outspoken civil rights attorney advocating for many prominent activists and political dissidents. After the 1971 Attica Prison debacle Clark replaced William Kunstler as Splitting the Sky’s legal advocate. STS’s charges were acquitted as a result of Clark’s relentless advocacy.

On April 3, 2010 Clark was elected at a meeting of over 150 lawyers, legal scholars and human rights campaigners, to be the chairperson of a new international campaign to investigate the alleged crimes against humanity committed by the Bush regime.

Global Research reported: “Ramsey Clark emphasized that it is the imperative responsibility of the American people to relentlessly pursue this investigation, and to seek prosecution and indictment inside of the United States…Ramsey Clark made the point that all the war crimes and crimes against humanity flow from the commission of the most supreme crimes which he identified as the Crimes against Peace. This was the finding at the Nuremberg trial, and it is enshrined in the Nuremberg Principles.6

Clark’s reference to precedents set at Nuremberg, a German city, encourages those of us who would like to see Calgary’s image in the world evolve from one of Harperite cowboys and vulture-capitalists into a city where law enforcement agencies set precedents in human rights jurisprudence and international law with the support of the polity’s residents.

Perhaps such a paradigm shift would ignite a necessary atonement for the state-endorsed despoliation of the Indigenous Peoples of the region’s ancestral resources, lands and waters which has been unpardonably gifted to mainly Texas-based oil and gas conglomerates.

How Judge Manfred Delong will be influenced by Clark’s arrival in Calgary is yet to be seen. Will Judge Delong compound the Culture of Impunity afforded to credibly accused war criminals emanating from Anglo-America – which the Harper-minority government and their equivalents around the world have supported – by “setting an example and sentencing STS to spend two-more years of his life behind bars and burdening him with a fine of up to $5000? Or will he realize the broader implications of this trial and dismiss the case before the court that STS “obstructed a police officer?

The more citizens who mobilize in solidarity with STS the less able the state and their media accomplices will be to sweep the profound juridical questions being raised by STS, Clark and others, under the carpet.

The proceedings are as follows:

Ramsey Clark arrives in Calgary, June 6, 2010. He will speak at the University of Calgary, Murray Fraser Hall Room 164, 4pm 6.30pm.

The sentencing of Splitting the Sky commences on June 7, 2010 at the Calgary Courts Centre.

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Polish Plane Crash: Accident or Katyn Massacre II? by Tom Mysiewicz

Polish Plane Crash: Accident or Katyn Massacre II?

by Tom Mysiewicz
April 11, 2010

“Rabbis absent themselves from flight at last moment because they say they could not fly to say prayers on the Sabbath”

I’ve long supported normalization of relations between Poland and Russia. Mainly because I see Poland being set up for a replay of 1939, with similar bad consequences for it. The stationing of so-called defensive missiles in Poland being the first chapter. The death-by-plane-crash of a big chunk of Poland’s government and intelligentsia-just as they were making history by dealing with Mr. Putin and Russia-is a setback for those (like me) who’d like to see Poland survive the next world war. 

In the mid 1930s, Poland was encouraged with false and/or unfulfillable defense promises to goad Germany into starting the Second World War. Roosevelt, Churchill and Samuel Untermeyer got their war and Poland quickly got overrun and divided by Germany and the USSR. On the orders of Stalin and certain Jewish Communist officials, 20,000 Poles-the officers and nobility who were the cream of Poland’s elite-were treacherously murdered at Katyn Forest. And the crime was blamed on the Germans, when the Allies knew full well their “ally” had done it. I have no doubts the crime was approved at the highest levels in London and Washington (and New York) and this while Polish soldiers bravely gave their lives fighting for the “Allied” cause.

Actually, were it not for the bravery of some of the murdered Poles in stopping the Red Army as it attempted to sweep across Europe in the aftermath of the First World War, all of Europe would have been forcibly converted into a Judeo-Communist abbatoir.

Poland was not to be spared further treachery. After Roosevelt’s sellout at Yalta, Poland was abandoned to communism and years of killing of Polish POWs and privation and occupation by the USSR it’s “reward”.

And now this. What are we to make of it? The official story is that the plane was an old clunker, the pilot ignored four orders not to land and to divert to Belarus, the plane clipped trees in the fog, there were two explosions, and everyone on board was killed. So blown up, in fact, all of the dead fit into two Russian helicopters.

What we are not hearing in the media is that the rabbinic delegation absented itself from the plane at the last moment when it learned the flight was to take place on the Sabbath (!-see the complete story at the end of this article.)

From the latest Arutz Sheva:

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

“A Jewish delegation from Poland, including the American-born Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich, was spared from certain death by refusing to violate the Sabbath to fly with President Lech Kaczynski.
The president, his wife, his military chief of staff and senior political leaders were killed on Saturday when the plane crashed en route to a Russian city.
The Jewish delegation was supposed to fly with the president, according to Warsaw Rabbi Meir Stembler. The delegation canceled its participation after it was understood that that plane was to fly on the Sabbath, he said.”

(This brings to mind the many Jews absent from the WTC towers on 9-11 because they went to hear a speech by Ariel Sharon, which was curiously canceled prior to the attacks.)

Can rabbis travel on the Sabbath to administer a blessing or say “kaddish” over the dead-which is what these non-flying rabbis were supposed to do? I’m guessing the answer is “yes”. And, as the Jewish religious press has graciously asked: Why were so many Polish officials (dangerously) together on the same plane?

Commentator James Buchanan (link to article follows) makes some observations about fortuitous plane accidents, including one that killed the Polish prime minister (in exile) after he learned the real story of Katyn in 1943. It’s not that hard to arrange a plane accident, as at least three former members of the Kennedy family-including Joe Kennedy, Jr. and John Kennedy, Jr.-could testify!

Buchanan points out that the Polish presidential plane had a complete overhaul in 2009 and the model of Tupelov that had been involved in accidents was sound and that the cited accidents took place in remote areas where maintenance was not so good Custom Promotional Products.

He also indicates that the now-deceased Polish leader had drawn flak from the Jewish press for incorporating alleged “anti-Semitic” elements in his latest coalition government.

Now we have to wait for the analysis of the black boxes and the alleged accident under Mr. Putin’s direct supervision-the Russians have also offered visas to any Polish experts who want to come and inspect the evidence. This could be the challenge of a lifetime. Any hint of murder on the part of the Russians will turn the suspicious Poles permanently against them. If the plane was brought down, it could turn out to have been done by elements of the “Russian” mafia and/or some outside country engaged in a covert war with the Russians. To my thinking, it doesn’t make sense for Putin and Medvedev to have done it as they had apparently devoted considerable effort to wooing Poland and appeared to be having some success.

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Doug Christie Takes Powerful Free Speech Message to the University of Ottawa

[Paul Fromm of the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) writes: Just 10 days after a rowdy mob of protesters, egged on by a university administration that admonished the controversial U.S. Ann Coulter against “inappropriate” or hateful speech, won the University of Ottawa, unaffectionately known as the U of Zero, a reputation for censorship, when Ottawa Police advised that the appearance be canceled rather than they preserve law and order and free speech, Canada’s foremost free speech lawyer, Doug Christie made a successful appearance before a packed standing room only meeting of 150. The meeting was organized by a number of free speech supporters and partially funded by the Canadian Association for Free Expression. Afterward, the audience listened with rapt attention and engaged the Battling Barrister in a lively discussion.]


Notes for Doug Christie’s Speech
University of Ottawa, April 8, 2010
I’m here to talk about free speech. I’m not here to practice it.
Unlike Ann Coulter, I don’t need a warning from the provost. I am a Canadian, trained by law in the way of silence, sullen silence, and code language. I have been trained by the Supreme Court not to engage in hate speech, even though no one can define it in advance, so I can avoid it.
There are general taboo topics which I must avoid or tread lightly around, like race, religion, ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability or mental status. Then there are peripheral taboo topics like multiculturalism, immigration, affirmative action programs and a host of other ill-defined topics.
I have been trained to remain very sensitive to the broad political implications of these topics lest I face a very expensive lesson from the Human Rights Tribunal.
What the Supreme Court taught me when I appeared in Taylor and Zundel and Keegstra was that free speech has its limits in “hate” which means “extreme dislike.” So presumably I must like all races, religions, ethnic origins, etc. equally or at least dislike them only moderately. Or at least pretend to, which is more Canadian. I cannot denounce any one as evil.
The Law Society, through its decision of Harvey Strosberg taught me that if I speak in public, “law students” may tape some but not all of my words, and the Chairman of the Discipline Committee can issue a statement to the media condemning me as “identifying with a lunatic fringe,” even in the very act where he decides not to give me the benefit of a hearing where I could answer the allegation with evidence where both sides could be heard.
I learned in McAleer and Malcolm Ross, both of which went to the Supreme Court of Canada, that expressing your religious beliefs on your own time, is no defence and placing the messages in the United States where it is legal, is no defence if you mention where you can get the message to someone in Canada.
I learned that our parliamentarians of all parties love free speech so much that they banned someone from the precincts of Parliament who wanted to rent the parliamentary press gallery, a place anyone can rent for a press conference.
What was the press conference about? That the Human Rights Tribunal had ruled in Zundel’s case that “Truth was no defence,” and the truth of the statement could not be proven by any evidence. I know because that someone was me, the only lawyer in Canadian history to be banned by all party agreement from the precincts of parliament. Because in Canada truth is no defence. Orwell was right about double speak. Randy White a so-called Reform MP said he did not want me in his work place. Orwell was right about a lot of things.
I have learned and been carefully taught to avoid the taboo topics, to measure every word lest a tape recorder in the audience be taken to the Human Rights Commission, the police, the Law Society, or someone likes to complain to the Human Rights Commission.
I have learned to talk about free speech but never practice it. Never say anything like Ann Coulter would say, coming from a free society. And being in a university setting is all the more reason to be very careful about how you choose your words. The left-wing political giants who run most universities are able to let loose the mob with a wink and the students know their success with many professors depends on how successfully they can entrap a political foe.
Universities are the most dangerous place to practice free speech. Even topics like abortion which you would not normally think involve a taboo topic can quickly be spun into forbidden territory and sexism can result in expulsion or criminal charges. The civility of universities is accorded to those who can mobilize the largest screaming mob. No one listens.
I have to even be careful how I speak about Freedom of Speech.
So let me just speak about freedom of speech. I have come here to praise freedom of speech, not to bury it. I do not want to be cynical or bitter. But since 1984 when I took up the cause of freedom, I have become aware of the price to be paid for this precious legacy of freedom.
My office has been vandalized, repeatedly; my name has been defamed in the press; I have been the target of spurious complaints to law societies, I have been banned from the precincts of parliament. The very press who today became the target of complaints themselves because they post on the internet, who have come late to the battle, because of their money and power, are turning the tide. They were not long ago in the forefront of the mob, vilifying my clients and myself, since it was not their ox that was gored. Irony, thy name is Canada.
1984, the year Orwell entitled his most famous work was actually the year I got involved in the defence of James Keegstra. From that moment on, the lawyer who had defended successfully all manner of criminal cases from drugs to rape to murder and with no ill effects to his reputation other than professional jealousy became in the eyes of many, through the window of the media, a hated nazi-lawyer. This title, I have worn to this day, at first reluctantly and gradually resigned myself to it, knowing as “Human Rights” law tells us, “Truth is no defence.”
I would never be elected anywhere to anything. Any party would expel me, the right or left for fear of the media. I was warned this would happen. “Better alone than in the company of hypocrites,” I reasoned. There is one hope and that is that truth cannot be buried forever, and people will tell it come what may, even about race, religion, or ethnicity. There are some truths to be told on that score. They are the building blocks of culture and even the government of Quebec is recognizing this, even though they wrap it in convoluted language. Oops! I almost practiced free speech!
The best indication of what is the true value of free speech is provided by what happens when it is taken away. The thinking people become “bush league.” The first reaction to a controversial idea is not to hear the person about whom you heard, but to adopt the mob-mind view.
Left-wing, multicultural, tolerant, good. Right wing, xenophobic, intolerant, bad. A few code words and the mob takes the argument to the streets. The psychological guillotine cuts off debate and civility like the real guillotine cut off heads in Paris in the revolution till there were no heads to cut off. Everybody was at the same low level of passive, intellectual obedience to the omnipotent state. Then a forceful tyrant like Napoleon can impose his will with very little difficulty. Do we really have to go through these cycles of oppression, revolution, depression? Have we no intellect to listen for ourselves, evaluate for ourselves, accept or reject an idea with a civil attitude of tolerance? Do we need to have a hysterical violent reaction to every idea of a different perspective?
The Roman maxim: “Audi Alteram Partem” [L. hear the other side. Ed.] was over the door of the law library at McGill University where I once spoke. I entered through that doorway to face a hostile screaming mob, much like Ann Coulter faced. They had never met me. They could never hear me. Why did they reject me before hearing me? Why not hear both sides? Sometimes all sides need to be heard. Until they are, how can you really form an intelligent and informed opinion?
I believe the truth is that the idea of tolerance has been used as an Orwellian doublespeak smoke screen for intolerance and is really about narrowing the scope of debate before the debate begins. This is consistent with Marxism, but it is not consistent with liberalism or of constitutional principles of free speech. Certain topics cannot be discussed.
We don’t absolutely make it illegal to talk about certain subjects, we just make it so dangerous, with so many obscure and complex rules that no one dares to go there. Somewhat like gun laws. We don’t overtly ban all fire arms. No, we would find too much resistance and rational criticism. The hypocritical Canadian way is simply to regulate them out of existence, gradually, just like controversial speech. Hate laws mean whatever we say they mean. We will only tell you after you say something if you have offended. This is the process of gradual Marxism. The state gradually disarms the citizen of their weapons and their free speech by slow degrees so that absolute control both physical and mental will be with the state.
The other side of this equation is the enforcers, state agents, professional complainers, the enablers of state power. The people who go from politicians to judge or from politician to president of a University. They create a network of willing and compliant officials who can be counted on to cleverly manipulate and manage the progress from freedom, which they call “anarchy,” to the tyranny they call a “benevolent oligarchy.”
Thus they acquire through a system of servants and paid enforcers, through Human Rights Commissions and police forces the only persons authorized by law to break into your house, seize your computer, examine your files, your books, your speeches, your appearances and even your surreptitiously recorded comments as in the case of David Ahenakew.
They can ruin you. They can prosecute you. They can and will vilify you in the press. As was done to David Ahenakew and then even if you win, you still lose. You go through court for four years of stress and when you are finally acquitted, no one says “sorry” or pays your costs. On the contrary, they repeat in the media around the world the words of the judge condemning you in the very act of acquitting you.
And the state has all the guns, police, sheriffs, jails, probation officers, all paid by the state which you support with your taxes. If you want to be a paid bully, there’s a job for fake rolex watches. If you want to shoot people, just don’t say so, join the RCMP. If you want to taser people like Dziekanski, if you want to shoot teenagers like Ian Bush, or misfits like Jess Hughes, and never be charges, join the RCMP.
Just be sure you don’t admit what you did and the establishment will protect you. You are after all, protecting them. We are paying for our own enslavement. Only a few really know where we are going. The rest are following along for the ride, and the free lunch.
(Oops! Too much free speech!)
So if you want to carry on down the road to tyranny, just shout me down. If you want to go quietly into the night of tyranny, just ignore what I have said. Put it out of your mind and never think of it again. The legitimate function of the state is to preserve and maximize the freedom of the conscience, belief and opinion of the individual. It is not to enforce a social model of artificial cultural stew, enforced by law. We have inherent rights to survive as a free people only to the extent we articulate, manifest with rigorous debate and listen to all criticism with an enlightened and critical mind. Let us not presume we are possessed of all knowledge before the discussion starts, and set a limited agenda for social and acceptable speech.
Where once sex was a taboo topic, it has now become an obsession. Speech about race, if suppressed, becomes an obsession and if further suppressed, leads to violence. Let’s get debate out of the closet on all matters. Let’s use it, or we’ll lose it.
I have not said anything. More than anything, I have been allowed to speak here without interruption on the belief I would be ineffectual and secondly I would make the administration look better than the last speaker who was cancelled. I realized this at the beginning, but it is an opportunity to make the point that the redemption of an individual like me, or a society like your university, or of a country like Canada, is only possible if we listen to each other and talk openly about all of our serious and sensitive issues. Unless this really happens, Canada isn’t worth saving and neither is this university.
I will leave here knowing more than anyone in this room about the battles for free speech that have gone on in this country in the last thirty years. I see only minor changes occurring. This is your chance to ask what you need to know to make a difference.

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Canadian Senators support Freedom of Speech and slam “Human Rights” Censorship

Canadian Senators support Freedom of Speech and slam “Human Rights” Censorship

our own Canadian Human Rights Commission has egregiously violated freedom of speech without any shame. In a censorship trial in 2007, a CHRC investigator named Dean Stacey testified that, “Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value.” He actually said that. The Canadian Human Rights Commission actually admits they do not give free speech any value. That is totally unacceptable.

Senator Finley Senate of Canada March 30, 2010


Debates of the Senate (Hansard)

3rd Session, 40th Parliament,
Volume 147, Issue 13

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Erosion of Freedom of Speech

Inquiry€Debate Adjourned

Hon. Doug Finley rose pursuant to notice of March 25, 2010:

That he will call the attention of the Senate to the issue of the erosion of Freedom of Speech in our country.

He said: Honourable senators, I rise to call the attention of the Senate to the erosion of freedom of speech in Canada.

There can scarcely be a more important issue than this one. Freedom of speech is, and always has been, the bedrock of our Canadian democracy. The great Alan Borovoy, who was the head of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association for more than 40 years, calls freedom of speech a “strategic freedom” because it is a freedom upon which all other freedoms are built. For example, how could we exercise our democratic right to hold elections without free speech? How could we have a fair trial without free speech? What is the point of freedom of assembly if we cannot talk freely at such a public meeting?

Freedom of speech is a most important freedom. Indeed, if we had all our other rights taken away we could still win them back with freedom of speech.

Benjamin Franklin once said: “Without Freedom of thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such thing as public Liberty, without Freedom of speech.”

Freedom of speech is embedded in Parliament’s DNA. The word “Parliament” itself comes from the French word “parler,” to speak. As parliamentarians we guard our freedom jealously. No member of the House of Commons or the Senate may be sued for anything that is said in Parliament. Our freedom of speech is absolute.

Yet, only last week, a few miles from here, censorship reared its ugly head. Ann Coulter, an American political commentator, had been invited to speak at the University of Ottawa. Before she even said a word, she was served with a letter from François Houle, the university’s vice-president, containing a thinly veiled threat that she could face criminal charges if she proceeded with her speech.

On the night of her speech, an unruly mob of nearly 1,000 people, some of whom had publicly mused about assaulting her, succeeded in shutting down her lecture after overwhelmed police said they could not guarantee her safety.

Honourable senators, it was the most un-Canadian display that I personally have seen in years. It was so shocking that hundreds of foreign news media covered the fiasco, from the BBC to The New York Times to CNN. It was an embarrassing moment for Canada because it besmirched our reputation as a bastion of human rights € a reputation hard won in places like Vimy Ridge, Juno Beach and Kandahar.

More important than international embarrassment is the truth those ugly news stories revealed. Too many Canadians, especially those in positions of authority, have replaced the real human right of freedom of speech with a counterfeit human right not to be offended.

An angry mob is bad enough. That may be written off as misguided youth, overcome by enthusiasm. However, such excuses are not available to a university vice-president who obviously wrote his warning letter to Ms. Coulter after careful thought.

Ann Coulter is controversial, she is not to everyone’s taste, but that is irrelevant because freedom of speech means nothing if it applies only to people with whom we agree. To quote George Orwell: “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

In a pluralistic society like Canada, we must protect our right to peacefully disagree with each other. We must allow a diversity of opinion, even if we find some opinions offensive. Unless someone counsels violence or other crimes, we must never use the law to silence them.

Freedom of speech is as Canadian as maple syrup, hockey and the northern lights. It is part of our national identity, our history and our culture. It is section 2 of our 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms, listed as one of our “fundamental freedoms;” and it is in the first section of Canada’s 1960 Bill of Rights.

Honourable senators, our Canadian tradition of liberty goes much further back than that. In 1835, a 30-year-old newspaper publisher in Nova Scotia was charged with seditious libel for exposing corruption amongst Halifax politicians. The judge instructed the jury to convict him. At that time, truth was not a defence. The publisher passionately called on the jury to “leave an unshackled press as a legacy to your children.” After only 10 minutes of deliberations, the jury acquitted him. That young man, of course, was Joseph Howe, who would go on to become the premier of Nova Scotia.

Our Canadian tradition of free speech is even older than that. It is part of our inheritance from Great Britain and France.


Quebecers are heir to article 11 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, 1789. This article states:

The free communication of thought and opinion is one of the most invaluable rights of the man; any citizen can thus speak, write, [and] print freely. . .

France has produced some of the most well-known defenders of free speech in the world.


François-Marie Arouet, better known by his pen name, Voltaire, was a polemicist who used satire and criticism to press for political and religious reforms. He paid a personal price, facing censorship and legal threats.


Voltaire put it best when he famously wrote, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” His passionate advocacy helped shape liberty on both sides of the Atlantic.

English Canada has an impressive legacy of free speech, too. Like Voltaire, John Milton, the great poet who wrote Paradise Lost, was constantly hounded for his political views. His 1644 pamphlet on free speech, Areopagitica, perhaps the greatest defence of free speech ever written, is as relevant today as it was 350 years ago. In it, Milton wrote, “Let Truth and Falsehood grapple; who ever knew Truth put to the worst, in a free and open encounter?” and, “He who kills a man kills a reasonable creature, but he who destroys a good book kills reason itself . . .”

Yet, despite our 400-year tradition of free speech, the tyrannical instinct to censor still exists. We saw it on a university campus last week, and we see it every week in Canada’s misleadingly named human rights commissions.

This week in Vancouver, a stand up comedian named Guy Earl has been on trial before the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal for the crime of telling jokes that someone did not find funny. An audience member who heckled him is suing him for $20,000 because she found his retorts offensive. They may have been offensive, but what is more offensive is that a government agency would be the arbiter of good taste or humour. Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn was sentenced to eight years of hard labour for telling a joke about Stalin’s moustache. It is a disgrace that Canada is now putting comedians on trial.

There is not a lot that the Senate can do about the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, but our own Canadian Human Rights Commission has egregiously violated freedom of speech without any shame. In a censorship trial in 2007, a CHRC investigator named Dean Stacey testified that, “Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value.” He actually said that. The Canadian Human Rights Commission actually admits they do not give free speech any value. That is totally unacceptable.

Freedom of speech is the great non-partisan principle that every Member of Parliament can agree on € that every Canadian can agree on. I will never tire of quoting the great Liberal Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier when he said that Canada is free and its freedom is its nationality. I will readily give credit to Keith Martin, the Liberal MP from British Columbia, who two years ago introduced a private member’s motion to repeal the censorship provisions of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Honourable senators, I call for this inquiry to accomplish five things: first, to reaffirm that freedom of speech is a great Canadian principle that goes back hundreds of years; second, to put Canada’s censors on notice that their days of infringing upon our freedoms with impunity are over; third, to show moral support for those who are battling censors; fourth, to inquire into the details of what went so desperately wrong at the University of Ottawa to ensure that those awful events never happen again; and, fifth, to inspire a debate that hopefully will lead to a redefinition of section 13.1 of the [Canadian] Human Rights Act.

Honourable senators, there are times for partisan debate when parties must naturally be at odds with one another. This is not one of those times. Freedom of speech and respect for differing views is a foundational principle of our entire parliamentary system € indeed, of our entire legal system, as well.

I look forward to the constructive comments of my friends and colleagues on both sides of the aisle to build on the bipartisan history that Canadian free speech enjoys. If we can rededicate our Parliament to protecting this most important right, we will have done our country a great service, but if we fail to stop and indeed reverse this erosion of freedom, we will have failed our most basic duty, the duty to uphold our constitution and the rights in it, the rights it guarantees for all Canadians.

I know that, like so many generations of Canadians before us, we will meet the challenges of our time and live up to our responsibility to pass on to our children the same freedoms that we inherited from our parents. God keep our land glorious and free.

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Zionist-controlled Calgary Court shuts down Splitting the Sky v. War Criminal G.W. Bush proceedings in day two of trial

Calgary Police “taking down” Splitting the Sky while attempting to make a citizen’s arrest of War Criminal George W. Bush in Calgary, Alberta on September 17, 2009.
Arthur Topham RP Publisher
March 10, 2010
Editor’s Note:
It’s fairly evident from the manner in which this case was handled that the Zionist-controlled media in Canada and elsewhere doesn’t want the issue of Bush the Barbarous brought to the attention of the general public. A protracted trial in which credible authorities might offer evidence in the defense of the accused and, God forbid, Splitting the Sky is given an opportunity to actually voice his convictions, is not the Zionist way of doing business. Better to just quash the whole damn thing and once the issue has filtered out of the public’s mind then bring in a ruling further down the road to tyranny and censorship.
Splitting the Sky
It’s my humble, yet considered opinion, that Canada’s judiciary, like the msm, is so infiltrated, permeated and manipulated by these Zionist/Jew lobbyists and their lawyer henchmen and women, that our courts today are as likely to spawn honest and just decisions as the Zionist-controlled msm is likely to present information that hasn’t first been run through the Orwellian Double Speak wringer prior to general publication.
Both these institutions (and others) bear witness to the fact that our civil and legal infrastructures are firmly in the hands of foreign, seditious entities who are using them for power and control and manipulation of the collective mindset of the Canadian public while their subsidiary organs of control, i.e. the multinational corporations, be they oil or ag or pharma or cult or whatever, drain this country of its natural resource wealth and human potential.
Due to the Zionist’s inordinate and immoral power via their financial and media influences men like Anthony J. Hall are forced to equate the machinations of the courts and the police and media to secondary and tertiary linguistic labels such as “oil conglomerates” all in order to escape the deadly-poisoned arrows of the Zionists who let fly their “anti-Semitic,” “racist,” and “hate”-tipped barbs at anyone who comes near to calling a spade a spade or a Zionist a Zionist.
War Criminal psychopath G.W. Bush, like his War Criminal psychopathic partner in crime, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, are mere puppets to the Israeli Jew lobby; flunkies and lackeys and cretins of the most despicable type who, under their false pretense of being “Christians,” carry out the dirty work of slaughtering the sons and daughters of American and Canadian citizens in imperialist wars of aggression against innocent foreign nations all for the benefit of these Zionist interlopers who haunt and invade our very lives via their omnipresence throughout the media and Canada’s judiciary.
More than just a touch of levity as War Criminal Harper reaches out to G.W. Bush
Well, these traitorous intruders have been releasing their bolts of vituperative lightning at me, my family and my publishing business for over two years in a relentless attempt to silence my voice and the voices of countless others whose opinions and views I carry via and the Yahoo group site known as Anti-Zionist Canada. For the Full Monty on the complaint case involving and B’nai Brith Canada please see: . They literally hate to see views and opinions and ideas and truths that conflict with their own morbid, draconian and hate-filled mission of destroying every nation state on the face of this globe in order to replace them with their “International” aka Zionist New World Order template of global governance.
What should have been a media bonus for the 911 Truth movement and the supporters of Palestinian sovereignty and a solid, direct hit on the forces of darkness that now control the global political and financial marketplace of ideas and opinion has once again been nullified and thwarted thanks to the machinations of those within the system as it now exists.
If we are ever to gain ground in this protracted battle with the Zionist forces we’re going to have to sooner than later face the fact that we must call these misfits by their real name and publicly identify them and the organizations through whom they operate in order to infiltrate our governmental, civic and social/cultural structures. Pussy-footing around this salient and critical factor because of fear and doubt will only prolong the time when the shyte must inevitably hit the proverbial fan and all fecal hell breaks loose.
Let us try our best in the interim time period to keep Splitting the Sky’s courageous efforts alive.
Shine your Light for Love, Peace & Justice for All,
Arthur Topham
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998”
[email protected]
Cynthia McKinney Meets Splitting the Sky at University of Calgary’s Peace Consortium (Part 1)

Cynthia McKinney Meets Splitting the Sky at University of Calgary’s Peace Consortium (Part 2)

Catch my live interview with Splitting-the-Sky, Cynthia McKinney, and Anthony Hall coming up at 2 pm Central!
Kevin Barrett
Author, Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters:
Bush League Justice in Judge Manfred Delong’s Calgary Court
Anthony J. Hall
Professor of Globalization Studies
University of Lethbridge
10 March, 2010
Judge Manfred Delong shut down the trial of Splitting The Sky versus George W. Bush on the second day of proceedings. The court denied STS his frequently emphasized request to have two witnesses give evidence in his defense. Those witnesses were myself and Cynthia McKinney. The trial came to an end just as Ms. McKinney arrived in Calgary from London. The US-based oil conglomerates active throughout Alberta form the core business constituency of the Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who represents a Calgary riding in Parliament.
The court accepted two documents as evidence for the defense. One is Gail Davidson’s widely disseminated legal opinion for Lawyer’s Against the War. STS and I studied this document closely in the days leading up to my friend being arrested for his arrest attempt. LAW’s legal opinion highlighted some of the evidence, statutes and treaties to brand Bush as a “credibly accused war criminal” that should not be allowed into Canada. Prior to Bush’s touching down in Calgary to address an audience of oil executives, Davidson’s documentation was distributed widely to officials of the Harper government and Canada’s Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
The other exhibit for the defense was my own paper that I originally presented at an invited academic venue at the University of Winnipeg. It has been published under a variety of titles on the Internet, including at Global, 911, 9/11 and Voltairenet in both French and English. My initial title for it is “Bush League Justice: Should George W. Bush Be Arrested in Calgary Alberta and Tried for International Crimes?”
Delong will deliver his ruling on June 7. The case for the prosecution both revealed and obscured much about the new police strategies being employed throughout North America to monitor, manage, divide and spin doctor demonstrators seeking to call attention to their political dissent. In my opinion the Crown’s chief agent of prosecution, Tracy Davis, acted more as an advocate and defender of the police rather than as a representative of the Canadian people through Her Majesty as she is required to do according the constitutional tradition of the British Commonwealth.
Anthony J. Hall can be contacted at [email protected]
Arthur Topham is a writer and the Publisher and Editor of living in the wilds of central British Columbia, Canada. He is currently involved in a sec. 13(1) free speech battle with Agent Z and the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada.
Due to the nature of these sec. 13 “hate crime” complaints Arthur is under constant pressure to produce legal documents and maintain a livelihood at the same time. As such he is always in need of financial support to sustain this battle with the forces of repression and censorship involving both the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the CHR Tribunal. Any donations therefore would be most welcome. Please see the following url on the Home Page (upper right hand corner) regarding donations. Also there is a “DONATE” button there for Paypal or here at . Feel free to use any of them if you can help out. Thanks.
Arthur welcomes all feedback to his articles and can be reached at [email protected] or via telephone at (250) 992-3479.

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B’nai B’rith – The Jewish Secret Society that Dominates America (and Canada) By Christopher Bollyn

Editor’s Note:
The following article by Christopher Bollyn is a great asset for any Canadian citizen caught up in the massive web of deceit known as the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its attendant handmaiden, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.
After two years of clashing swords with these two organizations due to the machinations of B’nai Brith Canada and the League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada’s B.C. representative, Harry Abrams, who, along with ‘the League’, laid a sec. 13 “hate crimes” complaint against both myself and my website back in November of 2007 I have uncovered a vast amount of hidden information on this secret masonic International Jewish society that Mr. Bollyn discusses in his most poignant of articles below.
In light of all the recent controversy over the actions of Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Zionist henchman, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, with respect to their blatant pro-Israeli, pro-Zionist policies and their attacks and accusations made against Christian and non-Christian organizations and individuals here in Canada, it should not come as a great surprise to see that former U.S. President Harry Truman, was, like Harper, deeply connected and controlled by these very same forces that continue seeking to undermine all the democratic nations of the world. In fact, from all of my research over the past few years, it’s quite apparent that other U.S. Presidents were in the same compromising boat, most notably President Wilson and Roosevelt, the two men who were supposedly leaders of the free world during the two major Zionist-induced wars of the 20th Century.
Bollyn’s sage advice to take the first step by identify who these dark figures are that inevitably are found to be lurking in the background and foreground of all the major political leaders of the 20th and 21st centuries ought to be taken to heart by anyone concerned about our loss of freedom of speech and the ongoing subterfuge surrounding these foreign Jewish lobbyist organizations’ attempts to take control of the Internet via whatever devious means they can devise. 
The danger, always, when it comes to “leaders,” be they Presidents, Prime Ministers or Kings, is that they become extremely susceptible to these nefarious, sinister forces that love the darkness and anonymity which their secret societies give them and thus allow them full measure to insinuate themselves within the corridors of our touted democratic institutions in order to work their demonic magic upon sovereign nations.
My hat goes off in respect to Christopher Bollyn for his fortitude and resolve given that he has been not only been maligned and slandered by the Zionist media but also directly attacked physically for his efforts at rolling over the rocks beneath which these traitorous B’nai Brith troglodytes love to dwell and conspire together.
Please pass this along to your connections]

B’nai B’rith – The Jewish Secret Society that Dominates America
By Christopher Bollyn
November 22, 2009
B’nai B’rith was instrumental in gaining U.S. support for the nascent Zionist state of Israel in the late 1940s. The Jewish secret society of Freemasons used President Harry Truman’s friend – and their agent – Eddie Jacobson of Kansas City (standing behind Truman) in off-the-record meetings in the Oval Office to persuade the president to approve the Zionist land grab known as the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan of Palestine and then to recognize the state of Israel the next year following the Zionist ethnic cleansing of nearly 400 Palestinian villages and towns. By applying pressure directly on Truman, B’nai B’rith dictated U.S. policy in spite of strong resistance from the U.S. Department of State. When Truman extended de jure recognition of the Zionist state on January 31, 1949, the only guests invited to the signing ceremony in the Oval Office were members of B’nai B’rith: Eddie Jacobson, the B’nai B’rith executive vice president Maurice Bisgyer, and the secret society’s president, Frank Goldman (sitting).
President Truman, a highest level Freemason, was forced to accept the dictates of a gang of Zionist Jewish Freemasons on crafting U.S. policy in the Middle East. What does this say about the real hierarchy of power among Freemasons? Truman, a Freemason since 1909, had established the Grandview Lodge No. 618 in Missouri and served as its first “Worshipful Master”. In 1940, Brother Truman was elected the ninety-seventh Grand Master of Masons of Missouri. In 1945, President Truman was made a Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33°, and Honorary Member at the Supreme Council of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite (A.A.S.R.) Southern Jurisdiction Headquarters in Washington D.C. The fact that Jewish Freemasons of the B’nai B’rith were able to meet secretly with the president in the Oval Office whenever they wanted and were able to direct the U.S. president, a highest level Mason, to follow their orders in shaping U.S. policy in the Middle East, shows the immense power this secret society of Zionist Jews has long had over the U.S. government and other Masonic orders. Barack Hussein Obama was cultivated as a politician in Chicago and made President of the United States by the power of the B’nai B’rith. It’s high time for these secret societies to be removed from the corridors of power where U.S. policy is crafted.
The first step to solving America’s most serious problems requires that we identify the people who control the hidden hand behind the disastrous policies that are destroying our proud republic. This is the first article in a series about the B’nai B’rith, the Jewish secret society that created the state of Israel and made Barack Obama president.
After one year in office it is clear that the Obama administration, elected on a platform of “change”, is actually maintaining the policies of the Bush administration. In some cases, such as the occupation of Afghanistan, President Barack Hussein Obama has actually added to the war effort by sending tens of thousands more troops.
The fact that the political change was only superficial and that the Obama administration intends to follow the basic policies of the previous administration can best be seen in the continuing cover up of the truth of what really happened on 9-11. The false-flag terrorism of 9-11 is the fundamental lie that needs to be protected. Upon this blatant lie the fraudulent “War on Terror” is based, and this illegal war policy has been embraced by Barack Obama.
When the Obama team sent Henry Kissinger to Moscow for early meetings with the Russian leadership, rather than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it was evident that the power brokers running the Obama White House were the same as those that ran the Bush and Clinton administrations – and those before them.
Rahm Emanuel, Chief-of-Staff of the Obama administration and son of an Israeli terrorist, and David Axelrod, the president’s strategy chief and senior adviser, are two of the highest managers of Barack Obama. Axelrod, the son of a Communist Jew, has been managing Obama’s political career since 1992. Emanuel, as a former senior adviser in the Clinton White House, was the person who pushed the disastrous NAFTA legislation through Congress in 1993. But who really manages Emanuel and Axelrod? Who tells them what policies to promote and which to discard?
Our politicians and policies are given to us today via television and the controlled media like the mysterious writing on the wall appeared to Babylon’s King Belshazzar, son of Nebuchadnezzar, in the Old Testament. But who controls the hand that creates the politicians and crafts the policies?
The election of Barack Obama has provided us with a glimpse of the hidden hand that controls the government of the United States. The politicians and policies of the U.S. government do not actually come from the people but are presented to the public through the controlled media. The two most influential papers in the United States, The New York Times and Washington Post, are both controlled by German Jewish families that are among the founding members of the Jewish secret society the B’nai B’rith. The B’nai B’rith, an order of Jewish Freemasonry, is closed to non-Jews which puts its Jewish members at the top of the Masonic hierarchy. The members of B’nai B’rith are able to join other Masonic orders but only Jews can belong to B’nai B’rith.
Barack Obama has been created as a political candidate since 1992 by David Axelrod and Bettylu Saltzman, the daughter of Philip M. Klutznick, the former head of B’nai B’rith International, the supreme body of the B’nai B’rith. This is the secret society of Zionist Jews that controls the White House and the policies of the U.S. government.
The first Chicago newspaper report from the 1860s that revealed that a secret organization of “Israelites” had existed in Chicago for some 20 years.
‘Do you really think that criminals are clever, good people, Thrasymachus?’
‘Yes, if their criminality is able to manifest in a perfect form and they are capable of dominating countries and nations.’
– Socrates in Plato’s Republic
Secret anti-Christian organizations like the Freemasons and B’nai B’rith are like the fabled black holes of astronomy. Like other unseen astronomical bodies, astronomers postulate the existence of black holes based on how they distort light and affect other bodies around them. So is it with the Jewish B’nai B’rith and other Freemasonic secret societies, which we know very little about but whose presence can be seen in how they pervade every level of our society and affect everything around us.
Great nations, like the United States, France, and Germany, once had anti-Masonic and anti-Semitic political parties that acted to challenge the pernicious influence of secret Masonic and Jewish organizations. Today we no longer have such political parties to counter these secret networks and find ourselves ruled by B’nai B’rith and Jewish Freemasons.
In the United States in 1828, the Anti-Masonic Party was the original third party to be active on the national scene. Popular opinion in America was naturally opposed to secret organizations and people feared the Freemasons, believing they were a powerful secret society that undermined republican principles. The Anti-Masonic Party was right. A democratic republic that allows its government, courts, and media to be run by the members of secret societies will soon find that they have taken over the republic. This is what has happened to the United States.
In 1843, a German Jew who called himself Henry Jones founded a Jewish secret society called the “Bundes-Brueder” (League of brothers) in the Sinsheimer Café near Wall Street in New York. Jones recruited his co-founders from the synagogue where he was in charge. At least four of its founders were Freemasons. The order, which was later re-named the “B’nai B’rith,” was closed to all non-Jews and to any Jew who fraternized with Christians.
The power of the B’nai B’rith has grown immensely during the past 166 years. As an independent journalist who has investigated the evidence of Israeli involvement in the false-flag terror of 9-11, I have seen how this secret society of Jewish Freemasons is able to corrupt every aspect of American society. It is the force behind the media and government cover-up of the truth of what happened on 9-11. It is also the secret organization behind the brutal attack on me at my house in August 2006 and the malicious prosecution and corrupt court process that followed.
Christopher Bollyn the day after being brutally assaulted by a three-man undercover tactical police squad at his home in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, in August 2006.

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